Our mission is to quickly and easily connect people looking for Parking to the most convenient, best priced, Parking spots available.

We have thousands of customers searching for parking via our vast network of sites, we will send these prepaid customers to your lot.

We are already integrated with Parkonect all customer data and payment info will be fed directly into the net park system in real-time.


Parkonect has been revolutionizing parking with their software and hardware solutions with the goal of making your garage as profitable as possible by helping maximize rates and occupancy while minimizing costs.

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Today, your customers are purchasing parking before they reach your garage and if those customers made their parking reservation on InstaPark that information is already in your Parkonect system.

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Parkonect combined with InstaPark further helps you maximize profitability, utilization and customer experience. by combining Parkonect cutting-edge hardware and smart software, turbocharged by the powerful InstaPark platform, with our huge customer base and global display network we help parking operators like you take full advantage of the massive shift toward real-time transacting, all while providing a revolutionary parking experience at a form factor that fits any operation.

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Instapark’s platform and Parkonect's family of products scales to fit facilities of every shape and size, together it's the perfect solution for any operator of any size or location.

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Instapark is completely Risk Free, zero cost to sign up and list your parking, and absolutely no on-going monthly fees.

Instapark will only receive payment when we sell a space in your parking facility. We will also process the payment in advance, covering all credit card fees, and simply retain a 15% share of the base price of parking.

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In our Partner Portal you will have real-time access to all of your lots parking data and parking statistics and the ability to manage rates accordingly, you control the price of your parking, the number of spaces to list and the days/times that you list it for.

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If there are times you fill with drive up customers, you can block those days/times out on your instapark dashboard you are in total control. You even have the option to enable intelligent automated dynamic surge pricing rules which will automatically raise rates as the lot fills up and lowered it back to your base rates as the lot empties ensuring you always get the optimal rate for each space.

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Payments are automatically sent by wire, PayPal or check on the first of each month, You can also make a payment request at any time with the click of a button in the partner portal app. In just a few simple steps you can be up and running on the most powerful parking app, get listed now!

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InstaPark is completely Risk Free, zero cost to sign up and list your parking lot, and absolutely no on-going monthly fees


It's fast and flexible. By filling in a few details and pricing you can be up and running in less time than it takes to read this page.


Real people just like you looking for convenient parking at affordable rates, these are your neighbours and people that work close by.


We've paid more than $100 million in booking revenue to our parking partners


We provide industry leading Customer Service via phone, chat and email, that ensures customer satisfaction!


You have total control of the rates, base and special times / days of the week, holiday or / high season rates and blackout times or dates.

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This is risk free results based marketing, you have absolutely nothing to lose, and only customers and revenue to gain, Join Now!

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