Nashville International Airport (BNA) Short and Long Term Parking in Nashville

$8.00 / day

Fly Away Airport Parking

1671 Murfreesboro Pike 1.68 miles

$8.95 / day

Executive Travel & Parking

616 Royal Parkway 1.42 miles

$8.75 / day

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Nashville International Airport is a public/military airport in the southeastern section of Nashville, Tennessee. Established in 1937, its original name was Berry Field, from which its ICAO and IATA identifiers are derived. The current terminal was built in 1987, and the airport took its current name in 1988.

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Many people are interested in finding the closest airport to Nashville, TN with BNA only 5.74 miles (9.25 km) away which makes this airport a very convenient option for travelers.

Nashville International (BNA) Airport Parking Guide

The Nashville International Airport is situated just Southeast of Nashville, BNA and is the perfect way for relaxed traveling as there is plenty of parking lots available nearby and they have a wide range of prices. Amongst those are four different options at the airport itself, and nearby lots.To select the right option for each trip and its needs, the below information will provide all that is needed to make this choice including location, pricing, and contact information.

Nashville Airport Nearby Parking Rates & Options

As daily costs for airport parking are constantly rising, the lots for Nashville International have a refreshing price range from $4.99 to $8.95, making them some of the lowest priced lots for any major hub in the country. Here are these lots and their details to help any weary travel booker make an easier decision that they can be happy with.

Long Term Nashville International Parking

Out of the four long-term options located on the premises of Nashville International Airport with easy access to all areas needed for travelers to save time. There are also long-term parking lots easy to find and use away from, yet near, the airport that offer safe shuttle and online bookingto make things as easy as possible for each user.

  • Fly Away Airport Parking
  • 1671 Murfreesboro Pike, Nashville, Tennessee United States 37217
  • 1.68 miles
  • 1-800-851-5863
  • $8.95 per day

Short-Term Nashville International Parking

Short-term parkingcan be found for Nashville International Airport on-site and providing great access to the airport for all gates. These parking spots are ideal for a quick visit to bring someone to the airport or take them back home. This does mean that for long-term parking, one is better to look to designated long-term parking areas to save the most money possible. Rates for these short-term spots are easy to compare below.

  • Fly Away Airport Parking
  • 1671 Murfreesboro Pike, Nashville, Tennessee United States 37217
  • 1.68 miles
  • 1-800-851-5863
  • $8.95 per day

International Terminal Nashville International Parking

As with a few other airports and seemingly more and more of them, Nashville International Airport does not have parking specifically assigned for their international flights and travelers going on these can easily leave their cars at any long-term or short-term parkings as they are also meant to serve them and give them what they need from shuttles to low pricing.

  • Fly Away Airport Parking
  • 1671 Murfreesboro Pike, Nashville, Tennessee United States 37217
  • 1.68 miles
  • 1-800-851-5863
  • $8.95 per day

Nashville Airport Hotel Parking With Shuttle Service

Many hotels near Nashville International Airport offer airport parking, giving parkers and travelers one more type of option when it comes to leaving their car somewhere save and secure and also getting a shuttle for the airportand a lot of extra perks. The way these do things can really make travelers feel like they are living the life.

BNA Parking Resources, Discounts And Coupons

These days everyone wants to save money, even people parking for the airport, which leads to a search for savings online. To make things easier, this research has been done and can be found right here, below.

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  • The main option for parking savings is Groupon which gives parking a chance to keep a bit more of their money without jeopardizing the safety of their cars.

Nashville Airport Parking Tips

Why not start your vacation early? Get the most out of your time off and go from the work to vacay you in no time. Stay at the Holiday Inn Hotel Nashville (BNA) Airport Parkingand take advantage of being able to leave your car where you spend the first night of your vacation to start decompressing early and get relaxed before your flight. Their shuttle will take you to the airport in no time and you get on your way easier and stress free as opposed to driving to the airport and looking for a spot in their huge parking lot. The smaller lot at the Holiday Inn Hotel Nashville (BNA) makes things simpler and less expensive so why not staying with them before or after your vacation or even both to extend your time off and your relaxing and decompressing. The extra pampering and little luxury can make all the difference in getting you to be a happier flyer and vacationer.

Nashville International Is Full Of Fun & Entertainment

Over 12 Million Passengers Fly With BNA Annually
Fly With One Of 17 Airlines Worldwide

Celebrate Arts & Entertainment At BNA Airport

An easy to navigate map helps you get around BNA more efficiently. The airport is broken up into 3 Levels, 3 Concourses, 4 choices of parking options, and a Rental Car Facility.

Level 1 - You'll find ground transportation options on this level. Everything from shuttles to limousines, buses and coach busses will off drop off and pick up from this area.

Level 2 - Find your baggage on this level, and file any baggage requests at the customer service counter. Regular and oversized luggage will be found here.

Level 3 - This level is where you will find the different concourses and gates for departure. You'll also find dining, shopping, restrooms, elevators and other services and amenities here.

Concourse A - Head up the stairs, escalator, or elevator and turn South/ East to get to this concourse. While you're waiting for your flight, there is a selection of dining and shopping options.

Concourse B - All B gates are located North/ East of the main area on Level 3.

Concourse C - On Level 3 you will find concourse C to the East of the main area. Each concourse has its own selection of dining, shopping and other amenities.

BNA Map & Gate Information

  • Nashville International Airport creates an amazing guest experience the minute you step into the terminal. If you're flying into the city to experience some fun and excitement, you'll truly love the local attractions. There are great hotels to book near the airport, and car rental agencies on-site to help you find the perfect vehicle for your needs. Head down to the passenger/ pick-up area and hop on a free shuttle that will take you to your hotel, and will bring you back when you're flying out of BNA.
  • On Level 3, you'll find all Departure Gates. Ticketing counters on Level 2 change as needed, but you'll either be flying out of Concourse A, B, or C. Follow the signs up to the upper level by elevator, escalator or stairs to your designated gate. If you require assistance, as an airport attendant for help.
  • Concourse A Departure Gates A1- A8
  • Concourse B Departure Gates B1- B13
  • Concourse C Departure Gates C2- C25
  • Each concourse has a list of full-service amenities to make passengers feel at ease before flying. Dining, restaurants and beverage bars are available.

You'll love the culture of Nashville running through the difference concourses. Catch live music daily.

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