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Long Beach Airport

4100 E. Donald Douglas Dr. 0.67 miles

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Long Beach Airport

4100 Donald Douglas Dr. 0.67 miles

$24.00 / day

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2680 North Lakewood Boulevard 0.81 miles

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Long Beach Airport Parking: Park at LGB for Your Cruise in Long Beach, CA

Long Beach LGB Airport has one excellent choice when it comes to parking off-site. It happens to be at one of the local hotels, Holiday Inn Long Beach. is the only service that offers this, other than us, and the rate is only $10 per day. 

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Long Beach International Airport Parking

As one of the busiest airports in California, having great parking close at hand is something that’s very important. Even if you can’t park directly at the airport, you can make the most of all of the great off-site options that are available to you as well. Our list breaks down not only their locations in reference to Long Beach airport, but their costs as well, so it’s that much easier to pick a great location, such as Crowne Plaza Los Angeles Harbor Hotel . Check out the list below so that you can pick the perfect parking location for you and get the most bang for your buck.

Long Beach International Airport Parking Rates & Services

You will end up paying between $7 and $24 for your parking spot, so pick from our list of great options (including places like Long Beach Airport Parking) below.

Long Beach Long-Term Airport Parking

There are plenty of on-site and off-site long-term parking options to choose from including Courtyard by Marriot Long Beach, so check out our list below and choose wisely.

Long Beach Short-Term Airport Parking

If you know you’re only going to be staying for a few hours, be sure to spring for a short-term parking option like Standard Parking.

Long Beach International Airport Parking

You will have thousands of spots to choose from in short-term, long-term and even international terminal parking - so be sure to take advantage of great locations like Quality Inn Long Beach Airport.

Long Beach Hotel Airport Parking

Parking at a hotel is always one of the most convenient options since you can stay at the hotel for the night after parking, and make your way to the Long Beach airport the next day. Check out our great options, including places like Quality Inn Long Beach Airport, below.

Long Beach Parking Discounts & Deals

Stay close to Long Beach airport without breaking the bank. No only can you use the deals and discounts below on the on-site airport parking, but at many of the off-site options as well.

  • Groupon
  • If you're looking for all of the most affordable options in Long Beach in terms of airport parking, look no further than Groupon.
  • Priority Parking Coupons
  • If you think you might take advantage of Priority Airport parking in Long Beach, be sure to check out all of the cool discounts and more before booking your spot.

Long Beach Airport Parking Tips

Long Beach airport offers all kind of parking as well as extra amenities and services like valet parking, car detailing and more. It’s important to know what kind of services you need in order to find the right lot for you. Check out the official website for more information.

LGB Airport Info & Maps

As one of the top and most important airports in California, Long Beach Airport also provides service for Orange County. The airport has five runways as well as multiple helipads.
Long Beach Airport is one of the top airports in the Los Angeles, CA area, also servicing Orange County

Overview | Long Beach Airport

Long Beach airport covers 1166 acres of space to accommodate the large number of passengers that come in and out of the airport. The airport is fully equipped with 5 runways for commercial flights as well as 6 helipads for helicopter landings and departures. On average, there are 903 aircraft operations per day. The majority of these are general aviation, at 87%, with the rest being split between scheduled commercial flights, air taxis and military use.

There are also air cargo carriers that use the airport to get goods all around the United States, with FedEx Airlines and UPS using is ship 57,000 tons of goods across the country each and every year. LGB is actually one of the busiest general aviation airports in the world by aircraft operations on a daily basis. In the main part of the airport, you can find ticketing as well as baggage claim before getting to the TSA checkpoint.

While there many not be many commercials flights are, there are still tons of charter flights, private planes, flight schools, law enforcement flights, helicopters, advertising blimps and much more that make their way out of LGB.

Some of the most popular destinations from the airport include Salt Lake City, Utah, Las Vegas, New York City and so many more.

LGB Concourse & Gate Info

  • All of the gates at Long Beach Airport are split up into North and South concourse, with eleven gates in total. The larger of the two concourses is the North Concourse, and it exclusively JetBlue Airways, which take up gates 5-11. American Eagle, Delta Airlines and Southwest Airlines can be found in gates 1-4 of the South Concourse and the gate you go to will depend on who you have your flight booked with.

Long Beach airport's official website will have all the answers to any questions you might have about the airport itself or your flight. There, you can find some of the most useful information from flight details to the retail locations inside the terminal. It's easy t find everything you need by going the digital route. In addition, you can also find a terminal map that will make navigating the airport even easier once you get there. For the absolute best, safest and more reliable LGB parking in Long Beach, book your spot today with Instapark!

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