Myrtle Beach International Airport (MYR) Short and Long Term Parking in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach International Airport

1100 Jetport Road 0.28 miles

$9.00 / day

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Myrtle Beach International (MYR) Airport Parking Guide

Domestic flights, just like international ones, can be complex to select and exhausting when the time of travel comes. Finding a parking spot is easy and simple when using this guide to see what each offers in terms of amenities, prices, and extras as well as where each of these lots is location in comparison to the airport. Myrtle Beach International Airport is one that should be considered for its ease of access and multiple parking options including low priced short term options on site as well as long term and hotel parking.

Myrtle Beach International Airport Parking Rates & Options

Myrtle Beach has a great airport that sees a lot of tourists going in and out of town and locals going on vacations and other trips. This leads to varied parking options that run various price ranges and have various amenities.

Long Term Myrtle Beach International Parking

The options at Myrtle Beach International Airport start as low as free for handicapped parking and going to $12.00 for the higher priced option. This is a low price no matter what is chosen and makes the most sense for each parker. These options vary in distance to the gates and costs, but also in what is included with them.

  • Myrtle Beach Airport Shuttle
  • 1100 Jetport Rd, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
  • 0 mile
  • (843) 655-0381
  • Prices vary depending on number of passengers for the shuttle

Short Term Myrtle Beach International Parking

Much like the long term parking options, the short term options at Myrtle Beach International Airport are varied and include a free option for handicapped spots. The hourly parking option is a great one for anyone looking to spend a few hours or less with their car parked at the airport and not wanting to just stay in the car and wait. The short term options at MYR are good for their clientele and can save everyone a few dollars and some headaches.

  • Myrtle Beach Airport Shuttle
  • 1100 Jetport Rd, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
  • 0 mile
  • (843) 655-0381
  • Prices vary depending on number of passengers for the shuttle

International Terminal Myrtle Beach Parking

MYR's international travel parking options are similar to the long term options and they also offer a good variety of prices and amenities that most international traveler will appreciate.

  • Myrtle Beach Airport Shuttle
  • 1100 Jetport Rd, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
  • 0 mile
  • (843) 655-0381
  • Prices vary depending on number of passengers for the shuttle

Myrtle Beach Airport Hotel Parking With Shuttle Service

No hotels advertise for parking with shuttle for Myrtle Beach International Airport which does not mean that none will do it. As such, calling them one by one may take a bit more time than wanted, but if that is one's preferred method of parking, they can be worth checking out anyways.

MYR Parking Resources, Discounts And Coupons

Couponing can also apply to airport parking and can be especially worth it when long term parking is needed and money needs to be saved. Myrtle Beach International Airport has coupons and other discounts available online and here are a few of them.

  • Groupon
  • As a go-to for discounts on just about anything, Groupon is also a great place to look for discounts on airport parking for Myrtle Beach International Airport.
  • Cheap Airport Parking
  • A second great option for discounts by way of coupon code this time is Cheap Airport Parking where a code is oftentimes available for Myrtle Beach International Airport parking savings.

Myrtle Beach Airport Parking Tips

The best thing seen in a while here is the free parking for handicapped travelers as they can park for free as long as the handicapped person is in the car at time of exiting the lot and that the car has the appropriate identification. This little above and beyond move from MYR airport can be easily obtain to those who qualify.

MYR Airport Info & Maps

Myrtle Beach International Airport is located only 3 miles away from the heart of downtown Myrtle Beach, meaning you'll be steps away from some of the best views in the country the moment you land. Serving over 1.5 million passengers on a yearly basis, it's also one of the busiest airports in South Carolina.
Myrtle Beach International Airport: bringing you to the best views in the country.

Overview | Myrtle Beach International Airport

MYR covers 3,795 acres of space and has one runway used for the landing and departure of all flights coming in and out of the terminal. The Dr. W.L. Harrelson Terminal Building is named after the city's very first mayor who served from 1938 to 1943. One average there are 248 aircraft operations per day, spread across air taxi, commercial, general and military services. The airport also has a dedicated air cargo building at the airport's entrance. This full-service facility is dedicated to amazing customer service and passenger-friendly facilities and amenities so your positive experience can begin the moment you land. The airport is split into two levels, an upper and a lower level that both have different things available. On the lower level, you'll find baggage claim, ticketing, information desks and individual airline carrier counters before heading through the TSA security checkpoint. Once you get the airport's second level, you'll find all the flight gates laid out across the terminal in two concourses: A and B. Gates in both concourses share space with concessions and retail locations like Steak & Shake, Nacho Hippo, Subway and Pavilion Grill. There are also plenty of ATMs, _accessible restrooms as well as other snack and newsstands.

MYR Concourse & Gate Info

  • The upper level of the airport is split up into two concourses, A and B, and a number of gates between the two. In total, there are 10 gates between the concourses and the one you need to go to will be determined by the airline carrier you've booked your flight with. In concourse A, you will find gates numbered from A1 to A5 and servicing carriers Spirit Airlines and Allegiant Air, while concourse B numbered B1 to B5 has the other carriers: United Airlines, American Eagle, Delta, Elite, Porter, Westjet and ViaAir.

You can find information about destinations, flight schedules, directions and even nearby attractions by heading to the official MYR website. Having this information on hand will help you stay on track at the very top of your journey. Head to the website's To and From MYR section to learn more about the available ground transportation, shuttle bus services and parking. For the best daily rates for MYR parking, be sure to book a spot with Instapark.

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