$10.50 / day

Air Park LGA Inc

9911 Ditmars Blvd. 0.47 miles

$22.99 / day

The Landing at LaGuardia

9400 Ditmars Blvd 0.51 miles

$22.65 / day

Parking Systems LGA Airport Parking

100-15 Ditmars Blvd 0.53 miles

$20.99 / day

SmartPark LGA Parking

28-11 Linden Place, 2.15 miles

Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel

135-20 39th Avenue 2.52 miles

$18.99 / day

Courtyard New York LaGuardia Airport

9010 Ditmars Blvd 0.61 miles

$22.00 / day

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$10.99 / day

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LaGuardia Airport is an airport in Queens, New York. The airport is the third busiest airport serving New York City, and the twentieth busiest in the United States. LaGuardia Airport covers 680 acres

Many people are interested in finding the closest airport to Queens, NY with LGA only 7.78 miles (12.53 km) away it makes this airport a very convenient option for travelers.

You can also find the cheapest flights from LaGuardia LGA Airport.

NYC LaGuardia Airport Parking Guide

LGA is home to 6 on-airport parking options, be it long-term or short-term. It’s important to know which of the options are best for your needs and go from there. Whether you need long-term, short-term, self-park or valet options, you’ll be able to find everything you need and then some at LaGuardia. The airport itself is just a few miles from Manhattan and is one of the country’s busiest, which explains why there are so many parking options to pick from. You can also choose from the plethora of off-site locations such as Air Park LGA Inc. for all your parking needs. Check out the list below for all of the options you need.

LaGuardia Airport On-Site Parking Rates & Options

Costs for airport parking range in cost from $4 for hourly parking to $39 per day. Depending on what you need, this will determine the rate you pay. There are plenty of various short and long-term parking options available to you to choose from, so it will be important to consider your budget in that choice. Off-site lots such as Bolt Parking LGA LaGuardia Airport Long Term Parking cost around $10.50 per day, and are a bit more budget friendly.

Long-Term NYC LGA Airport Parking

LGA has one long-term parking option, Economy Parking Lot 3, which is close to both Terminal B and Terminal C. A shuttle bus will take you to your eventual terminal from there as well. There are also plenty of off-site parking options, such as SmartPark LGA Parking, that provide great long-term service as well.

Short-Term LaGuardia NYC Airport Parking

LGA provides travellers with hourly and daily short-term options that are walking distance to terminal entrances. Whether you’re staying for a day or two, picking someone up or dropping someone off at the airport, these short-term options are excellent. Off-site options such as One Easy Park Inc. as also great for short-term parking.

International Terminal Parking

There are thousands of spots available near international terminals both on-site, as well as off-site options like Courtyard New York LaGuardia Airport.

NYC LaGuardia Airport Hotel Parking

New York City is full of great airport hotel parking lots that will keep you close to the airport so that you don’t have to make your way over just before your flight, such as Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel. By parking the night before and staying in the hotel until the following day, you give yourself plenty of time to get ready, make last minute purchases and ultimately, make it to your flight with plenty of time to spare.

LGA Parking Resources, Discounts And Coupons

Skip the high cost of LGA airport parking by taking advantage of some of the best deals from websites like Groupon and Living Social, saving you time and money.

  • Groupon
  • Groupon is full of some of the best airport parking deals in New York City. Don't forget to check out the discounts.
  • Living Social
  • Living Social is a great place to find some of the best deals for New York City airport parking. Find the top discounts today.
  • RetailMeNot
  • Retail Me Not will provide you with some of the best possible deals for parking on a budget in New York City when you need to be close to the airport.
  • Deals Plus
  • Don't forget about Deals Plus to help you meet all your New York City airport parking needs and then some.

New York Airport Parking Tips

You can find electric vehicle parking on Terminal B ground level, and in parking lot P2 for no additional charge. Head to the website for more information.

Fly Into LGA For Easy Access To Manhattan Attractions

Located close to the popular boroughs of NY, LGA is the perfect airport to fly into. Once you've landed, you can enjoy nearby NY tours and attractions. There's so much to see and do near LGA.
Aiming To Be A World-Class Airport

Find Your Way To LaGuardia Airport

Getting around to each of the 3 Terminals is easy with the Red, Purple and Blue bus routes. There are also express buses to get you to your gate on time. Once you know which Terminal you're flying out of, make your way to the check-in kiosks to begin your LGA adventure. Each Terminal's lower level is where the arrival/ baggage claim area is. As you make your way to the departure level, you'll go through ticketing and security. There are restrooms and resting areas in each area. Through security you will enter a main concourse area that splits into the appropriate gate sections. Follow the signs to your gate area to situate yourself.

Once you're settled, you will find restaurants and shops to keep you busy until your flight boards. There are restrooms, ATMs, information stations, mailboxes, smoking areas, gift shops, and even dental offices for your travel needs. You never know what might come up, or what you'll need for your trip at the last minute, and LaGuardia Airport has it all.

Airlines Flying Out Of LGA:

Air Canada

American Airlines

Envoy Airlines


JetBlue Airways



United Airlines

Virgin America


American Shuttle


LGA Area Map & Terminal Gate Information

  • Gate & Airline Information:
  • Terminal A
  • Gates: A1- A6
  • Airlines: Delta
  • Terminal B
  • Concourse A Gates: A1-A7
  • Concourse B Gates: B1, B3, B4, B5A, B5, B6, B7A, B7
  • Concourse C Gates: C1-C12, C14
  • Concourse D Gates: D2-D8, D10
  • Airlines: Air Canada, American Airlines, Envoy Airlines, Frontier, JetBlue Airways, Southwest, Spirit, United Airlines, Virgin America
  • Terminal C
  • Gates: C15-C18, C20-C2, C23, C26, C28-C32, C34-C44
  • Airlines: American Airlines, American Shuttle, Delta
  • Terminal D
  • Gates: D1, D2, D4-D8, D10, D11
  • Airlines: Delta, WestJet
  • Gates at LGA generally stay the same. It's very rare that a gate changes, but it can happen. Check your gate when you check-in, and listen to any announcements over the paging system.

Although LGA is going through some major updates, the staff is on-site to ensure you have a safe and pleasant trip. If you require assistance, speck to a customer service agent.

Park In Long-Term Parking Or Book A Shuttle Into LGA