The Lot at PSP (Formerly The Auto Inn) 4777 East Ramon Road, Palm Springs, California United States 92264

Day rate: $10.00 / day

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4777 East Ramon Road, Palm Springs, California United States 92264
Gene Autry Trail / Ramon Road

Parking lot information

Please call (760) 641 5058 with any questions. We are by reservation only.

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How to park at this facility


  • Call 760.641.5058 to confirm shuttle time. Pull up to gate and call attendant.


  • Prior to taking off and arriving in Palm Springs, text (760) 641 5058 and let us know your name, vehicle, and time of arrival. Text once you are curbside with your baggage.

Services, Amenities, Features and Add-Ons

  • Round-trip Shuttle Service
  • Car Wash
  • Indoor Parking

To change or cancel a reservation please log in here or contact us or call us 800-851-5863

Parking location and directions

4777 East Ramon Road, Palm Springs, California United States 92264

The Lot at PSP (Formerly The Auto Inn) prices and rates

Daily rate
Day rate $10.00 / day Grace period: 2 hours
Round-trip Shuttle Service $10.00
Car Wash $20.00
Indoor Parking + $8.00 / day

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews (278)

  • Curtis B.Oct 21, 2021

    Great service. Quick ride and pick up at the airport.

  • Karen F.Oct 20, 2021

    No waiting for a ride. Very friendly and helpful. Will use again.

  • Kathrine F.Oct 20, 2021

    Was extremely happy with the location and service. Will definitely park there again!!

  • Amani F.Oct 20, 2021

    This place is awesome. Was ready to take us to the airport and when we returned, gave them a call and they were there within 10 minutes, fastest shuttle I have experienced!!

  • Diana D.Oct 20, 2021

    Nick provided superior service and I will definitely park here again and I have already recommended this facility to a friend.

  • Karen H.Oct 20, 2021

    Service was great. Very efficient. Car was well taken care of. Would definitely use them again.

  • Morgan G.Oct 18, 2021

    Great experience - friendly staff - thank you

  • Julia E.Oct 18, 2021

    Excellent! Just had trouble locating the lot. I will know where it is next time.

  • Kasse A.Oct 18, 2021

    I will never park anywhere else when flying from PSP. Thank you!

  • Katie P.Oct 16, 2021

    Excellent service as always! Nick is kind, courteous and easy to reach at all times. Traveling alone is stressful but here I know myself and my vehicle are in good hands!

  • Sharon S.Oct 16, 2021

    Great, efficient will definitely use them again and tell our friends.

  • Brittany J.Oct 16, 2021

    Easy and quick. Would definitely park here again.

  • Rhonda M.Oct 16, 2021

    We had a great trip! Nick was prompt and we will definitely use The Lot again!

  • Crystal G.Oct 14, 2021

    Thank you for providing safe, reliable and friendly service

  • Bobbie J.Oct 13, 2021

    Nick was there when we dropped off the car to shuttle us to the airport & he was there to pick us up & take us back to our car even after our flight got delayed & diverted❕

  • Glenn S.Oct 12, 2021

    Answered texts immediately when we needed to be picked up at the airport, great service!

  • Kevin H.Oct 12, 2021

    This lot was easy and convenient. The staff was prompt and friendly. I will definitely be referring and using this lot for all my travel needs out of palm springs.

  • angela h.Oct 12, 2021

    Easy to park, quick drop off and quick pickup. Location is so close to the airport. Super easy and Owner was really nice.

  • James J.Oct 11, 2021

    Outstanding parking facility! Will certainly use it next trip out of PSP!!

  • Maximilian M.Oct 10, 2021

    Thank you for keeping my vehicle safe! I will definitely recommend you guys

  • Peter B.Oct 07, 2021

    Great service and very convenient. I have used twice now and will again.

  • Diane T.Oct 07, 2021

    All was good, Nick took us to the airport bright and early @ 4:30 a.m. and came when we returned right away as well. He made it easy for us.

  • Michael R.Oct 05, 2021

    I thought it was good but I didn't really understand why there was an additional charge for the shuttle

  • kevin e.Oct 05, 2021

    One of the most headache free experiences I've had. Very efficient, professional and easy to use service.

  • Sharilyn E.Oct 05, 2021

    Quick service and very personable. Reasonable too

  • Michael B.Oct 05, 2021

    Thank you Nick for a pleasant and professional experience. You are personable and prompt. Next time we fly out of PS we will be using your service again. Thank you MBowers

  • Michael C.Oct 04, 2021

    The only choice for PSP. Great all-around.

  • Wayne A.Oct 04, 2021

    I had a great experience using instapark. Both the driver that helped us when we dropped off our vehicle and took us to the Airport and the driver that picked us up at the Airport were friendly and professional. instapark is a great travel aid that makes traveling that much easier and I would highly recommend them to anyone that wants to make their next trip a much more pleasant experience.

  • Jay C.Oct 04, 2021

    Excellent price, communication and accurate pick up/drop off times. Will definitely use again.

  • Ellen S.Oct 04, 2021

    Very easy, on time, comfortable with security for my car. Would recommend and will use again the next time I fly

  • Jess R.Sep 30, 2021

    Concierge style service at its best

  • Denis S.Sep 29, 2021

    Quick, easy and friendly service. Absolutely will use again the next time we leave town.

  • Christine O.Sep 29, 2021

    Great experience, profesional polite staff. Would 100% use again.

  • Eugene L.Sep 29, 2021

    They were prompt in taking & picking us up from the airport

  • Donna G.Sep 29, 2021

    Great find and great location! Professional, transfer to airport and back was efficient and timely. And reasonable pricing. Thanks Nick!

  • Susan M.Sep 29, 2021

    My days of long-term parking at the airport and/or using Uber to get there or over. It was a seamless, flawless, and fast experience; I’m grateful to have found this option when I travel by air.

  • Wally M.Sep 29, 2021

    Great value, great service. Very creative alternative for PSP mid to long term parking.

  • Andi H.Sep 28, 2021

    On time, helpful, easy. Highly recommended.

  • Daniel M.Sep 28, 2021

    Nick notified me prior to my arrival to ensure I found the lot without a problem. Very fast to and from the airport.

  • Scott S.Sep 28, 2021

    Such an easy parking experience! Glad I found The Lot!

  • Jay J.Sep 27, 2021

    Nick is always concerned about his customers. We appreciate his reaching out to make sure everything is right.

  • Jay J.Sep 27, 2021

    My wife broke her foot and we could not travel. Called The Auto Inn directly to tell the owner we would not be parking. We tried to cancel by contacting Instapark using email and phone. Could not connect with any one. As of now we have paid for parking that we did not use.

  • Brenton M.Sep 27, 2021

    So glad we have this company in Palm Springs. It is so comforting knowing your car is in great hands and the service is wonderful. I would give them a 10 if I could.

  • James K.Sep 26, 2021

    Although the location had changed, everyone at both places were very helpful. Even with a last minute flight change, the lot was still open and a schedule was ready. Upon me return one call got me on the road and in my own vehicle in a flash.

  • Forrest P.Sep 26, 2021

    So easy! Open at 4:30 am for early flights. Reserve, park, lock, shuttle to the airport. On return shuttle pickup was at the airport in 5 minutes. Clean, polite and flexible (our flight was 24 hours late...). We will use The Lot at PSP for all of our travel.

  • Thu H.Sep 24, 2021

    It was our first time using this parking option and will definitely use it again. Nick provided excellent service. I highly recommend this parking option.

  • Darlene S.Sep 23, 2021

    By far the best option. They were on time and very professional. No more Uber for me, this was so convenient

  • Kendell K.Sep 22, 2021

    Great option to parking at PSP! Fast friendly and affordable!

  • Terry W.Sep 22, 2021

    Had a little problem finding the lot, texted Nick and he guided us right to the lot gate. Nick was very friendly and professional the whole experience was great

  • Mary V.Sep 21, 2021

    The service was pleasant. This was my first time flying out of Palm Springs. I initially looked for a more affordable parking lot than the airport. But my experience outweighed my original search. The attendant were patient, courteous, and helpful. Plus they shuttled you over to the airport. It was such a personal customer service experience.

  • Mary V.Sep 21, 2021

    The service was pleasant. This was my first time flying out of Palm Springs. I initially look for a more affordable parking lot than the airport. But my experience outweighed my original search. The attendant were patient, courteous, and helpful. Plus they shuttled you over to the airport. It was such a personal customer service experience.

  • Paula T.Sep 21, 2021

    We had a hard time finding the lot in the dark! But other than that we had no problems. Love that the lot is so close to the airport.

  • Lee F.Sep 21, 2021

    Excellent, professional service

  • Janet C.Sep 21, 2021

    I arrived at the address at 2:00 as scheduled. There was no signage except for a Parking sign which could be for any business. The buildings at the address were locked and vacant. I drove up to the gate and it was closed and no one was around. I drove around the block a couple times thinking I had the wrong address. I stopped at the Tire store next door and inquired and they told me I was at the right address so I drove back up to the gate and called out and tried to open the gate. I could not open the gate and no one responded (by now it was almost 2:30) so I decided to just park at the airport. Once I arrived at the airport I saw a voicemail from the Lot so I called back and explained that I could not get any response at the Lot so I was now at the airport just in time for boarding my flight. I was informed that I would be refunded the parking fee. There needs to be better signage and instructions. The guy at the Tire store told me I wasn't the first person who had trouble finding the Lot. I was very disappointed and started thinking the whole think was a scam. The location is great but there needs to be better signage and someone at the gate!

  • James J.Sep 20, 2021

    Outstanding service and a great parking facility...will definitely return next trip out of PSP!

  • Nancy T.Sep 19, 2021

    Great place to park only a few minutes away from the airport. The service is fast and easy to comunícate. I felt my car was safe and secure.

  • Carl P.Sep 17, 2021

    Easy, professional, prompt….Nick was great!

  • Caryl C.Sep 16, 2021

    I would recommend this parking service to anyone. Nick was on time and very professional.

  • Jess R.Sep 16, 2021

    Nick handled everything perfectly

  • Robert C.Sep 15, 2021

    Great service. Drop off and pick up from airport was excellent. Highly recommend this parking if leaving long or short term.

  • Peter B.Sep 15, 2021

    Excellent service and a real convenience. Nick is a pro!

  • Gina H.Sep 14, 2021

    Always on time and very helpful. Very nice SUV shuttle. Friendly too.

  • Irma N.Sep 14, 2021

    The ride to and from the airport.

  • Karen L T.Sep 14, 2021

    Nick, Thank you for the great first time experience and service. Will park here again when traveling!

  • Bethan c.Sep 13, 2021

    Could not have been better! Reliable, courteous and punctual. I would totally recommend Nick

  • John S.Sep 10, 2021

    Excellent service as usual. Car was immaculately cleaned.

  • Zina B.Sep 09, 2021

    My second time using this service! Nick is awesome!!

  • Leslie P.Sep 09, 2021

    Overall was a great experience. Made traveling that much less stressful

  • Vincent B.Sep 09, 2021

    Quick pickup after getting our bags.

  • Jasmine S.Sep 08, 2021

    Such a great experience! Would definitely recommend and would use this place again. Five stars.

  • Jim G.Sep 07, 2021

    Super convenient location and excellent service! Why park anywhere else. InstaPark is my new go-to for PSP parking.

  • Forrest B.Sep 07, 2021

    Best place I have ever parked.

  • Joseph B.Sep 06, 2021

    Reasonable price, excellent service.

  • Maria R.Sep 04, 2021

    I felt very comfortable leaving my car, the gentleman was super nice and my car was just the way I left it which is all I can ask for. So overall great experience!

  • Jan S.Sep 02, 2021

    Easy! No hassle parking! Ride to the terminal was quick. Thanks!!!

  • Tommi L.Sep 02, 2021

    Fantastic experience all the way around and I highly recommend this service. Prompt, polite and professional. I will use them again in a heart beat. What a great find. Five Stars!!!!!

  • Ami S.Sep 01, 2021

    Car was safe, friendly staff, great experience. It was quick and easy. Shuttle was there quickly at drop off and pick up.

  • Eric C.Aug 31, 2021

    Drop off was quick and stress-free. My car was safe and secure. Pick-up was easy. It was a nice experience!

  • Kimberly C.Aug 31, 2021

    Awesome service! Would recommend to anybody needing parking for flights. Will be using this service every time I fly out of psp

  • JaVita W.Aug 30, 2021

    I will definitely be using this lot for all future flights out of Palm Springs. Nick and the other gentleman (I forget his name) were so pleasant and made the short trip enjoyable. I’d recommend The Lot to anyone flying out of PSP.

  • Maureen M.Aug 27, 2021

    My first experience with Auto Inn did not disappoint. Nick was amazing. Very courteous, professional and timely from the minute I pulled into the lot to bringing me to the airport and picking me up upon my arrival. He went above and beyond service as my tire warning light came on driving to Palm Springs…he said he would take care of my tires (apparently all 4 were low) and he followed through…when I returned he had filled my tires to where they needed to be. My only regret was that I did not have cash on hand to tip him for filling my tires…hopeful I can send him monies in the mail to show my appreciation. I have boasted about Nick and his business to several family members and friends and hope his business will continue to thrive for a very long time. Thank you,Nick, from one extremely satisfied and on-going customer.

  • Erik R.Aug 26, 2021

    Great service, affordable, definitely recommended and will use in the future.

  • Jason J.Aug 26, 2021

    Simple process very friendly shuttle driver Blake super nice guy no complaints

  • Ronny C.Aug 26, 2021

    It was a great experience; easily accessible parking pick up and drop off were seamless! I will use them again!

  • Breeanna J.Aug 25, 2021

    I love this place. Have used The Auto Inn multiple times. They are very professional and easy to do business with. They are really close to the airport as well. Nick is very cool and helpful.

  • Jesus P.Aug 24, 2021

    This was an awesome experience! They were on time, quick, respectful, and very professional. I will definitely use this service and recommend it to others. Thank you for having such a great service.

  • Patricia A.Aug 23, 2021

    It was easy! Blake the rep was TERRIFIC. The price was SO reasonable so DO NOT change it. More people need to learn about InstaPark.

  • Karen M.Aug 22, 2021

    Nick was so kind and courteous. He helped me with my baggage and made sure I was safe before he left. I would highly recommend this parking lot to any other. I will definitely use them again!

  • NORMAN W.Aug 21, 2021

    All around this was a fine, professional, and friendly experience. Parked Car was in great shape upon pickup. drive to and from airport was ideal. Good people working with an innovative concept will make for a promising and successful operation.

  • Mary K.Aug 21, 2021

    I will recommend this parking service to EVERYONE! I dealt with Blake. He was super in every way. Kind. Welcoming. Gentle personality. Spot on with timing to get me to and from the airport. Best service. Could not ask for better.

  • Gina H.Aug 20, 2021

    Shuttle is very reliable and convenient. Very professional service.

  • Todd R.Aug 20, 2021

    The website provides an address for the parking lot. I arrived and found the office and lot vacant. After calling and not reaching anyone, we proceeded to the airport to pay $25 more than planned at PSP. I'd have given 1 star and a horrible review had the representative at the lot not contacted me personally within the hour asking if I needed assistance finding the lot since they had moved. He explained that the website is somehow not updated to reflect their new location. He was very polite and promptly offered a full refund. However, a week later it had not yet posted. I contacted him again after which he again blamed the website for not processing my refund. (starting to sound lame if not fishy) But he sent me the money immediately via Zelle. It led me to believe this is being run by folks who are unreliable.

  • Katherine K.Aug 20, 2021

    Blake was terrific. He shuttled us to and from the airport, and the daily rates are reasonable. I will definitely use this company again.

  • Scott A.Aug 18, 2021

    They provide great service! I will use them again.

  • Brenton M.Aug 18, 2021

    This is a awesome company. They have great service. Coachella Valley is so lucky to have this off site parking .

  • gina s.Aug 16, 2021

    I liked that I did not have to wait at any point of this experience. I am inpatient! Blake was so nice and sleepy at 5am, most important he promised not go joy riding in my minivan. The pick up was just as lovely! I will tell a friend and absolutely use your services again. Thank you, gina

  • Brian G.Aug 15, 2021

    Nick and team are awesome! Very quick to respond to both calls and texts. I will definitely be using them next time I fly and will be recommending them to friends and colleagues.

  • MaryAnn A.Aug 14, 2021

    Great car parking service! Blake, you are awesome. Very efficient, happy, and kind. My car was well taken care of. I was dropped and picked up very quickly. Really super company. I would highly recommend! Thank you for being a quality company!

  • Debra F.Aug 13, 2021

    Excellent service and price! Drop off and pick up were seamless and took less than 5 minutes.

  • Diane A.Aug 12, 2021

    Excellent service! I time drop off and pickup. Friendly staff!

  • Jennifer J.Aug 10, 2021

    Easy drop off and pick up when I returned. Blake was very helpful!

  • Daniel b.Aug 10, 2021

    Will definitely use this service from now on and recommend to all of my friends. So convenient! And the service was excellent.

  • Laura T.Aug 10, 2021

    Great experience, very easy and Blake our shuttle driver was so nice and professional.

  • Gavin M.Aug 09, 2021

    Great experience, quick pickup at the airport, can’t ask for more.

  • Annie D.Aug 09, 2021

    Amazing as always. Wouldn’t park anywhere else.

  • Eddie H.Aug 07, 2021

    Great customer service and speedy service. Highly recommended.

  • Kelly C.Aug 07, 2021

    Highly recommend auto Inn for all your parking needs! Extremely helpful and professional!

  • stan f.Aug 05, 2021

    Our driver was wonderful!! We were very satisfied.Thanks

  • Scott A.Aug 05, 2021

    Excellent Service. My flight was delayed and they had no problem with the changes. They even called me to check in.

  • Kelli M.Aug 03, 2021

    Nick was awesome. We had a super early morning flight out and a very late return. He was very easy to work with. We found this to be much easier than parking at the airport and having to haul our luggage to and from the terminal.

  • Crystal G.Aug 03, 2021

    What a great find Auto Inn was for us! Super easy online booking and payment, great customer service and timely communication when our return flight was delayed. Thank you, Auto Inn of Palm Springs!

  • Jay J.Aug 02, 2021

    Convenient. Shuttle service is quick. Shuttles are very clean. Drivers are polite, professional and helpful

  • micaela b.Aug 02, 2021

    Nick is awesome! He picks up on time and was very professional. Will definitely use this service again.

  • James J.Aug 01, 2021

    Outstanding service at a reasonable price. I will definitely use these guys again next trip!

  • marti M.Jul 31, 2021

    Their shuttle to airport was fast. But it took longer than expected to get picked up at the airport. Took at least a half hour after several texts and 1 call. I will try this service again but if I have to wait so long to get picked up again I probably won’t. Wasn’t clear about how the pick up from airport was suppose to be handled.

  • Jerilynn K.Jul 29, 2021

    Very efficient, quick transit to airport and pickup and most of all great attitude by all. Thanks - will definitely use your service again.

  • Domingo E.Jul 28, 2021

    Who the fuck is Domingo Enriquez and why am I getting this email?

  • Elizabeth E.Jul 28, 2021

    Everything was great. Reservations, parking, shuttle.

  • eric b.Jul 27, 2021

    Very accommodating. Would definitely recommend.

  • Michelle B.Jul 27, 2021

    Great experience! Nick and Blake were very professional. Truck was safe. First time to use the Auto Inn. Nick went out of his way to help me. I left an item in my bag that need to stay in my truck. Nick came back to the airport and picked it up for me. Then he placed it in my truck. Blake was very kind and awake at 1230 am when my 2 hour delayed flight finaly came in. I will definitely use Auto Inn again. Professional safe and inexpensive

  • Deborah P.Jul 27, 2021

    Blake was wonderful. I had taken the wrong way to Palm Spgs and he guided me all the way. He went above and beyond to be available to help me get to the airport on time. Blake is an exceptional employee!

  • Roberto V.Jul 26, 2021

    Easy to do, great service! Appreciate the fact that even though we came back late. We got a ride from the airport to our car. Thanks

  • Annette H.Jul 26, 2021

    The absolute best airport parking experience ever! Excellent service with some very honest, hardworking men. Would use it again in a heartbeat!

  • Michelle D.Jul 25, 2021

    My experience was excellent I would definitely recommend them

  • Lisa P.Jul 25, 2021

    Shuttle never showed up. Called customer service who assured me that shuttle would be there, waited 15 minutes past pick up time ... no shuttle. Left and parked at Palm Springs Airporr. Added stress to an already stressful travel day. Not cool.

  • Eddie H.Jul 23, 2021

    This place was great. They checked my reservation and had me on the way to the airport in no time. They gave me a card with a number to call when I returned. My wait was 5 minutes! I highly recommend!

  • Norma M.Jul 23, 2021

    Professional, friendly, responsive, made us feel like our business was much appreciated.

  • 7 P.Jul 23, 2021

    Since we don't fly often at all, we were happy to find an alternative for more reasonably priced parking for our car. We were very satisfied with the safety of the premises, and also how efficient the whole process was...including the shuttle waiting for us when we arrived at 5:00 a.m and how courteous the drivers were. We will use this parking facility again.

  • John C.Jul 22, 2021

    Neil and Blake are very professional and kind. We parked near and were transported to and from the airport in a timely manner. I’ll definitely use them again.

  • Linda B.Jul 21, 2021

    Was better than expected. The experience was so friendly and easy.

  • Robert C.Jul 21, 2021

    GREAT! Driver was courteous and on time! Will definitely use again!

  • Robert C.Jul 20, 2021

    Great experience! Driver was very courteous and picked us up very quickly on our return! Will definitely use again!

  • Andrew M.Jul 20, 2021

    It was a little difficult to figure out which building to go to when arriving! Same signs, not a horrible experience but also didn’t see any signs saying they couldn’t take our 7 month old baby in the car seat with us.

  • Roxanne G.Jul 18, 2021

    Nick was awesome He explained everything. Took care of my car shuttled us to the airport it was easy peasy. totally recommend him and use him again had peace of mind when I was on my trip.

  • Roxanne G.Jul 18, 2021

    Nick was awesome He explained everything. Took care of my car shuttled us to the airport it was easy peasy. totally recommend him and use him again had peace of mind when I was on my trip.

  • KEVIN H.Jul 16, 2021

    This was my 2nd time using this service. They were extremely personable and did not hesitate to accommodate any changes that may arise. I will definitely be using them again.

  • CJ O.Jul 16, 2021

    Friendly easy process. Very punctual shuttle service. Recommend this service very reasonable. Cant beat the service and quality.

  • CJ O.Jul 16, 2021

    Friendly easy process. Very punctual shuttle service. Recommend this service very reasonable. Cant beat the service and quality.

  • Sandra E.Jul 15, 2021

    Easy-peasy. Great service. Very prompt and courteous. We will use this company again.

  • michael s.Jul 13, 2021

    Friendly staff, easy to use and great service

  • Joy R.Jul 11, 2021

    My flight had changed and it was easy to change my reservation. I use the shuttle service and it was quick in both directions. I’m sure I’ll use this parking lot again if I go out of Palm Springs. Great service The best I’ve had in any parking area.

  • Kelly S.Jul 11, 2021

    We had a great experience! The service was very convenient and efficient. Will definitely use the next time we travel.

  • Mel M.Jul 11, 2021

    I always use The Auto Inn to park my car when I'm traveling. They're reliable, courteous and make it so easy to travel.

  • Rachelle W.Jul 10, 2021

    Great experience. Friendly, fast service. Will definitely use again!

  • James J.Jul 09, 2021

    Great service at a competitive rate! Drop off and pickup were a breeze. Will definitely be using The Auto Inn again on our next trip out of PSP!

  • Zina B.Jul 08, 2021

    I had an A+ experience! Great service!

  • Mark C.Jul 08, 2021

    Friendly staff, easy parking experience. Private shuttle (+$) was well worth it.

  • Kayla B.Jul 08, 2021

    They were so great and accommodating, will be telling everyone I know to use them!

  • John R.Jul 08, 2021

    Everything was great. Price, ease of apps. Drop off, shuttles. Pickup. This was a fantastic experience. Would recommend this service to anyone flying out of Palm Springs.

  • John R.Jul 08, 2021

    Everything was great. Price, ease of apps. Drop off, shuttles. Pickup. This was a fantastic experience. Would recommend this service to anyone flying out of Palm Springs.

  • Vincent B.Jul 08, 2021

    Everything was great. Got to airport with no delay, and pickup was also very quick.

  • Angela W.Jul 08, 2021

    Excellent customer service, not quite a very friendly demeanor. It got the job done and my car was safe. I felt bad because I extended my stay by one night and had no cash to pay for the extra night. Otherwise it was a good experience.

  • JAMES L.Jul 07, 2021

    First class operation. On time, patient, helpful. Upon return , our car was cool and in the shade with engine running and ac on. It was 112 degrees that after Price is fair/reasonable. Could not be more pleased. Dr. James Lough

  • David D.Jul 07, 2021

    The entire experience was great… I already told 3 people about your services and we’ve only been back less than 24 hours..

  • Sue C.Jul 07, 2021

    Great price and wonderful customer service I will definitely come back

  • Jaculin P.Jul 05, 2021

    Loved the prompt service, in spite of our return flight being delayed. Communication response was great and we always knew you were aware of our arrival back to PSP. Will definitely use again, if needed. Thank you!

  • carlisa m.Jul 05, 2021

    It was awesome. Simple and the driver/owner was polite.

  • ROB K.Jul 05, 2021

    Set up my car's overnight stay for a few days with Nick at the Auto Inn. Everything went perfectly. Very professional, prompt, and most of all made me feel safe and secure knowing my vehicle was in a good close-by place while I was out of town. I'd always recommend the Auto Inn to anyone who needs a great place.

  • Sherry B.Jul 01, 2021

    Clean, nice parking center. It was super convenient- Nick shuttled me to the airport a few blocks away as soon as I got there. I didn’t need a shuttle back but gave him a heads up I was coming to pick up and he had my car ready.

  • Michael G.Jun 30, 2021

    It was as expected and the shuttle was timely.

  • Rosalinda D.Jun 26, 2021

    We were happy everyone was nice we'll use again.

  • LARRY M.Jun 25, 2021

    Easy, nice folks, saved a lot, will do it again

  • Jason K.Jun 23, 2021

    Quick, easy, and nice staff. Definitely will use again when flying out of Palm Springs.

  • Jess R.Jun 20, 2021

    Great experience, so pleased with the service

  • Christina S.Jun 17, 2021

    This place is one of the deserts hidden secrets. An easy, safe, and efficient way to park your car and enjoy your trip.

  • Kenneth L.Jun 15, 2021

    Easy peasy from start to finish actually forgot to text arrival time so didn’t text till plane was on ground even then wait time was only 10-15 minutes to be picked up from airport exactly the service I needed after a flight auto inn was great TSA on other hand oh boy

  • Josh N.Jun 10, 2021

    Friendly, fast, convenient as always!

  • Paulo B.Jun 06, 2021

    Best service ever. Convenient and reliable. Nick took great care of us. We were always able to reach him on the phone to exchange flight details, pick up times and to answer any question we had. Forget browsing for other services... this is it!

  • Michael C.Jun 04, 2021

    Tried rebooking this because someone in my family ( that was traveling with us) needed to be tested for COVID the day before our flight, and therefore needed to rebook our Instapark reservation, flight, etc. Rescheduling every other aspect of our trip was relatively easy, except for Instapark. We contacted them with less than 24 hours notice due to the situation but they were not willing to help so now we’re out over $100. We will not be rebooking with them when we do officially take our trip.

  • Cody B.Jun 02, 2021

    I’ll will definitely be doing this again. Thank you

  • Anna H.Jun 02, 2021

    I worked with both Nick and Blake. Both were kind, professional, and on time. Would recommend this versus parking at the airport any day!

  • Danny G.Jun 02, 2021

    The best, professional will use every time I go to Palm Springs

  • Heidi T.Jun 01, 2021

    Quick and friendly service! Less than 5 minutes from the airport.

  • Susan H.May 27, 2021

    Convenient and great service. Arrived promptly to pick us up. Would highly recommend them.

  • ROBERTA K.May 27, 2021

    They made it so easy to leave my car with them, get to the airport in plenty of time for my flight and they picked me up two minutes after I called. I will definitely use them again and recommend them to others.

  • Bakhita N.May 26, 2021

    Wish i found out about Auto inn sooner. No stress at all and the ride to the airport is only 5mins away. The fact you're able to schedule your parking online is just convenient. This is how every business should be stress.

  • Thomas C.May 26, 2021

    The owner (who is also the shuttle driver) was the best. We will for sure park there again if we fly anywhere.

  • DAVID L.May 26, 2021

    Excellent experience. Will use again and recommend

  • Carolyn H.May 24, 2021

    Efficient and friendly service!

  • Kellen E.May 22, 2021

    The young man who brought us to the airport was really great. The man that picked me up was interesting. I called him from a payphone when I arrived because I had lost my phone and he me told me at least 4 times that I should have followed directions and texted him!? I said I dont have a phone!! Added unneeded stress. Then he questioned how i called the number, the 1st young man was nice enough to give me a business card. He then said He had to move a bunch of cars. No problem. he apologized for the wait, (was only 5 mins) and then gave me directions thankfully bc I still had no phone to access a map. I think a great service to add would be helping people with their bags in and out of the car

  • Carol D.May 21, 2021

    Everything went smooth & made my trip easy.

  • Erich Z.May 16, 2021

    Really fast pickup and drop off. Friendly staff. No waiting on the phone. Short wait at airport for pickup. And really worth the money.

  • John T.May 14, 2021

    easy in, easy out, thank you ! !

  • KEVIN H.May 14, 2021

    I received outstanding service. I will definitely use them again and I will recommend to other people in need of parking. I was beyond satisfied with my whole experience.

  • Gina H.May 12, 2021

    Very nice service. Will definitely use again. Timely pick up upon return flight too.

  • Rachael R.May 05, 2021

    Super easy to find and good prices. The driver who took me to and from the airport, Blake, was awesome too!

  • Sanjeev G.May 04, 2021

    Excellent outdoor parking and Nick and his staff were awesome. The shuttle service was great.

  • Jay J.Apr 29, 2021

    Shuttle service is quick and timely. Car was kept safe. Will use agaim.

  • Robert C.Apr 23, 2021

    Very easy experience! Nick was promoted, knowledgeable and very courteous! Will definately use this service again.

  • Marilyn B.Apr 14, 2021

    Pick up and delivery was very efficient. Thank you. Will use you again

  • Yvette T.Apr 03, 2021


  • Michael W.Mar 31, 2021

    Great experience. Driver was courteous and the shuttle to and from the airport went smoothly. We would definitely use the service again!

  • Brandy C.Mar 30, 2021

    Nick was kind, professional and quick. I was nervous since I was traveling with my daughter. It was effortless. I’m so grateful.

  • John L.Mar 30, 2021

    Great service in both directions!

  • Stan M.Mar 29, 2021

    Great to park with easy access and customer service

  • Denise R.Mar 29, 2021

    Nick was rude upon pick up.. I didn’t know which direction he needed me to lug my suitcases to be in the hidden spot he needs to obscure his business but when he pulled up he said “ get in” I looked at him like the hell? Help with my bags dude! Never again!!!!! I don’t know who seen this but very BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE AND YELP SHOULD BE THE NEXT BUYER BEWARE FEEDBACK!!!

  • Jennifer F.Mar 25, 2021

    Only a few minutes from the airport. Nick was quick to communicate and was on time.

  • Mike P.Mar 23, 2021

    “Nick” & Greg were top-shelf. We had our flight canceled @ the last minute, hours before our arrival time @ instal-park & they adjusted their schedules to accommodate us. Nick was on time as usual. Not to mention the significant savings over airport parking. Nick is always friendly, he makes you feel like his friend. Excellent service, I don’t know why anyone would go anywhere else.

  • Adin T.Mar 18, 2021

    Great service! Will use again!

  • Brian G.Mar 17, 2021

    Quick and professional service! I’ll definitely be using them again when I fly out of Palm Springs.

  • Estuardo M.Mar 17, 2021

    I liked the place and the price was fair. It is literally 3 minutes away from the airport. Mike was very helpful and responsive. I would recommend this place.

  • Allan P.Mar 16, 2021

    Affordable, close to airport and is reliable. Definitely recommend for long term parking.

  • Peter S.Mar 11, 2021

    Easy to park, quick pick up, friendly driver, We will definitely be back!

  • Gilbert D.Mar 10, 2021

    Wow...this could not have been any better than it was. Easy to find... very close to the airport...Nick was there to greet us as we parked the car. Got the bags loaded and off we went !! He gave us instructions for what to do when we return from our trip....met us there when we arrived and got our bags and off we went .....back to Auto Inn. I really recommend it to everyone...Great experience and will surely use it again. Thank you Nick

  • Kirk D.Mar 07, 2021

    Nick was incredible. On point, on time and congenial to a butthead driver that wasn’t smart enough to understand if you park on the curb, you won’t be the first one out. We will be back. Fantastic experience

  • Norman H.Mar 05, 2021

    Wonderful service. Nick was great. Just dropped the car off and they took care of the rest.

  • Liz H.Mar 04, 2021

    Nick was awesome, quick to get me to the airport, on time pick up, responds to any questions. I felt my car was in safe hands, car interior vacuumed and clean Would highly recommend and use again

  • Ayelet C.Mar 04, 2021

    Lots of confusion. Terrible staff and service. I would not recommend this to anyone.

  • Robb R.Mar 03, 2021

    Great, personal, first class service!! Nick did a great job! Will definitely use again and will tell my friends.

  • Alba C.Feb 27, 2021

    Nick was very courteous and prompt.

  • Steve T.Feb 27, 2021

    Great friendly service with clean vehicles. Nick was timely and courteous. Could not suggest any changes!

  • Eddie C.Feb 26, 2021

    What a great experience! Quick service and super convenient.

  • Vincent M.Feb 25, 2021

    Great service. Quick and efficient parking and shuttle to airport and back. Would recommend and use again.

  • Carol W.Feb 25, 2021

    Close to the airport. Prompt drop off and pick up.

  • Bruce S.Feb 18, 2021

    Facility was too notch and secure. Location is perfect. Shuttle experience was professional and friendly. Great experience.

  • Frank B.Feb 16, 2021

    Easy and much cheaper than the airport lot!!!!

  • Frank H.Feb 16, 2021

    Thank you Nick from Auto Inn. Top notch service. Great communication, prompt, friendly. The Auto Inn will be our new parking place when we travel through Palm Springs. Thanks again Nick

  • Tammy S.Feb 15, 2021

    Easy and fast service. Will use them again.

  • William R.Feb 11, 2021

    Excellent Service. Nick was prompt and courteous. Will do business with them again.

  • Joseph B.Feb 09, 2021

    The guy nick! Who I assume owns the business is super super nice! And very friendly the place is super easy to find! And super safe! I left my car there for a week and literally nothing was wrong! He also provided shuttle to the airport and gosh he had some nice cars to shuttle us in! Thank you nick for everything! 10/10 best place to park your car!!!

  • Ellen M.Feb 08, 2021

    Small personable business with secured outdoor parking lot in nice small industry neighborhood. Airport shuttle operated by business owner, who is very personable and easy to work with. Would absolutely recommend this service for anyone needing long term parking for Palm Springs airport. High quality standards are obvious.

  • Thomas M.Feb 05, 2021

    Excellent customer service. Nick was great. He was on time for pick up from PSP airport. I would recommend this place to friends and family.

  • Raymond M.Feb 03, 2021

    Very easy and well set up. Nick did a great job on departure and arrival.

  • Greg L.Jan 31, 2021

    Excellent service and Nick was fantastic.

  • Trudie H.Jan 29, 2021

    Service was prompt both arriving and departing. Nick was friendly, helpful and courteous.

  • Bret R.Jan 20, 2021

    Excellent service. We will be using this service again.

  • Gary M.Jan 05, 2021

    Everything was great We will definitely be a return costumer

  • Todd B.Jan 04, 2021

    It was efficient and friendly. Great experience.

  • Christy M.Jan 04, 2021

    Excellent experience will be a returning customer for sure.

  • Judy W.Jan 03, 2021

    Nick is amazing and super helpful. He cares about you and makes sure you get to and from where you are going safely.

  • John C.Dec 30, 2020

    Best long term parking rates and shuttle service near the Palm Springs airport, a clean and secure place to store your car while away.

  • Kathleen R.Dec 29, 2020

    They parked the car for me which was easy, received a ride to airport immediately & on return phoned & they were there in minutes! Will use them from now on when we fly out of Palm Springs!!

  • Brenda E.Dec 12, 2020

    Nick was personable, courteous & professional. Parking was a breeze & the shuttle service was easy and timely. I will always park here when flying PSP

  • Joshua N.Dec 05, 2020

    Good service. Got the wash. Truck was clean and looked great.

  • Laneea A.Dec 03, 2020

    It was an awesome experience! I will use the every time!

  • Eljon M.Dec 01, 2020

    Nick was prompt friendly and professional. Would definitely recommend his services.

  • Frances A.Dec 01, 2020

    Wonderful service. Reliable and reasonable prices.

  • Zach C.Nov 30, 2020

    Nick was great! Will definitely be back!

  • AJ R.Nov 30, 2020

    Parking with Auto Inn was a great experience. Nick was great at communicating and on time for drop off and pick up.

  • Larry R.Nov 30, 2020

    There were no issues of any kind. Highly recommended. Great communication, immediate service...

  • S K.Nov 26, 2020

    Parking at the Auto Inn was easy with almost instant shuttle departure to airport. Pickup at the end of my trip was super convenient with very quick arrival and return to pick up my vehicle. Thank you Nick for a great experience! Highly recommend!

  • Paul S.Nov 12, 2020

    Nick our transfer/parking assistant was great. Professional, Covid savy, personable. Would highly recommend.

  • Joyce H.Nov 10, 2020

    Great service, I will defiantly use it again if I ever need parking!

  • mike p.Nov 09, 2020

    Great experience will use again

  • Carley Z.Nov 08, 2020

    Call the owner directly when you make the reservation and he’ll coordinate a free ride for you as well!!! I will always use him when flying at this airport. Awesome dude

  • Kathleen H.Nov 01, 2020

    This is the PLACE. If you are looking for off airport parking this is it. Nick makes it so easy and reasonable. And he is polite and professional. Thanks again Nick

  • Eljon M.Oct 26, 2020

    Nick was prompt, speedy and very professional. Will definitely use in the future.

  • Dale B.Oct 25, 2020

    Everything went well and we would definitely use this service again!

  • Kip C.Oct 25, 2020

    Real good, a bargain! Nick was great. I'll be going here instead of the PSP airport everytime...

  • Careena C.Oct 22, 2020

    Loved it, easy, professional, kind, friendly, trustworthy and totally there for you! Thank you! I will use you again and recommend you to friends!

  • Kathleen G.Oct 21, 2020

    Customer service was excellent and Nick was the absolute professional. My husband made the arrangements after looking at alternatives and felt very comfortable with the process from start to finish. We will certainly be back during our travels and parking needs!

  • Leticia J.Oct 21, 2020

    Nick was right there to pick me up at the airport thats a +

  • Raquel M.Oct 21, 2020

    So glad I found Instapark to use, flying out of Palm Springs Airport. It was so close to the airport, like 2 minutes away. Parking was convenient , area clean & private. The shuttle to & from the airport was waiting for me when I arrived. Nick was very helpful, friendly but professional. He called the night before to confirm the reservation, then all you have to do is call him on your way back to confirm your arrival time & he was prompt. I highly recommend Instapark & will definitely use it again!

  • Mike P.Oct 20, 2020

    Nick offers an excellent alternative to airport parking saving you lots of cash & even offers indoor parking. You park @ his place & he shuttles you back & forth to PSP. We’ll use his service again!

  • Eldon Lee S.Oct 13, 2020

    Prompt pick up and return even though 5:30 a.m. on a Sunday and 9:15 p.m. on a Saturday.

  • Kathy L.Oct 12, 2020

    Great place! The owner was amazing. Perfect Airport parking experience.

  • Stephen D.Oct 07, 2020

    Excellent service and very convenient. Only issue was instapark inadvertently charged credit card twice for reservation. We should be receiving a credit soon. Thanks

  • Eric R.Oct 06, 2020

    Our reservation was for 4 am . When we arrived they were closed and no one around . We had to park at the airport and pay again there . I would not recommend

  • Madalyn H.Oct 06, 2020

    I am so thrilled I decided to park my car at the Auto Inn rather than paying for on-site airport parking! Nick was super easy to work with and get ahold of. He was there to pick me up and drop me off right on time! My flight plans changed and I needed to keep my car at the facility an extra night and there was no hassle. I'm thrilled I found this place and will continue to use them when I go out of town!

  • David A.Sep 21, 2020

    Great parking and very responsive. Used the airport shuttle, very responsive!!

  • Sandra C.Sep 21, 2020

    Great experience. Will use again.

  • Trudie H.Sep 17, 2020

    Service was good. Nick was very nice.

  • Sandra T.Sep 14, 2020

    Super convenient location and shuttle service was great.

  • Renee R.Sep 10, 2020

    Extremely convenient option for parking. I felt safe leaving my car there, and it was cheaper than parking at the airport. Not only that, but the shuttle service offered made this possibly the most painless trip to the airport of all time. I will definitely be parking at The Auto Inn next time I fly out of PSP and highly recommend it.

  • Nicole I.Sep 10, 2020

    Nick was great. I got to the airport and completely forgot my cell phone in my car. He made me feel like It was no problem at all to go back and grab it and reassured me I’d make my flight just fine. My car was completely safe for my week gone. Thank you Nick!

  • Marc L.Sep 10, 2020

    Nick, of The Auto Inn, provided us with wonderful personalized service. He was waiting for us upon our arrival back in Palm Springs airport and shuttled is to our car, which was immaculately clean after being stored for a week.

  • Dustin M.Sep 09, 2020

    Excellent experience my wife and I will be using the auto inn’s services for a long time to come

  • Jessica W.Aug 18, 2020

    Great customer service. Perfect all around.

  • Briana A.Aug 10, 2020

    Booked very last min, after business hours, to park for a few days while I flew out of town and the owner replied to me right away to assist! Super friendly! Quick! Easy! Safe! Car is on a camera monitored. Cheaper than airport parking.

  • Jill M.Aug 08, 2020

    Easy to book. Felt safe parking there.

  • Kathleen H.Aug 08, 2020

    Nick was a very personable individual. He was clean, on time and never keeps you waiting. Gets you to and from the airport promptly. The vehicle was perfect for all 5 of us and our luggage.

  • Kathleen H.Aug 08, 2020

    Nick was a very personable individual. He was clean, on time and never keeps you waiting. Gets you to and from the airport promptly. The vehicle was perfect for all 5 of us and our luggage.

  • Terry K.Aug 01, 2020

    Awesome customer service. Short ride to airport. Airline had long delay and it was no problem for instapark! We will definitely use instapark again.

  • Emma R.Aug 01, 2020

    Super convenient! Car was there to take us to airport as soon as we arrived at lot. Would definitely use again.

  • Robert H.Jul 28, 2020

    Anytime I have to go on a trip, or just need to leave the area for a while and have nowhere to park my extra vehicles, this is where I am going to go. The kind and always pleasureful Nicholas DeFazio is just awesome. I would recommend the Auto Inn to anyone looking for a share and secure place to leave their pride and joy.

  • Sanah G.Jul 14, 2020

    Great service! So happy to have parking options available near Palm Springs Airport.

  • Sarah N.Jul 05, 2020

    Convenient and easy. Great service too.

  • Drake W.Feb 11, 2020

    Parking was great and easy to get shuttle back and forth to airport

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