Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL) Short and Long Term Parking in Dallas

SwiftPark Love Field

6434 Maple Ave 1.48 miles

$6.99 / day

Ramada Dallas Love Field

1575 Regal Row 1.67 miles

$5.00 / day


$6.00 / day

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Dallas Love Field Airport - Airport Parking Guides (2019/2020)

Dallas Love Airport parking can be booked online ahead of time to secure a great rate and front-row long-term DAL parking spot. Click here to find out where to park, either at the airport or off-airport by visiting parkingaccess.com.

Dallas Love Field is a city-owned public airport 6 miles northwest of downtown Dallas, Texas. It was Dallas' main airport until 1974 when Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport opened. Southwest Airlines maintains its corporate headquarters and an operating base at Love Field.

Again, parking at Love Field long-term can be easy when you search online and compare options.

Many people are interested in finding the closest airport to Dallas, TX with DAL only 4 miles(6.4 km) away it makes this airport a very convenient option for travelers.

Dallas Love Field (DAL) Airport Parking Guide

The Dallas Love Field Airport services the metropolitan Dallas, TX region. One of the two major airports serving the Dallas area, many parking options are available for its travelers including two at the airport and quite a few off-site and at hotels. In this guide, you can read about these parking lots' rates, details on short and long term options, other parking options, maps, tips, and links to other resources to help you make the best choice possible for your needs.

Dallas Love Field Airport Nearby Parking Rates & Options

Dallas Love Field Airport is a smaller airport than other close-by hubs, but this leads to lower pricing parking starting from $4.49 for outdoor parking to $15.00 for indoor parking. Please find here a selection of short-term and long-term parking lots with service to DAL Airport.

Long Term Dallas Love Field Parking

The two lots at Dallas Love Field Airport are great options for those wanting to park directing at the airport. For those wanting something a bit calmer and further away, there are plenty of options that include shuttles and online booking.

  • SwiftPark Love Field
  • 6434 Maple Ave, Dallas, Texas United States 75235
  • 1.48 miles
  • 1-800-851-5863
  • $6.99 per day

Short-Term Dallas Love Field Parking

Short-term parking is available for Dallas Love Field Airport in a few locations that offer the best options for quick tripsand pick-ups. If longer trips are expected, parking at long-term lots is the better option to save the most. The short-term options here are detailed with pricing, locations, websites, and phone number.

  • SwiftPark Love Field
  • 6434 Maple Ave, Dallas, Texas United States 75235
  • 1.48 miles
  • 1-800-851-5863
  • $6.99 per day

International Terminal Dallas Love Field Parking

International travel is possible from Dallas Love Field Airport, but as it is not their main service, the lots at the airport are not specifically designed to handle these kinds of parker. While they can handle them, other options are available for longer-term parking such as SwiftPark Love Field.Low-pricing, safety for the car, and a good shuttle bus are quite important when going away where one cannot be reached easily for an extended period of time.

  • SwiftPark Love Field
  • 6434 Maple Ave, Dallas, Texas United States 75235
  • 1.48 miles
  • 1-800-851-5863
  • $6.99 per day

Dallas Love Field Airport Hotel Parking With Shuttle Service

As a laid-back city, Dallas is a great place to combine hotel stay with parking booking to jump start a vacation or a trip. This can also help cut down stress and raise relaxation. Parking at at hotels with shuttlescan be practical and make things simpler for any trip.

DAL Parking Resources, Discounts And Coupons

As with any major cities, parking can become expensive, especially when parking for the airport. One of the best ways to save on parking is to look for discounts online.

  • Groupon
  • DAL is like many other locations in that some of its parking lots can be discounted using Groupon to save on the overall budget for a long or short term trip.

Dallas Love Field Airport Parking Tips

As traveling can be exhausting, especially if traveling for work, adding a modern and comfortable hotel roomto your parking reservation can extend the trip and help start or end it with a bit of pampering and luxury to get you home feeling more relaxed and happy.

Enjoy The Many Attractions Of Dallas Near Dallas Love Field

Dallas Love Field Cares About Each Passenger
Visit an array of attractions from historical sites to sports centers.

Find Parking & More Near Dallas Love Field

The mission is simple: to work with the community and build a better urban airport setting. Dallas Love Field wants to work with the community to ensure that each passenger, as well as the surrounding community, is happy with the airport, and the role it plays in the city. Working on modernizing the lot is important, and airport council holds public meetings to allow everyone a say in the planning and execution of future initiatives. Getting involved is important in ensuring the success of Dallas Love Field.

Terminal/ Airline Information:

The main concourse is located North of the main terminal area. There are seating areas available while you wait, and if you're looking for a kids play area, you will find it in the middle of the concourse. Enjoy the art exhibits, retail shops, eateries and new stands until your flight is ready to board. If you forgot something for your trip, or are looking to pick up a book for the flight, drop by Hudson News and take a look around. Restaurants range from pick-up windows with food court seating to sit down full-service bars. Have a drink before your flight, and enjoy some live music or sports game.

Airlines that fly out of DAL include:



Virgin America

There have been many more airlines operating out of DAL in the past, but some have since shut down and sold their space to Virgin, Delta, or Southwest. There is a possibility of more airlines operating out of DAL in the future.

Dallas Love Field Maps & Airport Gate Information

  • In the main Terminal area, there are 20 gates surrounding the concourse from East to West.
  • Gates 1-10 are East of the Main Concourse
  • Gates 11-20 are West of the Main Concourse
  • Airlines at each gate change daily, however, your ticket will show you which gate you'll be flying out of. If the gate information changes for any reason, it will be updated on the terminal 'Flight Information' boards.
  • Two tunnels and a crosswalk will take you from the Parking Garage and ground transportation areas to the main terminal. Ticketing and check-in is located through the East tunnel. If you choose Valet Parking, you will find that outside of the East tunnel as well. Through the West tunnel, you will find the arrivals and baggage claim area. Restrooms and amenities like shoe shine services, pay phones, rental cars, ATMs, a pet relief area, vending machines, nursing stations and a severe weather area are located throughout the airport.

Make sure that you check the website for updated construction information.

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