Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) Short and Long Term Parking in Philadelphia


1 Scott Way 1.07 miles

$15.95 / day

The Parking Spot

7780 Essington Avenue 1.64 miles

$8.00 / day

Courtyard Philadelphia Airport

8900 Bartram Avenue 0.82 miles

$10.00 / day

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PreFlight Airport Parking PHL

4700 Island Avenue 1.17 miles

$9.58 / day

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Philadelphia International Airport

8000 Essington Avenue 1.65 miles

$20.00 / day

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Expresspark - North Lot Airport Parking

1070 Tinicum Island Rd 1.72 miles

$9.95 / day

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Central Parking

7601 Essington Avenue 1.91 miles

$9.50 / day

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Smart Park Airport Parking

900 East Second Street 2.7 miles

$13.50 / day

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Winner Airport Parking

6717 Essington Ave 2.73 miles

$6.49 / day

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Pacifico Airport Valet Parking

6715 Essington Ave 2.8 miles

$7.25 / day

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Park & Jet

76 Industrial Highway 3.72 miles

$9.95 / day

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Penrose Hotel

2033 Penrose Avenue 4.06 miles

$5.75 / day

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Days Inn Chester Philadelphia Airport

1300 Providence Ave 6.39 miles

$7.00 / day

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Philadelphia International Airport is the primary airport serving Philadelphia. The airport serves 31.7 million passengers annually, making it the 20th busiest airport in the United States. In 2019, PHL served 33,018,886 passengers, the most in the airport's history.

With so many parking options, we recommend checking out this Philadelphia Airport parking guide by visiting the website.

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Many people are interested in finding the closest airport to Philadelphia, PA with PHL only 9.93 miles (15.99 km) away which makes this airport a very convenient option for travelers.

Philadelphia PHL Airport Parking Lots

PHL have 5 on-airport parking options to choose from, whether that’s long-term or short-term. As the largest airport in the state of Pennsylvania, it makes sense for there to be so many on-airport parking options as there are. Of course, there are some pretty great off-airport options as well such as Couryard Philadelphia Airport. Whether you’re on a budget or looking for more luxury service, there’s parking options for all of your needs, and it’s important to consider what you may need most before making your decision. Below, check out the best parking lot options so you can find the right one.

Philadelphia Airport On-Site Parking Rates & Options

Travellers can expect to pay anywhere from $4 to $24 a day to park at PHL, all depending on the length of time you need to stay here. Off-site lots like WallyParkwill be a bit more budget friendly, with average costs of PRICE.

Long-Term Philadelphia Airport Parking

There are two long-term airport parking options at PHL, the terminal parking garages and the Economy Parking Lot. Depending on the cost you're looking to pay, either option is great and keeps you the closest to the airport terminal entrances. Off-site, there are other great long-term options such as The Parking Spot.

  • WallyPark
  • 1 Scott Way
  • 1.07 miles
  • 1-800-851-5863
  • $15.95 per day

Short-Term Philadelphia International Airport Parking

PHL has three short-term, on-airport options to pick from that make it even easier for travellers who only need hourly or daily stays. If you’re picking up or dropping off at the airport, you’ll be able to find great spots to keep your car in the meantime. There are also some great off-site lots for short-term parking as well such as Expresspark.

  • WallyPark
  • 1 Scott Way
  • 1.07 miles
  • 1-800-851-5863
  • $15.95 per day
  • Parl & Jet
  • 76 Industrial Highway
  • 3.72 miles
  • 1-800-851-5863
  • $9.95 per day

International Terminal Parking

All of the on-airport parking lots give access to international terminal entrances, among the other terminals. There are thousands of spaces to choose from among the 5 available lots, in addition to many more in any of the great off-site lots such as Colonial Airport Parking

  • WallyPark
  • 1 Scott Way
  • 1.07 miles
  • 1-800-851-5863
  • $15.95 per day

PHL Philadelphia International Airport Hotel Parking

Leaving your car in a Philly hotel parking lot, like Penrose Hotel, allows you to be close to the airport and make it there on time with tons of time to spare without even having to think about it. Skip the morning rush of getting to PHL by going with this method at any of the options below.

  • Penrose Hotel
  • 2033 Penrose Ave
  • 4.06 miles
  • 1-800-851-5863
  • $5.75 per day

PHL Parking Resources, Discounts And Coupons

Thankfully, Philadelphia is home to some pretty great airport parking lot deals so you don’t have to overpay. Find the best ones below.

  • Groupon
  • Don't pay an arm and a leg to park your car close to PHL. Check on Groupon for the best deals and discounts on the web.
  • Living Social
  • Parking in Philly doesn't have to be hard nor does it need to be expensive, especially if you're looking to be close to the airport. Give Living Social a try for all the best deals and discounts.
  • RetailMeNot
  • Be sure to check our RetailMeNot for some of the best Philly airport parking deals on the web.

Philadelphia Airport Parking Tips

For issues like flat tires, dead batteries, leaving your keys in your car or other problems, you can call the airport directly at 215 683 9842, or head to the website for more information.

From Economy To Valet Parking - PHL Has It All

PHL is the major airport to fly into if you're planning a trip to Philadelphia. There are millions of passengers traveling through the gates every year, and the airport continues to grow.
There Are 7 Terminals With 120 Gates, And A Lot Of Passenger Services

PHL Offers A Variety Of Services & Facilities

Between the 7 terminals, each with its own concourse, there are many different services for passengers. Shop at Duty Free stores prior to boarding on direct flights, take a peek at the gift shops, or stop and pick up a book to read while you wait to board. There are restaurants, fast-food outlets, and beverage counters available in the Market Place. There are also vending carts that sell fast-food items, sweets, and treats throughout the terminal.

Connect to wireless, high-speed internet throughout the airport, and use Fax and Photocopying services for any of your business or personal needs. There are also self-service postal centers located in Terminals A East and C, and FedEx drop boxes in Terminals A, C, and E. If you need to exchange currency, there are desks located in Terminals A East, B, C and D. ATMs are also available throughout the airport.

Those are just some of the facilities and services offered at the airport. For your entertainment there are also art exhibits displayed throughout the terminals, kids zones, and Xpress Spas for showering and relaxing. If you arrive early, take the time to look around and experience all that PHL has to offer.

Terminal Maps & Information For PHL

  • There are 6 parking lots at PHL, as well as a cell phone waiting lot. You will generally find a spot to park if you arrive early enough, and if you take the chance to pre-book before your trip. You'll save yourself the worry if you plan ahead.
  • Terminals/ Gate Information
  • Terminal A-West
  • Gates: A14-A26
  • Airlines: American Airlines, British Airways, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways
  • Terminal A-East
  • Gates: A2-A4, A6-A13
  • Airlines: American Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Spirit Airlines
  • Terminal B and C
  • Gates: B1-B11, B13-B16
  • Gates: C17-C31
  • Airlines: American Airlines
  • Terminal D
  • Gates: D1-D16
  • Airlines: Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, Delta, United Airlines
  • Terminal E
  • Gates: E1-E17
  • Airlines: Frontier, JetBlue, Southwest, Delta Airlines, Delta Connection
  • Terminal F (Concourses 1, 2, and 3)
  • Gates: F1-F7, F9-F39
  • Airlines: American Eagle
  • Gates and airlines stay consistent throughout the year with the exception of some last minute changes. You will be notified of any changes upon check-in, or by airport paging services.

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