Holiday Inn Long Beach Airport 2640 N Lakewood Blvd, Long Beach, California United States 90815

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2640 N Lakewood Blvd, Long Beach, California United States 90815
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Holiday Inn Long Beach Airport provides safe and affordable airport parking with FREE shuttle service to and from the airport. Our shuttle runs 5:30 AM-10: 00 PM every 30 minutes on the hour and half-hour. There is no shuttle at 10:00 AM and no shuttle at 6:00 PM.* The last shuttle leaves the hotel at 10:00 PM and the last airport pick-up is at 10:15 PM. Reservations must be made online and you MUST print your confirmation in order to take advantage of this internet-only special parking rate. The hotel address and driving directions will be provided on the confirmation.

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  • Holiday Inn Long Beach Airport provides safe and affordable airport parking with FREE shuttle service to and from the airport. Our shuttle runs 5:30 AM-10: 00 PM every 30 minutes on the hour and half-hour. There is no shuttle at 10:00 AM and no shuttle at 6:00 PM.* The last shuttle leaves the hotel at 10:00 PM and the last airport pick-up is at 10:15 PM. Reservations must be made online and you MUST print your confirmation in order to take advantage of this internet-only special parking rate. The hotel address and driving directions will be provided on the confirmation.


  • Shuttle operates between 5:30am-10:00pm* every 30min.

To change or cancel a reservation please log in here or contact us or call us 800-851-5863

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2640 N Lakewood Blvd, Long Beach, California United States 90815

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Day rate $12.00 / day Grace period: 2 hours

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews (121)

  • Melissa M.Jan 10, 2022

    Parking experience was great the email and reservation communication was very confusing. I received one communication from parking access and one from Instapark. I thought I had made a duplicate so I cancelled one but I only had one so didn’t have a reservation at the last minute. I then made another and again got a confirmation from both again. I called and rep explained it. Very confusing process.

  • Melinda N.Jan 03, 2022

    Parking was easy to find - found a covered space and drop off and pickup by the shuttle was within 30 min of the promised time and I would use this option again.

  • Jessica F.Dec 28, 2021

    I was nervous my whole trip that my car would be towed. I was not sure where I was supposed to park. I prepaid for a spot. Thank God your shuttle driver told me I was ok. All I saw was “Will tow” signs everywhere.

  • Maria M.Dec 22, 2021

    Very happy, next cruise I’ll make sure to park here again. Only thing is that there’s no shuttle to the Cruise Terminal, other than that, all was great! Thank you

  • Kelvin B.Nov 29, 2021

    The easiest process ever to park my car at/near the airport. Thank you all for your assistance. :)

  • Manish B.Nov 27, 2021

    Awesome service overall. Very easy to park. Very easy and quick ride to airport and pick up from airport was also very quick. Only 3-4 minutes ride to Long Beach airport. Very courteous and helping staff at Holiday Inn. I’d give 10 stars if that was an option.

  • Philip B.Nov 23, 2021

    Ez in, quick shuttle, friendly folks. I will certainly go there again.

  • Becky O.Nov 17, 2021

    Very quick and easy. Shuttle was on time and only about a 5 min drive to airport. Would definitely use them again .

  • Cheryl G.Nov 15, 2021

    Very quick airport transfer and pick up! Parking structure was covered. I will definitely recommend!

  • Michelle J.Nov 14, 2021

    I have used this same location twice and both times I had to get a cab. The shuttle does NOT run every 30 minutes. I gave it 4 stars because they do shuttle you to the airport very quickly and parking is easy & reasonable.

  • Woodward L.Nov 12, 2021

    Very good service from Holiday Inn, did not take long to have shuttle to drop off and pickup.

  • Sharon H.Nov 11, 2021

    My return flight arrived and there was no shuttle...I waited 20 minutes an tried calling Instapark...NO ANSWER...called hotel and was told that shuttle driver was on lunch!...took taxi to my car (paid by hotel)...better planning would help a great deal...don't go to lunch if you have scheduled pick ups!

  • Teresa G.Nov 10, 2021

    Shuttle was broken. Had to wait in line for a taxi.

  • Huey N.Nov 09, 2021

    I had a great experience parking at the holiday Inn! Customer service was exceptional! When we got there the shuttle was out running their routes. Instead of us having to wait they called and had the taxi took us to the airport. It was unexpected and they certainly went above and beyond for their Customers! I will definitely park there again and will refer my friends and families to park and/or stay there!

  • Pam K.Nov 06, 2021

    We had a great experience - this was our second time parking at Holiday Inn. It’s super simple, fairly priced, and only minutes away from the airport. What’s not to love? Do it!!

  • Lisa M.Nov 05, 2021

    One suggestion - give the Holiday Inn local direct phone # on your website. I could not find a local number to call for pickup when upon my return. Otherwise, I highly recommend the long-term parking option at the Holiday Inn Airport hotel. The Holiday Inn staff and the shuttle driver were helpful and caring. It's ideal and I will choose to park here again.

  • Lauren B.Nov 04, 2021

    Close to airport and easy transport to/from. Would definitely use the service again. The only reason I have 4 stars instead of 5 was the paperwork I received on how to park my car upon arrival was not a accurate. The paperwork i was emailed said I needed to scan a barcode upon arrival and that was not true. I had to go in to the hotel to get a parking pass, sign in, etc. The instructions could have been better for sure as I spent 10 mins driving around trying to figure out where to park. Besides that it was great!

  • michael g.Nov 04, 2021

    Everything & Everyone was great will definitely use them again

  • Robin D.Oct 30, 2021

    I frequently use this service. At least 4 to 5 times a year. The great service is consistent! Do you give out discounts for frequent clients? I’m a loyal customer

  • Robert M.Oct 29, 2021

    I was surprised how easy it was to park, how easy it was to get the shuttle both to and from the airport, and how good the parking accommodations were. We even got to park in covered parking which was a bonus for sure! The shuttle drivers were good both ways.

  • Kathy M.Oct 27, 2021

    Van was readily available & made trip to the airport easy.

  • Sharron G.Oct 25, 2021

    It's a great feeling to know your car is parked in a secured parking area when you are out of town for a number of days

  • Sharron G.Oct 25, 2021

    It's a great feeling to know your car is parked in a secured parking area when you are out of town for a number of days

  • Sharron G.Oct 25, 2021

    It's a great feeling to know your car is parked in a secured parking area when you are out of town for a number of days

  • Dave R.Oct 24, 2021

    It went great for the most part. The only hiccup was when we got back there wasn’t a shuttle. I called Instapark and was put on hold for at least ten minutes. Then I had to look up the number of Holiday Inn and call them to have them send a shuttle. If Instapark had told us this, and given us the number to call, or even if they had answered my call, it would’ve saved me a huge headache. Ironically they called me hours later to see if I needed anything.

  • David L.Oct 22, 2021

    we were told that a shuttle would come by the airport every 30 on the hour and half hour. No shuttle came for a half hour so we called both instapark and the Holiday Inn. No answer on either number. I ended up running to the Holiday Inn at 9:30 pm to retrieve my car. Probably putting myself in danger. Would you use instapark again?

  • Julie J.Oct 20, 2021

    Shuttle from hotel was running late, so I was told to take a Yellow Cab and the yellow cab would get a voucher. The cab driver was so annoyed because he said he wouldn't make any money from the ride. He complained about the shuttle drivers and the unfairness of the situation.

  • Mary D.Oct 19, 2021

    The parking was safe and convenient!!! The shuttle driver was accommodating. On our return trip the shuttle promptly pick us up and dropped us off in front of our car.

  • JOSIE C.Oct 16, 2021

    excellent service, luv the shuttle drivers always helpful and friendly

  • Jimmie R.Oct 14, 2021

    it was fast and easy. Very close to the airport and freeways.

  • Laura M.Sep 28, 2021

    The shuttle did not come every 15min as noted.

  • Mary D.Sep 22, 2021

    Easy and convenient! Upon our return, the shuttle arrived about 10 minutes after we requested a ride!

  • Sherri P.Sep 22, 2021

    Very simple to use, saved a lot of money

  • Michelle J.Sep 12, 2021

    Quick and easy. Saved me significant money compared parking at airport. Parking lot was secure and covered. Will park here again when I travel in the future

  • Deborah F.Sep 09, 2021

    Booking was easy. Disappointed in shuttle service. Arrived a little after 5am for a flight at 7am. Check in and parking was easy. Staff at hotel nice. Several people waiting also for shuttle to airport. Shuttle was supposed to leave at 5:30. Driver didn’t show up. Employees in lobby had to get taxis for all. Return flight was better. Shuttle arrived at airport in timely manner. Read other reviews of same thing happening. Hopefully they fix this issue.

  • Aria V.Sep 08, 2021

    Shuttle didn’t come to pick me up at the airport after waiting over half over. So, I had to take a taxi to the hotel.

  • Nita N.Sep 07, 2021

    Super easy and convenient. Very affordable!

  • Daniel R.Sep 03, 2021

    Horrible...My Mom was hospitalized,I had to cut my vacation short,Called several times and was unable to get a refund.. YOU SUCK !! NEVER AGAIN

  • Pamela S.Sep 02, 2021

    Easy drop off and pick up. Car was safe and staff was great! Will be the back.

  • William B.Sep 01, 2021

    The go to for Long Beach Airport overnight parking. Make your reservation online, drive up & park, check in, shuttle to the airport, done.

  • John S.Aug 31, 2021

    Easy to setup, easy to drop off, easy to pick up. Easy.

  • Donald R.Aug 28, 2021

    Easy to get in and out. Good value for price.

  • Alan D.Aug 26, 2021

    Had to call Hotel twice for pickup at airport. They don't keep the schedule! Waited at the curb 50 minutes at airport for pickup and no apology.

  • Donna M.Aug 24, 2021

    So convenient to airport and the shuttle person was very helpful!

  • Anita H.Aug 23, 2021

    Shuttles run on time. Convenient location next to Long Beach airport!

  • Christy H.Aug 20, 2021

    Dropping off was fine and the shuttle was on time. Co9ming back was a different story... after waiting awhile, we called the Holiday Inn and were told there was NO shuttle that say and to take a cab to the hotel. The cab driver insisted we pay him and I was reimbursed.

  • Xuan L.Aug 18, 2021

    Good location. The services are excellent.

  • Rebecca R.Aug 17, 2021

    the shuttle driver never came to pick us up, there were no taxis at the airport so we had to take a Lyft and they refused to reimburse us.

  • John T.Aug 16, 2021

    would definitely purchase it again

  • Malulani D.Aug 15, 2021

    Their shuttle is very small and carry only 8 people at a time. So We had to wait every time (to airport/from airport) a couple of times because always big families were ahead of us. Besides that, it was useful.

  • Earl P.Aug 14, 2021

    Only problem is the receipt said "Shuttle every 15 minutes." After 15 minutes called for ride and was advised you do have to make the call, the shuttle is not every 15 minutes.

  • Randi O.Aug 09, 2021

    At first I was confused about how to park but just checked in with the hotel lobby staff and they gave me a permit to hang in the car. The only thing is the staff wasn’t clear about where to park as there are 2 hotels sharing 1 lot, and patrons can get towed if they park in the wrong lot. The shuttle bus driver was so kind and helpful, he pointed us to a parking spot and directed another patron to a spot where he didn’t get towed. He also gave us a phone number to call when we landed to ensure that the hotel would send a shuttle. Would go back again, thanks.

  • Catherine M.Aug 09, 2021

    All went well when we arrived and parked. We took the shuttle to the airport with no problems. When we returned, the shuttle never picked us up. We called, were told the driver was on his way, he never arrived. We ended up calling a Lyft to take us to the hotel. When we arrived, the shuttle was parked at the hotel with the driver just sitting there.

  • Shannnon H.Aug 01, 2021

    great thanks. all worked out well.

  • Douglas H.Jul 27, 2021

    Perfect! The hotel shuttle was an issue, but they paid for a cab !

  • Brook G.Jul 24, 2021

    There is no parking attendant as mentioned in the parking confirmation. Check-in instructions from Instapark were poor. Holiday Inn shuttle driver was out sick, so had to wait for a taxi. On return, called hotel twice regarding shuttle which was not running every 30 minutes as noted on the Instapark confirmation.

  • Celeste S.Jul 24, 2021

    easy to find. very close to airport. somewhat secure area. The return was not as easy as the shuttle back to the hotel would only come every 30 minutes..we missed it by a couple of minutes and after a long flight, you don't want to sit around and wait more. But overall, a good value.

  • Wendy S.Jul 20, 2021

    Polite team. Thank you very much.

  • Ninette R.Jul 19, 2021

    Great service & Chris was great too!

  • Tanya P.Jul 18, 2021

    Great experience! The process was so easy and we got to the airport and back quickly. Drivers were very kind!

  • Susan S.Jul 16, 2021

    Convenient Close to airport. Shuttle diver was very friendly helpful and pickup time going both ways was very minimal

  • DeNea C.Jul 13, 2021

    Overall, my experience was average. The location was easy to access and close to the airport. The only issue I had is it's advertised that a shuttle runs every 15-20mins, however; that is not true. I waited almost 1hr for the shuttle to pick me up from the airport when I returned.

  • Stephanie T.Jul 12, 2021

    Truly best place to park and a very reasonable rate! Also, the staff was so nice and are willing to help call a cab after hours because the shuttle last stop was at 10:15pm. Definitely will park there again when flying out of Long Beach Airport.

  • Daisy C.Jul 07, 2021

    The shuttle service was not available to pick me up from long each airport & take me back to parking location at Holiday Inn. I called the number & was told to take the yellow cab from long beach airport to holiday inn & the receptionist would give driver a voucher to pay him. I did this. As soon as I told driver where we were headed his demeanor changed. He did not seem happy to be taking us. Then in the car he started complaining. Saying that drivers don’t like taking anyone their because they don’t make money & they don’t get paid enough. Then he told me they don’t tip him so we have to tip him. It was a short trip but he complained through it all. At the end my my friend tipped him but I didn’t know since Iwas getting my bags from trunk. So then I tipped him & the driver never said oh your friend already tipped me. So he took 2 tips.

  • Pamela S.Jul 01, 2021

    I was a little uncomfortable leaving my car at the Holiday Inn Long Beach Airport when I saw homeless encampments right behind the hotel. It made me worry my car was going to be broken into or stolen while I was away. Upon our return, we were waiting in the designated pick up area but after a time, we called the hotel to find out no one was doing pick up that day. Had we not called, we would have just been waiting at the airport for no reason. The hotel should advise people to ALWAYS call the number to make sure there actually is a shuttle running. Otherwise, the staff was very nice and courteous and we had no major incidents. I just couldn't in good faith leave a four-star or five star review due to these two pretty important issues.

  • Doreen B.Jun 30, 2021

    Parking was a breeze. So easy, loved it!

  • Eleuterio O.Jun 30, 2021

    It took the driver over an hour to pick us up after the initial call.

  • Lakeisha M.Jun 29, 2021

    Parking and shuttle ride was very convenient. Literally right down the street from the airport. Shuttle drivers were very friendly and professional.

  • Katie V.Jun 27, 2021

    Good customer service, quick check-in, parking with easy access.

  • Renee A.Jun 23, 2021

    Very convenient and easy. shuttle to airport is provided and it made our trip so much quicker

  • Marlon W.Jun 23, 2021

    Good experience overall. Wish the shuttle would come more often

  • Stephanie C.Jun 20, 2021

    It was great! Very easy and a quick convenient shuttle to the airport.

  • Marilu C.Jun 15, 2021

    Es la segunda vez que uso este servicio y estoy muy satisfecha y lo recomiendo ampliamente, gracias

  • Cathey A.Jun 15, 2021

    I’ll use it again and let others know about it!

  • YVONNE M.Jun 10, 2021

    Yes airport parking experience I’ve ever had. Thank you

  • Pam K.Jun 10, 2021

    It was great. Fair price, easy to use, the shuttle was great. We’ll be using this again!

  • Hitesh T.Jun 09, 2021

    Convenient location. Did not have to wait much for the shuttle.

  • Alison B.Jun 08, 2021

    Initial parking and shuttle to the airport worked out really well, l was very pleased. However, my return experience was not great. After receiving my luggage, I called the hotel and requested the shuttle to pick me up. I had to wait about 55 minutes for the shuttle to arrive, which impacted the remainder of my day and made me late to an appointment. My e-mail from instapark about my reservation had stated that the hotel shuttle operated every half hour to the airport, however in talking to the shuttle driver, that is not an accurate statement. You must call to have the shuttle pick you up, and they do not come promptly. I will likely not use this service again - I save time using Uber/Lyft.

  • Bryan G.Jun 02, 2021

    Shuttle driver was very professional and on time

  • Tony B.Jun 02, 2021

    My family did not get a pickup from LB Airport. My son had to Uber to Holliday Inn to get the car. We called 800-851-5863 voice msg said it is out of business hour. We landed about 9:15PM on Sunday.

  • Felicia D.Jun 01, 2021

    The parking area and overall process was great. However when we returned, the shuttle never arrived. We called the hotel to find out the status of the shuttle and we’re told that the driver had an emergency and we had to take a cab to the hotel. They paid for the ride but it was a great inconvenience.

  • John B.May 29, 2021

    Great location and ample parking. This location was a bit confusing because there are no sign or designated parking area for Instapark customers. You need to check in with the hotel front desk and they give you a parking pass for your vehicle. You can then park in any hotel parking spot. The hotel shuttle service was reliable even though our return flight was delayed several hours and after 10pm.

  • Kipp S.May 24, 2021

    The ride to the airport was fine. However the pickup from the airport was 30 minutes late. Told two different stories why. Hope it was a fluke

  • Sandra M.May 24, 2021

    Very pleased. All personal were helpful and friendly. We used again and refer others.

  • Eve E.May 20, 2021

    No problems with my vehicle. The only problem was waiting 50 minutes for the shuttle to the airport. He did come after waiting 25 minutes but he said he had to take one person somewhere so I was left to wait longer. Thank goodness I was there 3 hrs before my flight

  • David K.May 18, 2021

    Excellent location. The shuttle driver was on a dinner break when we returned and the hotel immediately authorized us to take a taxi. Fantastic service.

  • Derrick B.May 14, 2021

    Everything was on point. Th shuttle was on time with departure and arrival.

  • Summer B.May 13, 2021

    Very easy, fast, and efficient. The shuttle was easy to locate and prompt.

  • Jennifer N.May 13, 2021

    Quick and easy! Plenty of spots, covered parking is available, and the shuttle comes often and takes only a few short minutes to and from the airport.

  • Douglas M.May 13, 2021

    Dropping off the car was easy, but when we returned to Long Beach airport on 5-10-21 and called at 9:15pm for a shuttle pick up, there was a recording telling us they were closed (closing time on the literature was 10:00 pm) and call back during business hours! We tried searching on line, and it all led us to the same number, which gave us the recording. We finally had to call an Uber to take us to the hotel to get our car. The kind lady at the desk reimbursed us for the $24 Uber ride (highway robbery for a one mile ride, but we had no other option).

  • Calvin L.May 10, 2021

    Great service - so close and convenient to the airport - made everything so quick and simple! Would definitely use again!

  • Tom S.May 06, 2021

    Parking was okay, the shuttle back from the airport was the problem... waited 30+ minutes after they confirmed that the shuttle was on the way, had to call them a second time to get picked up

  • Robin D.May 05, 2021

    This was my second time using this service and I am totally satisfied and definitely would recommend it to my friends and family. Great, quick, and efficient

  • Eli K.Apr 29, 2021

    Very easy to park, decent pricing. They even paid for my taxi from the airport as I arrived when their shuttle person was on lunch.

  • Barbra G.Apr 28, 2021

    Holiday inn made it super easy and their parking garage is nice.. quick shuttles and great customer service!

  • WESLEY M.Apr 26, 2021

    We waited over 35 minutes for the shuttle to pick us up at the airport. Then when we got to our car, someone crashed into the rear bumper causing extensive damage.

  • Amer A.Apr 22, 2021

    Polite and courteous Agents at desk and safe parking.

  • Hiromi A.Apr 21, 2021

    Easy access and friendly staffs.

  • Josie C.Apr 17, 2021

    Excellent service with check in and pick up. Will recommend and use again. Awesome great job!!!

  • Laura O.Apr 12, 2021

    Very close to airport, great shuttle service. Easy booking process, would definitely book again.

  • Cindy P.Apr 12, 2021

    Very easy to arrange reservation and excellent prices to boot. Would definitely use again.

  • David K.Apr 10, 2021

    Long line at front desk to check in upon arrival.

  • Esteban A.Apr 05, 2021

    Easy drop off, quick ride to airport and pickup within 20 minutes on return.

  • WESLEY M.Apr 04, 2021

    Easy procedure friendly service

  • Doc H.Mar 28, 2021

    The shuttle “broke down” per the hotel manager but I later found out they forgot to pay the tags and didn’t want to drive it. This caused us to be late to our departure and on way back they promised a pick up time and when the shuttle got there it took a different family and refused to take us as promised. Park somewhere else!

  • Kirk P.Mar 08, 2021

    Excellent experience. Shuttle had left on another non-airport run right before I got there so hotel called me a cab to get me to the airport, at their expense. Only half a mile to airport and return shuttle picked me up within a few minutes of my call. Covered parking available, not only open lot as advertised.

  • Robin D.Mar 01, 2021

    Chris was my driver to the airport. This was a great experience. Quick, courteous and easy. I will definitely continue to use this service

  • Thomas S.Feb 09, 2021

    Quick and easy... very convenient

  • Martin C.Feb 02, 2021

    Very satisfied with overall service

  • Jane N.Jan 05, 2021

    Great location. I can't understand why airport parking, in general, is so expensive in Long Beach.

  • Lianne B.Dec 29, 2020

    parking was easy! took awhile to get a taxi however, since the shuttle was not running. Return - getting taxi at the airport back to hotel parking was much easier.

  • Peggy R.Dec 08, 2020

    There are a few problems with your system. As a first-timer, I encountered a some difficulties upon my return. When I first arrived at the Holiday Inn, I was told there wasn’t a shuttle, that a taxi would take me and I should call for a taxi when I returned. The departure and securing my car in the parking lot was no problem. When I returned, I called the number on the voucher, gave my information to the automated service, and waited outside of the baggage area at the Long Beach airport, as instructed on the voucher. After 15 minutes, I called again and this time spoke to a live person, who told me that they didn’t take calls for Long Beach airport since there’s a taxi station there. I asked her where it was and she said, “I don’t know. Just ask someone.” Fortunately, I did find someone who knew; it was on the opposite side of the baggage claim area where I’d been waiting. In the future, I recommend having better informed help at key positions.

  • Judith R.Dec 02, 2020

    Very easy and quick, with friendly and knowledgeable customer service at Instapark.

  • Jerry G.Nov 24, 2020

    Great easy convenient place to park

  • Joseph M.Oct 21, 2020

    Staff was great and very accommodating. They don’t have a shuttle but make the experience very easy.

  • Robert K.Sep 29, 2020

    I end up paying a taxi driver over 15 bucks for my ride to the airport when they were supposed to get vouchers to the taxi driver. I never use the service again

  • John H.Sep 18, 2020

    Solid performance by Holiday Inn. However, a definite glitch getting back to hotel to pick up my car via the Yellow Cab Co. This could be remedied with a bit more communication between the two parties.

  • Fernando R.Sep 15, 2020

    No shuttle to or from airport even though the hotel paid for my taxi to and my friend brought me back after the return flight since there were no taxis. Also, hotel had no record of my booking.

  • Ernesto M.Sep 13, 2020

    Location was convenient and the hotel representative made the check in process effortless.

  • Peter L.Aug 17, 2020

    Very easy process. Friendly staff. The voucher for the cab was a plus!

  • William D.Jul 06, 2020

    I wasn't aware that the hotel was not running any shuttles to the airport (as advertised). It makes sense due to Covid, but I feel there should have been some sort of notice. The front desk guy was very nice and apologetic and setup two cabs to come take us to the airport. The plan upon our return was to call the hotel and they would arrange a taxi van to come and pick us up. However, upon calling them I was told that no taxi's would be available for more than 30-45 minutes. Uber option was also the same. The hotel folks were nice and tried to expedite a taxi for the 1-2 mile ride from the airport. But again, they should be notifying that their shuttles are NOT operational. I would have gladly chosen to park and pay at the actual airport had I known this.

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