Sacramento International Airport (SMF) Short and Long Term Parking in Sacramento

Sacramento International Airport

6900 Airport Boulevard 0.22 miles

$10.00 / day

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$7.50 / day

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$15.00 / day

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Econo Lodge Sacramento North

3796 Northgate Blvd. 7.3 miles

$8.00 / day

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Sacramento Airport Parking Coupons, Resources and More

Parking at Sacramento Airport has become a challenge in recent years. There are very few off-airport parking lots which typically help keep the airport in check with their rates. We've compiled a list of Sacramento Airport Parking Coupons and included a few Hacks that may assist you when looking for parking. Discover more information by visiting this website.

When you find a parking coupon/deal that works for you simply click the link but first copy and paste the coupon to redeem on the site. Click here to find a great parking deal at Four Points by Sheraton.

Sacramento International (SMF) Airport Parking Guide

The Sacramento Airport services California's capital and its beautiful region, many parking options are available nearby at a range of price that should work for anyone. For those preferring location over anything else but not wanting to cut down on quality, three different parking lots at located at the airport and for those preferring being a bit away, off-site and hotel parking is available.Here all important details for parking to fly out of SMF are available in one location to easily book the best place possible.

Sacramento Airport Parking Rates & Options

Sacramento International Airport has great parking options ranging in price from $7.50 to $18.00 and offering a range of services. Here are these lots and their information, from pricing to location and everything in-between for both short-term and long-term parking.

Long Term Sacramento International Parking

From the three Sacramento International Airport located parking lots to the off-site long-term locations available, Sacramento International Airport has a little bit of everything for everyone at pricing starting as low as $7.50 for long-term parking off-site through lots and hotelsoffering advanced reservations and shuttles.

  • SMF Daily Lot
  • 6850 Airport Blvd W, Sacramento, CA 95837
  • 0 mile
  • (916) 874-0670
  • $18.00 per day

Short-Term Sacramento International Parking

At Sacramento International Airport, there are both short-term and long-term parkingoptions near the airport. If one should just need a few hours, the short-term parking lots are the best options. For those needing a long period of time, long-term lots are the best option for them in terms of cost. Here are the short-term parking options with their rates and information for SMF International Airport.

  • SMF Daily Lot
  • 6850 Airport Blvd W, Sacramento, CA 95837
  • 0 mile
  • (916) 874-0670
  • $18.00 per day

International Terminal Sacramento International Parking

SMF Sacramento International Airport parking options can be found as close as they can get with high securitydirectly at the airport, these that are perfect for travelers in a hurry as it will get them to their gate and back to their car as fast as possible after a long haul flight from an international flight.

  • SMF Daily Lot
  • 6850 Airport Blvd W, Sacramento, CA 95837
  • 0 mile
  • (916) 874-0670
  • $18.00 per day

Sacramento Airport Hotel Parking With Shuttle Service

Hotel parking lots can seem like an odd choice, but are actually great to reduce stress and allow parkers to use the airport for a night or two if need be, something international travelers can take advantage of to recoup from jetlag. This can be as easy as booking a parking spot anywhere and comes with the added perks of at hotels services and shuttlesas well as great security.

SMF Parking Resources, Discounts And Coupons

Sacramento International Airport is like anywhere else and parking, particularly long-term, can rack up a nice chunk of money. Thankfully, there are options to save money online by offering coupon codes and discounts.

  • Groupon
  • One of the sites that help with finding discounts and savings for SMF is the popular Groupon site which has a variety of rebates that can keep more money in the bank for any Sacramento International Airport travelers.

Sacramento Airport Parking Tips

If you are only going to the airport to pick someone up and have arrived a bit too early for their arrival and wish to park and wait for them, you can park at the SMF Short Term Parking Lotwhich has an option to be charged by the half hour, giving you the lowest total possible if you want to just leave your car there for a short period and go take a walk while waiting to pick someone up. The proximity to the airport makes it ideal for pick-ups and drop offs if you plan on walking the person into the airport. The lot is easily accessible and close-by. Being located at the airport, you can trust that your car will be safe and secure and that your walk from and to it will be safe as well. It can also easily be used to simply wait in your car. The Short Term Parking lot at Sacramento SMF is a great low price choice for many needs. This lot can be used as often as needed to allow as much savings as needed.

Find Out More About SMF Airport

The housing growth in Sacramento pushed the city's planning and development department to consider opening up SMF in the late 50s. The idea was met with some push back, but eventually was given the go ahead. The airport has proven to be a huge success with almost 10 million passengers flying through annually.
Get through customs faster with new Global Entry Kiosks.

Try SMF's Pay-On-Foot Parking For Faster Service

There are some Sacramento airport parking tips that will make your experience better and faster. Pay-on-foot parking allows you to pre-pay for your parking so that when you leave, you can get out of the lot faster. If you're waiting for a passenger, use the free waiting area. It's less congested than in front of the terminal, and you won't get kicked out if you've been waiting to long. Take a break, turn your car off and wait until the person you're picking up is at the entrance to go and load them and their suitcases into your car.

The airport has two terminals, terminal A and terminal B. In total the airport has 32 gates, 19 in terminal B and 13 in terminal A. The old terminal B had 14 gates. 7 airlines operate out of Terminal B and 7 airlines operate out of Terminal A. All indoor public areas have free wi-fi (wireless Internet) provided by the Sacramento County Airport System.

Airlines Out Of Terminal A:

American, Delta, Jet Blue, United

Airlines Out Of Terminal B:

Aeromexico, Alaska, Hawaiian, Horizon, Seaport, Southwest, Volaris

Terminal A is located on Airport Blvd. East, North of Parking Garage A & B, Daily Lot A & B, the rental car Terminal, and Economy Parking.

Terminal B is located on Airport Blvd. West, and North of Hourly B Parking.

Terminal and Map Information For SMF

  • Terminal A
  • Gates: A1-A17
  • Airlines: American, Delta, Jet Blue, and United.
  • A selection of restaurants and shops are available post-security. Of course, you can grab a coffee pre-security, and there are 5 restrooms located throughout the terminal.
  • Terminal B (the larger of the 2 terminals)
  • Gates: B4-B23
  • Airlines: Aeromexico, Alaska, Hawaiian, Horizon, Seaport, Southwest, and Volaris.
  • There are restaurants and shops located both pre-security and post-security. Terminal B is also where you'll find the APM (Automated People Mover) to make it easier for passengers to get around. The AMP is located on South side of the 3rd floor.
  • Restrooms and other amenities are located throughout the terminals for passenger convenience. You'll find ATMs, currency exchange counters, help desks, accessibility attendants and more. Walk around before your flight and enjoy the art and design of the terminals. This architectural beauty is located outside of the busy city center and provides space to rest and relax before flying.

Enjoy the art installations placed around the airport. Capture pics on your phone and tag SMF on your social networks.

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