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Port of Boston Facts & Maps

The Port of Boston which was established in 1630, is a major and modern cruise terminal. Located in central Boston, this interesting port is close to many attractions and museums within the Boston area. An import historical site, the Port of Boston is not to be missed!
Port of Boston, home of the Boston Tea Party!

Historic Port of Boston is a unique and beautiful place that any tourist will appreciate visiting..

The Port of Boston is the largest port in Massachusetts. The Port of Boston is also historically important. Before colonization, the area where the port currently is was originally a trading post for Native Americans. After Boston was settled in 1630, the Port of Boston began to grow and trades such as lumber, rum, salted fish and fully constructed vessels were soon leaving the port on a daily basis. The famous Boston Tea Party took place in the Port of Boston, which directly led to the American Revolutionary War. During the 1950۪s, the Massachusetts Port Authority assumed control of the port and began modernizing it. It was again modernized in the 1990's. Currently the Port is going through a $310 million building project to deepen the harbor by over ten feet, allowing even larger ships to berth there.

Boston is a beautiful and historic city that is lovely to visit. The Port of Boston is close to the Common (Boston's Central Park), the famous major educational institutes Harvard, M.I.T. and Boston College, sports teams the Red Sox and the Patriots and for history buffs, try the Freedom Trail or one of the many museums. There's something for everyone in Boston.

Port of Boston's cruise terminal, Cruiseport Boston, annually has more than 100 vessel calls and sees more than 300, 000 passengers pass through its gates. Popular destinations include Bermuda, Europe, New England and Canada. The home port cruise lines are Holland America Line, Norwegian Cruise Line and the Royal Caribbean International. The homeport ships currently operating out of Cruiseport Boston are the Norwegian Dawn, Rotterdam, Veendam and Serenade of the Seas.

Port of Boston Location and Information

  • The Port of Boston is located on the south side of the Boston Main Channel. The Port consists of two terminals that are on a Reserve Channel running from the Boston Main Channel. On the south side of the Reserved Channel is the Conley Container Terminal (940 E 1st St, Boston, MA). On the north side of the Reserved Channel is the Black Falcon Cruise Terminal.
  • Cruiseport Boston (Black Falcon Avenue, Boston, MA, United States) runs out of the Black Falcon Cruise Terminal. It is located in central Boston, off of Black Falcon Ave. The Terminal entrance is in the north side of the building, just sound of Black Falcon Ave.
  • There is nearby, convenient parking located on Terminal St. For those handicapped passengers that will need assistance, they should be dropped off at the entrance first because the parking lot is not accessible. Wheelchairs are provided within the terminal for any passengers who require them.
  • Passengers will then proceed through security, where they will need their valid ticket and government issued photo ID. Once through security, passengers will head south or east towards their ships.
  • Cruiseport Boston can hold up to four cruise ships at a time. Two of these are located directly south of the terminal, one to the south east of the terminal and the last one is located to the northeast of the terminal.
  • Once you have disembarked in Boston, there are several options for getting downtown. These include taxis, public transportation including a subway and buses. Those adventurous passengers might want to take the beautiful walk which is only 30 minutes.

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