Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (ANC) Short and Long Term Parking in Anchorage

Anchorage Quick Airport Parking

4227 Spenard Rd 1.98 miles

$7.00 / day

Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport

5000 West International Airport Road 0.33 miles

$10.00 / day

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Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport is a major airport in the U.S. state of Alaska, located 5 miles southwest of downtown Anchorage. Offering long term parking at several off-site lots. The parking on-airport ranges as seen below.

Time Cost
2-3 hours $9.00
3-4 hours $11.00
4-24 hours $13.00
Max per week $78.00

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Many people are interested in finding the closest airport to Anchorage AK with ANC only 5 miles(8km) away it makes this airport a very convenient option for travelers.

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Anchorage Airport Parking Guide

There are just three options for you to choose from when it comes to airport parking, and it’s important for you to figure out which one is the most impactful and important to you When it comes to parking on airport grounds, you can definitely choose from a few places around ANC, as well as some great off-site locations as well like Anchorage Quick Airport Parking. It’s important to know just what kind of parking service you’re looking for so that you can not only stay close to the hotel, but also pay an affordable rate and feel more than comfortable about where your car is. Check out our list below to find some great options to choose from

Anchorage Airport Parking Lots & Services

When it comes to prices for airport parking, you can expect to pay between $3 per hour to $11 per day to keep your car either on-site on ANC airport grounds, or off-site at lots such as Anchorage Quick Airport Parking. If you want to go for more luxury services such as valet parking, you can pay extra for that type of premium service. The great thing about parking close to ANC is that you don’t have to worry about the additional time it will take to commute from a lot further out. Parking on the actual airport grounds is, of course, the most convenient option as well.

Anchorage Long-Term Airport Parking

For travellers who plan on parking for a few days or more, the long-term lot near the South Terminal is going to be your best bet. With costs of $13 a day, and weekly costs of $78, it’s one of the best deals in the entire airport. In the airport’s Ride ‘n Fly lot, you will be a bit off airport grounds, but will only pay $9 a day instead. The weekly and monthly costs see the most savings, only costing $40 for a week and $100 for an entire month, at which you can stay parked in the lot up to 90 days. This is a great options for those headed on long journeys for a bit longer of a period of time, because of the money you’ll save the longer you stay. It’s important to plan way in advance for any of the parking options you plan to lose, whether it’s on airport grounds or off-site, in locations like Anchorage Quick Airport Parking.

Short-Term Anchorage Airport Parking

ANC has some pretty great short-term parking options in addition to long-term ones. This is great for those that just need to stay at the airport for a short amount of time, need to pick someone up or drop someone off. You can find short-term lots in both the north and south terminal inside the airport, as well as a handful of off-site locations such as Anchorage Quick Airport Parking that are just as convenient.

Anchorage Airport International Terminal Parking

Parking at any one of the lots, close to the North terminal mainly, will keep you close to the international terminal. If this is where you’ll be departing, it might be in your best interest to use the lots closest to that particular entrance. You can find both long and short-term park in the areas closest to the terminal as well as great off-site locations like Anchorage Quick Airport Parking, so be sure to choose wisely from our top picks below.

Anchorage Int'l Airport Hotel Parking

The great thing about parking in hotel parking lots in Anchorage is that you won’t have to necessarily drop your car off right before you’re set to fly out. Instead, you can arrive much earlier and stay the night in the hotel beforehand. That way, the only thing you have to do is get up early enough to take the shuttle bus over to the airport without having to face any Anchorage traffic heading towards the airport. Not just that, but your car will be much safer having been parked in a location with security as great as a hotel like Anchorage Quick Airport Parking.

ANC Parking Resources, Discounts And Coupons

As one of the busiest airports in Alaska, being able to park nearby for prices that haven't been inflated can be tricky. Thankfully, these deal websites will help you stay way under budget.

  • Groupon
  • Make sure you check out groupon before booking your airport parking spot close to ANC airport for the best deals in the city.
  • RetailMeNot
  • RetailMeNot is full of some of the city's best deals so you can find the best parking close to Anchorage Airport!

Ted Stevens Anchorage Airport Parking Tips

The lot on airport grounds at ANC makes plenty of great space for large vehicles like RVs or trucks, but mainly in the long-term lots, so drivers should consider leaving cars such as this in this lot. Instead of short-term parking, you can make use of the cell phone waiting area in the area to wait for someone there. Use the Aviation Ave. exit and follow the signs until you find who you are looking for. This is an alternative to using the short-term, North Terminal lot. If you’re looking for more information, or having any questions about services at the airport, be sure to check out their official website.

Fly Out Of Ted Stevens Anchorage International

ANC Provides Jobs For The Community & Great Service To Its Passengers
Fly With The Best In Passenger Service

ANC Is Committed To Quality Service

Join nearly 5 million passengers flying out of ANC yearly, and enjoy the scenic views of Alaska. ANC has helped in growing the community for over 50 years. ANC is extremely devoted to customer service and has developed an innovative customer service program with mystery shoppers volunteering to ensure that all employees are delivering the highest quality in customer service.

Find Gates N1-N8 In the North Terminal.

There is a shuttle that runs between both terminals.

In the South Terminal, Gates B1- B9 are located in Concourse B, Gates C1-C9 are located in Concourse C, and Gates A10, A12, A13, A14, A15, and A16 are located in Concourse A.

ANC Map & Terminal Information

  • North Terminal
  • There are 3 Levels at ANC's North Terminal that serve thousands of passengers daily. Each gate is located on Level 2, West of the elevators and escalators. Enter the airport on Level one from taxi, shuttle, or self parking, and enter from the East doors. You will find all ticketing kiosks, security and customs, flight information, courtesy phone, and visitor information on Level 1. If you require use of the pet relief area, it is conveniently located South of the entrance doors and shuttle/ taxi pick-up and drop-off.
  • Head up to Level 2 to relax before boarding your flight. Find The David Greed Furs/ Duty Free Shop and The Travel Shop for your traveling and gift needs. There are also vending machines, washrooms and an ATM for your convenience while you wait to board.
  • Level 3 is where you will find the smoking lounge, Denali VIP Lounge and Turnagain VIP lounge. Use the elevators and escalators from the East side of the building to reach each level.
  • South Terminal
  • There are 54 gates at the South Terminal and many more Food & Beverage options as well as Retail and other services. Find your gate in Concourse A, B, or C. While you're waiting for your flight, shop at the Duty free store, find a good book to read, enjoy a Starbuck's or eat at one of the nearly 20 food outlets. You'll also enjoy the art gallery on Level 0. Level 0 is also where you'll gain access to Car Rental Agencies and Parking.
  • Choose the park and fly option when you're driving to the airport. Long and short-term options are available.

Take advantage of ANC's storage options when you plan on exploring Alaska and don't want to lug around your belongings. Keep them safe and secure in on-site lockers and storage areas.

Choose The Convenient Park-n-Fly Options Available To Passengers