Lot at PSP 4777 East Ramon Road, Palm Springs, California United States 92264

Day rate: $12.00 / day

Shuttle is available from 4:30 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.

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Free + Easy Cancellations

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4777 East Ramon Road, Palm Springs, California United States 92264
Gene Autry Trail / Ramon Road

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RELEASE I/we acknowledge that by storing our vehicle at 4777 E. Ramon Road Palm Springs CA agree to release, waive, discharge, and covenant not to sue the owners, its directors, officers, employees, and agents from all liability to me, my personal representative, heirs, and next of kin for any loss, theft, damage, claim or demands therefore on account of injury to my property, whether caused by the negligence of said parties or by others.
INDEMNIFICATION. I/we agree to indemnify and save and hold harmless the owners from any loss, liability, theft, damage or cost that may incur due to storing your vehicle, upon or about the premises whether caused by the negligence of the owners or otherwise.
ACCEPTANCE OF RISK I understand that the owners do not guarantee the security of the property being stored. The owners will make every attempt to safeguard your vehicle while here and will attempt to prevent any damage or theft to vehicle, but cannot guarantee that it will not occur. Therefore, I/we agree to assume full responsibility for and risk of property damage due to the negligence of the owners and employees or otherwise while my vehicle is stored during the dates reserved and paid for.
I/we am fully aware that there are inherent risks involved with OVERNIGHT PARKING and I/We choose to assume this risks with full knowledge that said activity may be hazardous to my person or property. I/WE VOLUNTARILY ASSUME FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY RISKS OF LOSS, PROPERTY DAMAGE OR PERSONAL INJURY that may be sustained by my person, my vehicle, any of my vehicle’s contents as a result of participating in said activity including injuries sustained as a result of the negligence of RELEASEES. I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless the RELEASEES for any loss, liability, damage or costs, including court costs and attorney’s fees that may occur as a result of my participation in said activity.
I/we understand and accept the premises provided by the Releases’ “as is.” I have either inspected or been given the opportunity to inspect the premises provided by the Releases’ and knowingly and voluntarily choose to proceed with the OVERNIGHT PARKING.
My agreement is binding by choosing to park and pay for this service and is in lieu of signatures for authorization.

Shuttle is available from 4:30 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.

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How to park at this facility


  • Call 760.641.5058 to confirm shuttle time. Pull up to gate and call attendant. Shuttle is available from 4:30 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.


  • Prior to taking off and arriving in Palm Springs, text (760) 641 5058 and let us know your name, vehicle, and time of arrival. Text once you are curbside with your baggage. Shuttle is available from 4:30 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.

Services, Amenities, Features and Add-Ons

  • Round-trip Shuttle Service

To change or cancel a reservation please log in here or contact us or call us 800-851-5863

Parking location and directions

4777 East Ramon Road, Palm Springs, California United States 92264

Lot at PSP prices and rates

Daily rate
Day rate $12.00 / day Grace period: 0 hour
Round-trip Shuttle Service $10.00

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews (946)

  • Maxwell W.May 16, 2024

    Five Stars as usual! We have been parking here for several years and we have never had an issue. Super easy, affordable and convenient. When we arrive their shuttle takes us promptly the airline we are using. When we return I simply send a text massage them and with in 5 minutes the shuttle arrives and take us to our car. I don’t even consider another option.

  • Liz M.May 14, 2024

    Pickup & delivery to airport was super

  • Debbie P.May 12, 2024

    Always a pleasure to park with Blake His responsiveness and customer service is always above and beyond.

  • John C.May 03, 2024

    I’ve used this service several times. Never disappointed. Great service. Thanks

  • David S.May 02, 2024

    Great experience, fast and reliable service. Shuttle service was prompt and efficient. Did not wait more than 5 minutes. Price was very reasonable much lower than airport. Will definitely be back!!

  • Barbara F.May 02, 2024

    The convenience of being near the airport and cost were a plus. Blake was courteous and prompt in taking me to and from the airport. I will definitely park at The Lot in Palm Springs

  • John H.May 01, 2024

    Easy, convenient, and great location. Will recommend and use again.

  • Keith K.Apr 24, 2024

    Thank you for a convient and well done parking experience!

  • Linda S.Apr 23, 2024

    Blake is always prompt and helpful. We use him every time we fly.

  • Cindy J.Apr 16, 2024

    It's always a pleasurable experience working with Blake. He's friendly, timely, and easy going.

  • William C.Apr 12, 2024

    Great as usual. I use it whenever possible.

  • CHAD D.Apr 10, 2024


  • Tony C.Apr 08, 2024

    Quick shuttle service both to and from the airport. Blake is very friendly. Convenient location

  • MaryAnn A.Apr 07, 2024

    Easy access. Quick service to and from the airport. Vehicle was secure. Price was reasonable. Driver was kind. Thanks.

  • Jeanne M.Apr 05, 2024

    Excellent and fast service to and from the Palm Springs airport. Price was right, as well. As a visitor to the area the lot was a bit hard to find, but we were glad we did! Would definitely use it again and recommend it to others.

  • Alysia V.Apr 03, 2024

    So close to the airport and the owner is on time picking and dropping you off. Great service. Will use again,

  • TERRY L.Apr 02, 2024

    It was a little challenging to find but sure glad we did. Blake is amazing, so friendly and personable. His customer service and communication was above expectations. We never had trouble contacting him. No long drawn out electronic phone answering systems. He picked up his phone every time, and he is at your service within 5 minutes. We felt very comfortable leaving out car at his lot. As older travelers it was nice to find a young person who is truly helpful and respectful. We will be using his service any time we are traveling from the Palm Springs area and highly recommend his parking service.

  • Jeffery D.Mar 26, 2024

    Thank you (again great service)

  • Rae G.Mar 20, 2024

    Great service! Safe parking. Fast shuttle.

  • Candy C.Mar 20, 2024

    Parking here is always easy, affordable and efficient! People are very friendly and shuttle service is great! We will always park here when flying from Palm Springs!

  • John N.Mar 19, 2024

    Convenient location and excellent service to and from the airport.

  • Clinton G.Mar 19, 2024

    Good value. Blake was very responsive and picked me up at 4:30am no problem and also quickly adjusted when my flight landed later than expected. Would definitely use the service again.

  • heinz S.Mar 13, 2024

    everything went well , just as promised

  • Donald C.Mar 05, 2024

    Easy going and smooth process.

  • Helen D.Mar 03, 2024

    Our plane was diverted to Ontario and not only did Blake ensure we would get our car much later than expected, but he called the next morning to see how we were! Great communication and even better service and experience! Looking forward to using Instapark for future PSP travel.

  • Mark T.Mar 01, 2024

    The attendants are courteous and prompt. Location is convenient to the airport. We’ll be using this service in the future as well as recommending it to our friends.

  • Linda W.Feb 27, 2024

    Excellent service and shuttle. Thanks very much.

  • Rachel R.Feb 26, 2024

    Both Blake and José were incredibly communicative, professional and calm. Any questions I had, they were quick to respond and eager to make my customer experience smooth. They drove me to and from the airport for my weeklong trip. Total breeze. What a first time parking experience — especially because I was nervous about a new parking lot and leaving my beloved car for an extended trip. They’ve won a lifetime customer. Highly recommend.

  • Rachel R.Feb 26, 2024

    Both Blake and José were incredibly communicative, professional and calm. Any questions I had, they were quick to respond and eager to make my customer experience smooth. They drove me to and from the airport for my weeklong trip. Total breeze. What a first time parking experience — especially because I was nervous about a new parking lot and leaving my beloved car for an extended trip. They’ve won a lifetime customer. Highly recommend.

  • Philip R.Feb 25, 2024

    We are so happy we found insta park. The location was close to the airport and with easy access. Shuttle service to and from the airport was comfortable and stress free. The two men we dealt with, Blake and Jose’ were professional and friendly. This is now our Airport Parking place. Thanks guys.

  • Gerald R.Feb 20, 2024

    Your driver was prompt and courteous. An asset to your company

  • Michael F.Feb 18, 2024

    Excellent customer service. Transportation to and from the airport was fast and convenient.

  • carol l.Feb 10, 2024

    Great customer service and prompt pickup!

  • Leah G.Feb 05, 2024

    Love the service Blake gives with shuttling to the airport in a timely manner

  • Peter B.Feb 01, 2024

    I couldn't ask for a better experience. Affordable, convenient and friendly. I think this is the third time I've used Lot at PSP and always satisfied with the service.

  • Lewis L.Feb 01, 2024

    Everything was great. Close, convenient, fairly priced. Speedy delivery to airport, amazingly quick pickup. They sent text on day of return to remind me to text when i had my luggage. It was faster then looking for a spot in the crowded airport parking lot and walking to the terminal.

  • Laura M.Jan 30, 2024

    Great service. So easy no hassle

  • Maureen W.Jan 22, 2024

    super great service, on time, polite men.

  • Mirion S.Jan 21, 2024

    The service was excellent. Will definitively use again.

  • Maureen W.Jan 20, 2024

    flight was cancelled so your man picked us up so we could drive back to Yuma new flight plans are for today Jan.20/24 and return flight Jan.21/24 we were told about 6 days too use our reservations.

  • FLOYD W.Jan 16, 2024

    Excellent service. Lot could use resurfacing and more space.

  • Matthew L.Jan 10, 2024

    Very accommodating and friendly. Would use them again.

  • David C.Jan 07, 2024

    Very close to airport and drop off and pickup were spot on.

  • Lisa P.Jan 06, 2024

    Great location, easy drop off and shuttle to and from the airport

  • Lynne M.Jan 04, 2024

    Excellent service as always! The place to park when leaving from PSP!!

  • Greg S.Jan 03, 2024

    At first sight, the lot looked a little sketchy but it turned out great. The guys who worked there were very nice with quite prompt service. Would definitely use it again.

  • Jennifer F.Jan 02, 2024

    This was our 2nd time using them and he is great! He's friendly, helpful, and reliable. It's only a few minutes from the airport.

  • Candy C.Dec 31, 2023

    Great service, easy to find, fair price! We will recommend Instapark to our friends!

  • Rick U.Dec 31, 2023

    Great shuttle service and location. Jose was the best. Very well organized and prompt. My wait time was less that 5 minutes. Will definitely use this service again. Thanks Rick

  • Armando S.Dec 31, 2023

    Thank im really grateful for your service happy new year

  • Rick U.Dec 30, 2023

    Excellent service everything was just as I was told and Jose offered service above and beyond what I expected . Great Experience

  • Barbara S.Dec 29, 2023

    Great service at both drop off and pick up. Would certainly recommend this lot in Palm Springs.

  • Dennis D.Dec 29, 2023

    Attendant was very prompt and personable

  • ANITA P.Dec 27, 2023

    Very friendly and very reliable!

  • Maura F.Dec 27, 2023

    Very nice secure lot. Blake is extremely professional and engaging . This was my second time using lot

  • Michael L.Dec 11, 2023

    nice service prompt and on time will use again

  • Kim T.Dec 05, 2023

    This has been my third time parking at Lot at PSP. Each time has been a great experience. The vehicle has been safe and the shuttle service to and from the airport has worked out perfectly. I will use Lot at PSP for my next trip out of Palm Springs airport. They provide great service!

  • Cheryl S.Dec 05, 2023

    Quick, easy, safe parking lot. Doesn’t look like much but we’ve parked here twice and never had a problem. Fast pick up/drop off both times.

  • Michelle S.Nov 25, 2023

    Jose was on time and friendly. I have used this service several times and I have never had a problem.

  • Marci W.Nov 20, 2023

    Everything was great! Couldn't have asked for a better experience. Thanks!

  • Kevin T.Nov 18, 2023

    The service we received from Blake was A+. Everything went very smoothly.

  • Ariel P.Nov 15, 2023

    Great experience! Blake was courteous and attentive! Definitely using his services again and recommending!

  • Jessica W.Nov 08, 2023

    Amazing service! Have parked here before and will continue to do so. Responsive shuttle service and secure location for my vehicle.

  • Jess R.Nov 08, 2023

    A-1 experience. The only way to go at Palm Springs airport. Thanks so much.

  • Otis S.Nov 07, 2023

    Will continue using their services from this point forward

  • Maxwell W.Nov 05, 2023

    Love this place! We use them every time we fly. Great service, affordable and reliable! We will continue to park with them.

  • Charles R.Oct 30, 2023

    Dropping/pick up of vehicle simple, and shuttle to/from airport timely and polite. I highly recommend this outfit.

  • Donna G.Oct 23, 2023

    Great timely and friendly service.

  • John O.Oct 17, 2023

    Great service and very professional. Shuttled to the airport Quickly at 4:45 am to catch my flight. Upon my return, Blake picked me up and within 10 minutes I was in my car heading home. 5 Star Service!

  • Debbie T.Oct 09, 2023

    Always reliable and very responsive.

  • Rae G.Oct 08, 2023

    Easy parking. Safe lot. Great shuttle!!

  • Diane P.Oct 05, 2023

    Appreciate the friendly service! :-)

  • Raja C.Oct 05, 2023

    friendly service and responsive to calls

  • Catherine S.Sep 26, 2023

    Love the Lot at PSP! Always goes smoothly, never any issues.

  • Kimberly C.Sep 14, 2023

    Fast quick service every time!!

  • Cindy M.Sep 13, 2023

    Very quick for pick up and drop off

  • Nancy H.Aug 29, 2023

    Everything was timely, friendly and pleasant. Would use them again.

  • Debbie T.Aug 28, 2023

    Staff is friendly and very accommodating. We are always dropped off and picked up at the airport quickly making the start and end of our journey easy.

  • Gloria C.Aug 22, 2023

    best spot, will def be coming back thank you!

  • Kathryn P.Aug 09, 2023

    The shuttle was fast and very friendly

  • Fred P.Aug 08, 2023

    The experience was as expected. Will use them again.

  • Airik A.Jul 31, 2023

    Great place to park if you’re flying from Palm Springs. Super friendly staff and great shuttle service. Cannot recommend enough!

  • David W.Jul 31, 2023

    Awesome experience every time. Excellent customer service.

  • Denise D.Jul 30, 2023

    we have used them several times. they are always helpful, even went back and got my cell phone from our car and brought it back to us before the plane took off. Very Nice young men

  • Lynne Ellen H.Jul 28, 2023

    Good service from nice people.

  • Thomas C.Jul 23, 2023

    Very personalized service! Went over above and beyond! Will definitely use them when I fly from Palm Springs, going anywhere! Great experience!!!

  • Luke C.Jul 23, 2023

    Easy access, great communication, great shuttle service.

  • Diana P.Jul 21, 2023

    Hello- hope Jose is ok. The taxi guy charged me 18.50 to get from airport to lot. Hope you can credit the credit card. Thanks

  • Gary S.Jul 21, 2023

    I didn't travel july 12th , so didn't use parking.

  • Kimberly T.Jul 18, 2023

    Parking was close to the airport. Shuttle was great. Ready and waiting to take us to the airport. Will use next trip!

  • Nathaniel F.Jul 18, 2023

    The experience I had was far beyond great from start to finish. It's not often that you find a place where customer service is a high priority but at the Lot at PSP, it is. They took the stress out of me figuring out what I was going to do with my car while I was on a two week trip. Driving was going to be my only way to get myself to the airport, and with that came the challenge if figuring out what i was going to do with my car once I got there. I found the Lot at PSP from an online search. My return flight was significantly delayed and they went out of their way to accommodate me when I finally arrived after midnight.

  • Heather C.Jul 15, 2023

    Easy, affordable, safe, nice owner and employees

  • Brittany V.Jul 11, 2023

    This was our first time flying out of Palm Springs and I was surprised to see so few parking areas away from the airport. However, seeing how small the airport is, it made sense later. The Lot at PSP was awesome and we will absolutely use them again in the future. Jose was ready for us when we arrived and took us to the airport. Blake, the owner, picked us up when we returned. Our vehicle was safe and drivers were personable and helpful AND we saved money by parking with them. Definitely recommend this company.

  • Darrel A.Jul 11, 2023

    Easy to book, shuttle drivers were very nice, easy to contact and very timely.

  • William C.Jul 09, 2023

    Good people, good service, good price.

  • Maura F.Jul 06, 2023

    Great location. Great curb to curb service . Would definitely use again

  • Kimberly C.Jun 27, 2023

    Always kind and courteous!!! Also never keeps us waiting

  • Edgar P.Jun 24, 2023

    Service and timing were excellent

  • Long D.Jun 23, 2023

    Great experience from beginning to end. Perfect location to leave and pick up vehicle. Prompt shuttle service both ways.

  • Manjit T.Jun 23, 2023

    Everything was great. Great service. Staff was very helpful and friendly.

  • Anthony H.Jun 21, 2023

    Super easy and so much cheaper than at the airport. Still super close with a free shuttle. Just make a reservation ahead of time online.

  • Careena C.Jun 17, 2023

    Parking at the Lot is so easy and makes my travel stress free. The ride to the airport is only minutes away. Blake, who runs the Lot, picks you up at the airport within 5 minutes or so after you send a text letting them know you have your luggage and are at the curb. I totally trust the people here at the Lot. Blake is very kind and helpful.

  • Richard B.Jun 13, 2023

    Great place to leave my car near the airport. Wonderful employees. Will definitely use this service again.

  • Helen M.Jun 07, 2023

    We liked it after we found it, finally! Your business needs better signage !! It's very difficult to find the location. luckily for us we knew that Ramon Rd. is located near the Palm Springs airport. But it took us about 30min. at least. to find it! You shouldn't count on everybody knowing how to use a GPS ! We're Sr. citizens and had to ask several times for directions from strangers, who were not helpful at all! Used up a lot of time and gas trying to find Insta-Park but once we did find it, JOSE was very pleasant and professional.

  • Don K.Jun 01, 2023

    They are very dependable and returned calls and text messages in a timely manner.

  • Victor K.May 31, 2023

    convenient, economical, genuinely considerate and professional service

  • Donald L.May 31, 2023

    excellent shuttle service, reasonable price, friendly people

  • Donna V.May 28, 2023

    Great parking and great shuttle service. The guys are great!

  • Terry R.May 25, 2023

    Conivenience is very important to me; and the Lot meets it

  • Tammy E.May 24, 2023

    This is my third time using PSP. My experience was wonderful as usual. Staff is always friendly and super helpful. Very prompt and informative with updates on pick ups etc. Will definitely use you again in the near future.

  • Tammy E.May 24, 2023

    This is my third time using PSP. My experience was wonderful as usual. Staff is always friendly and super helpful. Very prompt and informative with updates on pick ups etc. Will definitely use you again in the near future.

  • Debra D.May 24, 2023

    Friendly and on time picking us up

  • Debra D.May 22, 2023

    Friendly and prompt. We have a 6:00am flight coming up and are wondering if we will get to airport in time since you’re not open until 4:30am

  • Rebecca B.May 22, 2023

    Very smooth experience. The staff very understanding and professional. Will use again

  • Bonnie W.May 22, 2023

    Great parking and great people

  • marcia t.May 22, 2023

    The experience was seamless. Parked and was immediately shuttled to the airport. Upon arriving at the end of our trip we called and they came in a timely fashion and whisked us back to our car. Would definitely use your lot again and recommend it to my friends.

  • Marjorie B.May 21, 2023

    Drivers were professional and nice!! I would definitely use again !

  • Careena C.May 17, 2023

    I love parking here. So easy and they care at this lot and go the extra mile!

  • Amber T.May 16, 2023

    Such an easy service to use. The location was very close to the airport. I like how they were able to shuttle me there and back. I would highly recommend this parking lot for travelers!

  • Elizabeth D.May 14, 2023

    Convenient easy location, would definitely recommend &use again

  • Dale B.May 13, 2023

    The price and distance from airport

  • Robert H.May 12, 2023

    Jose did an excellent job of picking me up and dropping me off!!

  • Martin M.May 11, 2023

    The driver picked me up at 430 am just as I was parking and dropped me off at the airport well in time for my flight. Then upon return I called when once I had my bags and the driver showed up within 10 minutes and I was in my car within 15 minutes. I was very impressed with the service, my car was safe and the driver was friendly and personal. Thanks for the great service. I will be parking here again.

  • Michael M.May 10, 2023

    Service was great! I had a little issue in finding this location

  • Nancy L.May 08, 2023

    Our first time to use this parking service. It was an excellent experience. We will use them again!

  • Frank G.May 04, 2023

    Very satisfied with the service. Parking lot very busy but shuttle to and from the airport was prompt and the drivers were very courteous.

  • BILL A.May 02, 2023

    Professional, prompt, courteous and reasonably priced

  • BILL A.May 02, 2023

    Professional, prompt, courteous and reasonably priced

  • Daniel B.May 01, 2023

    Great service. Easy and efficient and professional.

  • Darryl C.Apr 30, 2023

    Everything went very well. However, the lot needs a larger, more visible sign. I went by the entry twice and missed seeing the small sign showing the entrance.

  • Jolynne M.Apr 28, 2023

    Effortless, no hassle parking with curbside pickup

  • Mike D.Apr 26, 2023

    Parking at The Lot at PSP was awesome. Blake was there very early in the morning (5:15am) to take us to the airport. He picked us up within 5 minutes of getting our bags when we returned. This lot is only a couple minutes from the airport. Blake is an amazing guy and I will use this lot for future trips without hesitation. I would highly recommend it.

  • Brandon L.Apr 26, 2023

    Simple and easy! Was in a pinch to find secure parking and PSP did the job!

  • Milton B.Apr 25, 2023

    all went well drop off and pickup

  • Todd D.Apr 25, 2023

    Great service!! Would use again.

  • Charles T.Apr 24, 2023

    I arrived and left for the airport almost immediately, no long wait. And picked up upon return quickly. Both drivers were friendly and pleasant.

  • Sandra O.Apr 23, 2023

    Perfect experience. Great guys!

  • Susan C.Apr 22, 2023

    Was great with shuttle to and from the airport. Have recommended you to others also.

  • William C.Apr 20, 2023

    Always professional. Always quick service.

  • Linda S.Apr 19, 2023

    Blake and Jose are so reliable!

  • Robert L.Apr 17, 2023

    This was a good experience and I will recommend this lot in the future.

  • Laura O.Apr 16, 2023

    Great service & prompt pick up. I learned they are not open 24 hours. It did not affect me but it might have if I took the later flight.

  • Charles R.Apr 15, 2023

    Timely shuttle service, adequate parking very close to PSP, and nice folks doing the work.

  • ariel h.Apr 14, 2023

    9th time parking here . Always easy and efficient . 5 minute shuttle ride to Palm Springs airport

  • Lynn E.Apr 09, 2023

    Super easy to park, and great location. This is an older lot, but this was not a problem for me. They are located across the street from PSP airport. I arrived a little earlier then schedule so I called the driver who was making a drop off at the airport and within two minutes he was on the lot to pick me up. When I returned a week later. I contacted them after I had my luggage and the driver came right over. It was easy peasy and I would not hesitate to use this lot again.

  • Robin c.Apr 07, 2023

    Recomendado great service place is really close to airport

  • Susan P.Apr 07, 2023

    Booked our parking spot based on comments we read here. We weren't disappointed. They lot is very close to the airport and any text updates we sent to the office were answered within 2 minutes. Definitely our go-to parking lot in Palm Springs.

  • WILLIAM E.Apr 07, 2023

    Great service, nice people, will use again.

  • James M.Apr 06, 2023

    The lot is down a little driveway/alleyway and it is located at the backside of a building. We weren’t sure at first if we were in the right spot. However, the shuttle guy came right out as soon as he heard us coming down the driveway and assured us. He was super friendly and even knew the name on the reservation. The shuttle got us to and from the airport quickly! I would use them again.

  • Emma W.Apr 05, 2023

    We had a very good experience. The location is very close to the airport. For a very small fee they shuttle you to and from the airport. They communicate through text and are very quick to respond.

  • Cathleen C.Apr 03, 2023

    As always, these guys are really great! very responsive, and I have never had a long wait at the terminal. Thanks.

  • Terry R.Mar 31, 2023

    It was quick and easy, The staff were helpful and friendly.

  • Tracy P.Mar 30, 2023

    The staff was professional and kind . Assured my vehicle would be safe which it was fore the enire 4 weeks.

  • Trent R.Mar 28, 2023

    Safe parking lot VERY near the airport, driver picked us up/dropped us off in clean van, prompt, professional, great communication. Would definitely use again. Thank you!

  • Trent R.Mar 28, 2023

    Safe parking lot VERY near the airport, shuttle picked us up/dropped us off in clean van, professional, easy, great communication, would definitely use again. Thank you!

  • Martin L.Mar 27, 2023

    Great experience A+ Simple and easy, Blake made things easy Shuttle time in and out was quick and easy Highly recommend

  • Gene S.Mar 14, 2023

    Both arrival and departure were great. Both attendants were courteous and reliable!

  • Mark H.Mar 12, 2023

    Prompt and friendly service. Will be using again.

  • Douglas M.Mar 08, 2023

    Friendly, helpful service (5-star), easy check-in (5-star) and the airport shuttle was prompt and stress free (5-star). The only reason that the overall score is 4-stars is because the signage was, in my opinion, really inadequate and made the location difficult to find. Especially in our case: we arrived in early morning darkness in the pouring rain.

  • Ariel H.Mar 07, 2023

    Lowest rate by the airport! Quick and friendly shuttle service.

  • Cathleen C.Mar 07, 2023

    The fellows who run this facility are terrific! Really personable and always responsive and on time. I highly recommend.

  • Juan T.Feb 25, 2023

    We parked our car at 4:45 am and no one was there. Called the number and no one answered, could see light on garage open, shuttle car was there, heard phone ringing, but no one around. So we took an Uber $15. Didn't even try to take shuttle on way back, Uber cost $29. We went to pick up car, saw a guy milling about, didn't check reservation, didn't ask on the way out. Close to the airport about 1.25 Miles if you want to walk. Lot is small but there was a spot. Sort of self serve. Lot is lit at night.

  • Brian T.Feb 21, 2023

    Always use this lot, never been disappointed.

  • Eric V.Feb 21, 2023

    Guys were great! They took us to the airport immediately and picked us up within 5 minutes of calling them.

  • Richard E.Feb 20, 2023

    It was a little hard to find, but when I did the parking area was safe. The ride to the airport is less than 5 minutes. My flight was delayed sitting on the runway in Palm Springs. I called the company and let them know what was going on. They told me to give them a call when I was ready. I called as I was walking out the door and they were there in less than 5 minutes. I will definitely be using them on all of my travel needs through Palm Springs.

  • Linda W.Feb 16, 2023

    After missing the drive the first time, another time around the block, parked and waited a couple of minutes for the driver to go to PSP. No problem getting to airport... waited for a few minutes upon return for pick up. Not really inconvenienced at all. Car in good condition... drove away happy campers! Yes... We will stay here again!!! Good and dependable service, and drivers were personable and courteous.

  • James T.Feb 15, 2023

    We truly appreciate your support and your efforts in making sure passengers are safe and secure. We are very happy with your company and your hard work

  • Donald J.Feb 14, 2023

    These guys are great! So easy to use. Don’t have to drive around looking for an empty spot. They drop you off and pick you up. Can’t ask for more.

  • Bruce M.Feb 12, 2023

    Worked out excellently-close to airport-5 minutes and staff were efficient when dropping us off and pick up

  • Vince D.Feb 12, 2023

    Parking was good. Shuttle was excellent.

  • Yader C.Feb 08, 2023

    Staff was great courteous and on time. I would recommend to my friends and co-workers.

  • Randi W.Feb 06, 2023

    Used this for the first time last weekend. Everything went smoothly the parking, shuttle and drop off. As well, arrival pick up happened quickly. Would use it again.

  • Steve W.Feb 04, 2023

    I was unable to return and Blake was fantastic in helping me make arrangements for getting my car shipped.

  • Sharon K.Feb 03, 2023

    We get to the airport in 5 minutes. Blake is great

  • Susan S.Feb 02, 2023

    Lot was conveniently close to the airport, and the shuttle service was quick. Drivers were friendly and dependable. We’ll definitely use this parking service again!

  • Judy N.Feb 01, 2023

    All was great but I’m getting fed up with having to write a review for every single thing I do these days!!! It’s becoming a full time job.

  • Graehm W.Feb 01, 2023

    Pleasant and quick drop off and pick up.

  • Larraine M.Jan 30, 2023

    A great experience! Courtious, friendly and timely drop off and pick up. Felt completely safe and secure with both the men I met. Will recommend highly to my friends and family. Thank you, what a great and comfortable trip I had knowing my car was in good and caring hands.

  • Cathleen C.Jan 30, 2023

    Great service! These guys are really responsive, and always on time.

  • Paula C.Jan 28, 2023

    I had guests staying at my home. I told them where to park the car so that I could pick it up when I arrived. Their experience was great as was mine. I have used this service several times and have not been disappointed.

  • Cheryl R.Jan 25, 2023

    Prompt and on time I would use them again

  • Jenna A.Jan 24, 2023

    Very great experience. Jose was awesome and was excellent when it came to shuttling us to and from the airport. Will recommend to others!

  • Kathrine F.Jan 24, 2023

    Everything worked well from reservation through to pickup at airport upon return. Thank you for being there!

  • Nancy J.Jan 23, 2023

    They did everything they said they would. Very Satisfied.

  • Janet K.Jan 22, 2023

    I appreciated Scott calling me when there was a strange issue with my reservation. He had it resolved within a few hours. When I showed up on my original reservation time, Sebit (sp.) got us to the airport with no problems. I felt more secure parking my car in their lot rather than at the airport's parking. The procedure for pickup when we returned was simple and the wait was minimal. I will use their services again on future trips out of PSP.

  • Kimberly C.Jan 22, 2023

    As always a ten! Fast and polite!!

  • Don W.Jan 22, 2023

    friendly service and a fenced off parking lot just outside the airport. Will use again.

  • Debbie A.Jan 20, 2023

    Easy to use and fast response times.

  • Randall C.Jan 18, 2023

    Great service from Blake and Jose.

  • Susan C.Jan 18, 2023

    Not worried about car,leaving it in the lot. Josh the driver helpful letting me know area I usually take was closed and told me a route to take back to the freeway when I returned.

  • Diane W.Jan 16, 2023

    Easy access to the airport. Shuttle service to and from the airport was excellent.

  • Gladys B.Jan 15, 2023

    Friendly accommodating young staff.

  • Kristina P.Jan 14, 2023

    Efficient and friendly as always! Thanks guys!

  • Lucas G.Jan 11, 2023

    Awesome!! They guys were very nice, helped me a lot!!

  • Joyce H.Jan 11, 2023

    always a great ride to and from my car!

  • David P.Jan 09, 2023

    What a great experience parking, never easier.

  • John H.Jan 09, 2023

    Friendly, efficient service. We will use again.

  • JASON F.Jan 09, 2023

    Great place to park and wonderful shuttle service. Signage could be a little better for first time users.

  • Gail W.Jan 06, 2023

    Super service! Highly recommend@

  • Robert T.Jan 05, 2023

    Friendly and prompt drop off and pickup.

  • Brian S.Jan 04, 2023

    Had a great experience. Guys were courteous and prompt. Even washed our vehicle before we picked it up. Definitely recommend them.

  • Jennifer F.Jan 03, 2023

    Blake was friendly and communicated with us right away. His lot is about 2-3min. from the airport so it was nice and fast.

  • Dori C.Jan 03, 2023

    Blake was a pleasure to work with. Our return flight to PSP was delayed and Blake was in constant correspondence assuring us that he would be there to pick us up whenever we arrived.

  • Eddie N.Jan 02, 2023

    Couldn’t find the lot, and when I called I had a voice mail to ask me to have them call me back. By the time I would have missed my flight, so I used the overflow lot.

  • William C.Jan 01, 2023

    This parking facility and it’s associates are always terrific!

  • Donna C.Jan 01, 2023

    Close to the airport. Very good for long term parking or short stay.

  • Karen S.Dec 31, 2022

    Great service, friendly drivers. Very convenient

  • Jim S.Dec 31, 2022

    Biggest concern is finding your location. The signage is poor. The signs do not say it is insta park plus the address should also be on the signs.

  • Nancy D.Dec 30, 2022

    Super friendly and convenient. Blake and Jose were very quick and attentive. I will definitely use their service again.

  • Barbara S.Dec 30, 2022

    Good service with friendly and efficient staff. Close to airport at PSP.

  • Ann W.Dec 29, 2022

    Great safe place for my car. Person in charge was personable and prompt. Parking is close to the airport and drop off and pick up went smoothly. I’ll definitely use this lot again.

  • Randy G.Dec 29, 2022

    Great service. Got lost and rep helped me find my way. Very close to the airport. Return trip pick up was very quick after my arrival. I would definitely use this service again.

  • Susan O.Dec 28, 2022

    Small lot, great service. We had a rock hit our window and made a large chip in it on the way to the airport. Blake took care of getting it fixed for us by the time we got back. Shuttle service was immediate. We will definitely park here again.

  • Nancy R.Dec 28, 2022

    Great people, good price point

  • Gary D.Dec 22, 2022

    Great easy park and go and pick up

  • mike r.Dec 19, 2022

    Great place to park our car, appreciate the great service.

  • Mike B.Dec 19, 2022

    Great company with friendly drivers who were prompt & on time. Highly recommended

  • Edward M.Dec 17, 2022

    Lots of parking space Blake was very presentable and polite. Conversed on the shuttle to the airport and the shuttle was clean. On my return he was prompt to pick me up. I will park there again and would recommend Blake to anyone. Parking rate was fair and included shuttle service.

  • WAYNE P.Dec 14, 2022

    Very efficient, will definitely use again. Blake and his Dad know what they are doing.

  • Thomas R.Dec 14, 2022

    The lot was very hard to find. No name out front. Very tiny lot with poor surface.

  • Dioni M.Dec 12, 2022

    As always, very easy, great customer service, we're always on time and picked up on time and friendly service.

  • John O.Dec 08, 2022

    Great customer service, I have been recommending it to our friends.

  • Ross N.Dec 06, 2022

    Very easy to park and pick up at the airport was very good and fast! Will use them again when I need to park at the Palm Springs Airport.

  • Terry W.Dec 05, 2022

    Everything went exactly as promised. Can't expect more than that !

  • VAHID B.Dec 04, 2022

    Service was great, we texted the driver with our arrival time, and he was there within 5mins. after we recovered our luggage.

  • Sonal M.Dec 01, 2022

    It was very easy and out shuttle Driver was very responsive. He helped with the bags and was very kind and thoughtful. I would definitely use this service again!

  • Megan M.Nov 30, 2022

    Greatest airport parking experience! Blake was so hospitable and worked around our flight delays, was super communicative and friendly! I felt very comfortable leaving my car there and will recommend to all! We will be back again!

  • Maryanne M.Nov 30, 2022

    Friendly staff, quick drop off and pick up. Would definitely use again

  • Eleanor S.Nov 30, 2022

    Great service. We will use this parking lot again.

  • Lindsay B.Nov 29, 2022

    Wonderful and trustworthy service. Will definitely use again.

  • Miranda K.Nov 29, 2022

    This was literally the easiest and friendly airport parking experience I’ve ever had. I’ve saved the card for the next time we fly!

  • Adam T.Nov 29, 2022

    It was great and the attendant who met me is very accommodating and friendly.No need to worry about the parking because it safe and secured.

  • Farhan Q.Nov 28, 2022

    It was great experience and Blake was a great person. Everything was well organized and reached on time. Very cool guy and very professional. Trust me i am a happy customer and chose the right parking.

  • Kristil C.Nov 28, 2022

    Great tucked away spot close to the airport with personal shuttle service. Always answered on the first call. Friendly and safe.

  • Tom P.Nov 28, 2022

    Blake and his team are awesome! Lot is 5 minutes from airport, dropped off and picked up immediately. Will definitely use again!

  • Anthony T.Nov 28, 2022

    Great location and great customer service. I highly recommend

  • Robert B.Nov 22, 2022

    A sign on the building or door with your business name and hours would be helpful. Perhaps a phone number for when the office is closed.

  • Jerome P.Nov 16, 2022

    Great experience and very helpful people!

  • Scott S.Nov 16, 2022

    The lot is so easy and convenient. Glad I found them!

  • Gabriel R.Nov 15, 2022

    Parking was close to the airport… friendly shuttle driver and prompt service. Will definitely use them again.

  • Sally R.Nov 15, 2022

    Blake was very polite, provided great service and we will definitely recommend Him.

  • Sally R.Nov 14, 2022

    Blake is very polite and accommodating.

  • Sommer A.Nov 08, 2022

    Great service!!!!! If I ever fly out of Palm Springs I’ll definitely park here again

  • Gilbert L.Nov 08, 2022

    I found this website on a whim. So glad I did! Easy to use website and location was easy to find. The price was decent and so close to airport. Blake was the shuttle and was so professional. I do recommend and also will use again. Palm Springs airport is so convenient at moment. Thank you Blake!

  • Schuyler D.Nov 08, 2022

    Blake and his team offer a great service and peace of mind. Highly recommend.

  • Wayne P.Nov 05, 2022

    Blake was great. I wasn’t sure if I had made the right decision about using off site parking but he was there on both ends of my my trip, 4:30 am and 9:36 pm. I will definitely use him again. Don’t worry, he will be there.

  • Patrick B.Oct 31, 2022

    Lot at PSP is the best! Ive used them numerous times and they are always prompt, helpful, and super friendly.

  • Jack H.Oct 26, 2022

    Coming from the west on I-10 easy to find, the attendant was courteous, service was great. Return flight, called the lot and was picked up in less than ten minutes. Would use them again.

  • Melanie A.Oct 25, 2022

    What a wonderful experience! Easy drop off. He loaded my luggage, a short drive to the ticketing door, ! Friendly , courteous. I texted my return info and they were right there. I will definitely be back.

  • Lorelei G.Oct 25, 2022

    The parking attendant who handled our shuttling to and from the airport was excellent. Only suggestion is to get a sign out front. I had a little trouble finding the lot in the dark.

  • ariel h.Oct 25, 2022

    Quick and easy parking . A+ Shuttle service to and from airport

  • Robert M.Oct 24, 2022

    Ride to and from airport to the lot was prompt

  • Richard R.Oct 24, 2022

    Great service! Thank you Blake!

  • Eric H.Oct 23, 2022

    Great staff, very helpful, parking lot could be improved with marked bays but other wise good

  • Marilyn H.Oct 20, 2022

    The experience was good even though it was difficult to find at 5am, not well marked. Given that, they took us immediately to the airport ti the airport snd we’re very prompt picking us up upon our arrival back. We eojlx use them again.

  • William C.Oct 19, 2022

    I will use this lot whenever I fly out of Palm Springs.

  • Esther S.Oct 18, 2022

    Used this parking lot in Palm Springs. Great location - very close to the airport. Staff was there when I got there (even though I was a little late), drove me to the airport and picked me up when I got back from my trip. Great Service.

  • Leigh W.Oct 18, 2022

    Great experience. Very easy, and customer service was the best!

  • Barbara H.Oct 16, 2022

    This was my first time here, and I was completely happy with it. Lot was easy to find, and I was promptly taken to the airport and promptly picked up curbside when I returned. Highly recommend, and will use this when I fly out of Palm Springs again.

  • Steven B.Oct 16, 2022

    Everything went great. You have a good partner in Palm Springs.

  • Sharon K.Oct 15, 2022

    Very convenient. Blake is terrific

  • Debi P.Oct 13, 2022

    Very convenient and efficient process and polite friendly drivers. The only drawback was the lot was difficult to find the first time.

  • Mary B. W.Oct 13, 2022

    The entire parking experience was easy. I will recommend The Lot to others who are traveling out of Palm Springs. It’s so much easier and less crowded than going into San Diego!

  • Phyllis E.Oct 12, 2022

    Blake was very nice I was taken to the airport and picked up immediately.

  • Jennifer V.Oct 11, 2022

    Great customer service and very convenient!

  • Mario B.Oct 11, 2022

    good communication and location! will do again!

  • vinod k.Oct 11, 2022

    Great experience, Nice place and friendly staff. Highly recommend.

  • Ginger C.Oct 10, 2022

    The LOT at PSP is always the BEST!

  • Barbara M.Oct 06, 2022

    It went better than I had expected. The door-to-door (so to speak) service was very smooth and quick, with no "Q code" to fumble with. The drivers were pleasant and prompt. Once we found the address to park we were good.

  • Debra C.Oct 05, 2022

    Convenient and close to the airport. Staff responds quickly and professionally.

  • Don L.Oct 04, 2022

    Excellent experience. Jose was outstanding and we definitely will use this facility the next time we travel

  • Troy M.Oct 02, 2022

    Was easy and on time. Delivered exactly what they promised.will use again

  • Huw J.Oct 02, 2022

    Great service, will definitely be using again

  • Daniel M.Sep 29, 2022

    We loved the service very much!

  • Nancy E.Sep 28, 2022

    Easy… Shuttle service was fast and drivers were friendly!

  • Carlos M.Sep 27, 2022

    Location was very convenient and shuttle service was great. Would highly recommend!

  • Diane P.Sep 25, 2022

    Parking is close to the airport. It's nice to leave my car in safe hands. Then return with a friendly face giving me a ride from the airport back to pickup my car.

  • Tracy S.Sep 25, 2022

    Parking lot was located just a few minutes from the airport. The shuttle was fast and the staff was great. Highly recommend!

  • Lawrence K.Sep 24, 2022

    Highly recommended, extremely flexible when airlines miss their target arrival times.

  • Joseph A.Sep 22, 2022

    Super easy, convenient and inexpensive!! Oh friendly service too :)

  • Heather T.Sep 22, 2022

    Friendly, Fast and affordable parking. What's not to love!

  • Veola T.Sep 19, 2022

    1st time parking here. Perfect location from the airport. 2 nights. Staff was super friendly and prompt! Shuttle to and from airport!! I'll keep my car here everytime!!

  • Debra S.Sep 19, 2022

    Fast and easy, great experience

  • Thad D.Sep 19, 2022

    The attendent couldn't have been more professional. He was kind and had a good sense of humor. The singage for the location s HORRIBLE, the singage must be lit at night..buy a solar powered sign, I am sure that is within city codes..the owner of the property should assist.TD

  • Danny G.Sep 18, 2022

    Blake Bradley delivered and later picked us up! Very Professional and a great driver. I will use the service again! Thanks!

  • Donna L.Sep 18, 2022

    Great service to and from airport and less expensive than airport parking.

  • Phillip M.Sep 17, 2022

    I was skeptical at first but everything was so easy to follow instructions staff were very professional and dependable. I WILL use their service again and recommend it to all my family and friends.

  • Earl D.Sep 17, 2022

    Every phase of the parking and shuttle was just as advertised. On time, courteous. Great experience.

  • Suraj S.Sep 16, 2022

    Very nice experience . Pick up And drop off was a breeze

  • Alexandra C.Sep 16, 2022

    So glad I found this lot, it made getting to and from the airport so easy. Felt secure leaving my car there and they are very responsive. Highly recommend :)

  • Matthew J.Sep 16, 2022

    Easy, convenient parking and the employees are nice, efficient and friendly!

  • Janice T.Sep 14, 2022

    It was easy, friendly, convenient, and reasonably priced.

  • Terry R.Sep 12, 2022

    You went beyond my expectations. You were patient with me; even with adding an extra day of parking, because of my airline delay.

  • Luz E.Sep 10, 2022

    Excellent, first time user. Fast service. I was surprised when received text confirming my return. Both drivers were friendly. I will definitely be using your company any time I fly from Palm Springs. Thank you!

  • Brian T.Sep 09, 2022

    None better. Blake and Jose will take care of you.

  • Sara W.Sep 09, 2022

    Very friendly and helpful drivers. And prompt.

  • Josie C.Sep 07, 2022

    Super easy and quick! Thank you so much!

  • Mark C.Sep 07, 2022

    Great service by all, really prompt drop off and pickup, with easy communication and coordination. I used to avoid flying through Palm Springs due to high costs of parking, I look forward to coming back and parking with you guys again.

  • Gloria C.Sep 07, 2022

    Will def use again and spread the word! Thank you!

  • William C.Sep 07, 2022

    Great people. Bit if a wait (15 min) for the shuttle on our return flight, but it was Labor day weekend. I've waited longer for an Uber.

  • Linda C.Sep 06, 2022

    Drop off and pickup were quick. Communications were responsive. Very friendly and accommodating!

  • Sherry D.Sep 03, 2022

    On time service. Communication excellent. Price beats all. Close convenient. Will use again

  • Jan S.Sep 02, 2022

    Easy. Thanks for a great experience. I don't travel a lot, but when I do, I will definitely use you again. Thanks. Jan

  • Chris B.Sep 01, 2022

    Excellent customer service. Organized.

  • Lorraine V.Aug 30, 2022

    The staff were very pleasant and helpful. We quickly got shuttled to the airport and promptly picked up upon our return. It was an easy and simple process to book as well. I will definitely use them again in my future travel plans.

  • Janelle B.Aug 30, 2022

    Great service. Drop off and pick up were prompt and very courteous!

  • Brett R.Aug 29, 2022

    Super convenient location and exceptional service. The guys are great!!

  • Cynthia M.Aug 28, 2022

    I arrived before 430am but was accommodated with parking and a ride. It was a quick call and pick up upon my return. Some cars were blocking others due to space issues, but mine was an easy exit. I recommend this service 5 min. from PSP.

  • Brian T.Aug 28, 2022

    It was my second time and both times were great

  • Donna V.Aug 27, 2022

    Quick, easy parking, along with a ride to and from the airport made parking a dream.

  • Penney K.Aug 24, 2022

    parking was good---if we had lost your business card we would have been stuck in Palm Springs with no transportation and no way to get in touch with anyone that day.

  • Stephen H.Aug 21, 2022

    Excellent find. Staff and owner are professional and friendly and the rates are a good deal. Drop off and pickup both spot on. Will defiantly use them on my next trip: better alternative for me as I live in Palm Desert

  • Laura M.Aug 17, 2022

    Super easy and helpful. We got back to a dead battery and they helped and we were on our way!

  • Louis K.Aug 17, 2022

    Always great thank you Blake. Easy to use prompt pick up at airport and friendly service

  • Esther O.Aug 17, 2022

    Very friendly service! We parked our car for three weeks. They dropped us off at the airport and picked us up again. We could just text and got immediately a response when we arrived three weeks later.

  • Greg K.Aug 16, 2022

    Very organized and professional people. This guy Blake could run for mayor of Palm Springs and I would vote for him. Yeah I was impressed. Look forward to using them again. Easy webpage to work with even for a knucklehead like me.

  • Maxwell W.Aug 15, 2022

    Love this service! My wife and I are return customers and are very pleased with this company. Easy to use, convenient, reliable, affordable and super friendly and polite! We recommend this company/service and we will continue to be a customer!

  • Andrew H.Aug 12, 2022

    Excellent service as always. It's a pleasure parking here and it's safe and secure.

  • Patricia N.Aug 11, 2022

    Excellent!! Definitely my new parking spot. Great customer service!!

  • Sanford K.Aug 09, 2022

    Shuttle was timely, drivers friendly. Would definitely use again. Great experience.

  • Suellen R.Aug 09, 2022

    You need to have better directions to FIND Your place….we drove up and down And up and down Ramon AT 430 in the morning…and was on the phone w your person who couldnt help us at all.. other than that I highly recommend you Perhaps get a sign on Ramon!! Even WAZE couldn’t identify you.

  • Jayne C.Aug 08, 2022

    Very easy to find and park, immediately taken to airport, texted them when I had the outgoing flight information and they checked on me the minute I landed. They were at the terminal in less than 5 minutes. Could not ask for nicer drivers or better service. I very highly recommend The Lot.

  • Rick a.Aug 08, 2022

    Very prompt and extremely friendly.

  • Jonathan A.Aug 07, 2022

    Excellent service, quick shuttle ride to the airport from the lot.

  • Greg D.Aug 06, 2022

    The pick up was quick and See less!

  • Sheryl A.Aug 03, 2022

    I especially appreciated the quick replies and excellent communication between the parking attendant and ourselves during different parts of our trip to make sure we were on the same page.

  • Ronald N.Aug 02, 2022

    Blake was very responsive to our needs and did not keep us waiting at the airport. We highly recommend using this parking service. Ron & Eva (Happy Customers! )

  • Deborah M.Aug 02, 2022

    I will always fly with instapark. The guys are so friendly!

  • Lou R.Aug 02, 2022

    I had to cancel my trip at the last minute due to Covid and requested a refund. I haven't heard back on whether that refund was approved or not. I understand if the day of the cancellation was charged but don't understand why I was charged for the whole week. Lou

  • Edward L.Aug 02, 2022

    Our flight was delayed by hours due to weather and our valet waited to close until we were picked up , thank you!!

  • Stephanie S.Jul 28, 2022

    No issues at all, parked car and was immediately taken to airport, texted them when we were curbside and again they were there immediately....easy and everyone was very pleasant.

  • Saralyn H.Jul 28, 2022

    Driver was fast and extremely helpful.

  • Jay W.Jul 27, 2022

    Very professional and responsive service. I highly recommend this business and will use them again.

  • Robert H.Jul 26, 2022

    The BEST in the valley !!!!!! Great price! Fast Pickup! Great Service! No need to sweat high priced airport parking!! I will only use these guys from now on!

  • Jacquelynn B.Jul 26, 2022

    Great location, very close to the airport. When I arrived, Blake got me parked and to the airport in record time. Upon my return, I texted him when I had my baggage and he picked me up within 10 minutes. I'm so happy to have found this place, it makes flying out of the Palm Springs airport a breeze.

  • Michelle B.Jul 25, 2022

    Amazing over the top... AWESOME to work with Insta Park Palm Springs. I've used them 3 times. Each time is extremely early and late flights. Brad was there to help me out. Even when I forgot something in the car.

  • Martin K.Jul 21, 2022

    Very easy dropping off and return.

  • George G.Jul 21, 2022

    Good experience, only problem for a first time user was finding the place. It does not look like what it is from the street.

  • Dana N.Jul 20, 2022

    Parking here was easy and a great price. Our driver was friendly and got us to the airport and brought us back to our car. I highly recommend this parking lot.

  • julie h.Jul 19, 2022

    Parking with Instapark was easy, convenient and affordable. I will use Instapark for every trip out of the Palm Springs Airport.

  • tina F.Jul 17, 2022

    Blake is terrific and great customer service. picked us up on time, communicated his location and all was so much appreciated. Great place to park your car when flying out of palm Springs Thank you

  • Ann C.Jul 15, 2022

    once I found the parking lot everything went well .Good and polite staff drove me very clean cars to and from the airport will use there service again Ann

  • Andrew M.Jul 14, 2022

    Very prompt, polite service. Our first flight was canceled so we had to go back the next day. The shuttle was very prompt at picking us up all 4 times.

  • Adrian B.Jul 13, 2022

    Overall good experience. Great location.

  • Anthony C.Jul 11, 2022

    These guys made our entire trip more enjoyable. We may use this airport again just because of them!

  • Kathie W.Jul 11, 2022

    Very good experience. As soon as I parked my car, the shuttle was right there to take me to the airport!

  • Leonel A.Jul 11, 2022

    Minimum wait for dropping off at airport and picking up. Thank you.

  • Deborah C.Jul 11, 2022

    A bit challenging to find with no signage available. You have to drive down a side driveway into a crowded lot and we were not sure where to park. On the bright side, the pick up service was friendly and our vehicle was safe. I would use this service again.

  • Cathy G.Jul 08, 2022

    So convenient.....right across from the airport. Our driver was great, got us to our gate very quickly, unloaded our luggage, and gave us his card with info to call when we got back. On our return, he picked us up within ten minutes! Prices were very reasonable.

  • Fred P.Jul 08, 2022

    Everything worked exactly as advertised. We will be using them again.

  • John O.Jul 08, 2022

    Highly recommend your service. Quick and reliable in every detail

  • Richard O.Jul 06, 2022

    First class personable service. I did not worry about my car being secure.

  • Adin T.Jul 05, 2022

    Always prompt for pickup absolutely Great service!!!

  • Ron H.Jul 05, 2022

    Attempted to cancel this reservation due to illness. Customer service number NEVER picked up on two separate day- it just rang and rang. Chat button was non-existent though it said I could use it. Couldn’t find it anywhere on the webpage. What a joke. What a scam. I will NEVER use you again.

  • Edel F.Jul 04, 2022

    Lot is very close to the airport. No long wait for pickup to and from the airport. Lot manager Brad Bradley is very nice and prompt. Will definitely use this lot again.

  • Wayne J.Jul 03, 2022

    Prompt, congenial and customer-centered. A perfect experience.

  • michael M.Jul 03, 2022

    Great service very responsive people

  • John G.Jul 03, 2022

    So easy. Great service. Highly recommend

  • Donna B.Jul 01, 2022

    Blake is runs a super nice service have used it now around 6 times it really the only parking to use.

  • Diana P.Jun 30, 2022

    On time, friendly, secure location, quick. Thank you guys!

  • Mike R.Jun 28, 2022

    Yes gave great service both going and picking us up. Will use on next flights

  • Lian Y.Jun 28, 2022

    great on time shuttle services!

  • Susan M.Jun 28, 2022

    Prompt delivery to airport after I parked - thank you for helping with my bag too.

  • Ann C.Jun 27, 2022

    Great service on time clean car good polite staff

  • Martin K.Jun 27, 2022

    Smooth easy experience. Good service.

  • Tim D.Jun 26, 2022

    Jose met us at 4:30 AM when they open, as we drove in. Gave him our keys and off to the airport. We used covered parking. When we returned Jose picked us up within 5 min. I also noticed they had jumper cables and portable batteries incase your battery is dead. Great service!!!

  • Ann C.Jun 26, 2022

    Great service.Very happy with the location near the airport and nice drivers

  • Ann C.Jun 26, 2022

    Great service.Very happy with the location near the airport and nice drivers

  • Anthony S.Jun 22, 2022

    Friendly and great service, got us to the airport right away. When we called them for pickup on our return they were there with 10 minutes. Great service, would use them again.

  • Devin M.Jun 22, 2022

    After arriving at Palm Spring Airport, I called the Lot at Palm Springs…The phone went to voice mail, no answer…I left a text message to be picked up curbside at the airport…Again there was no response…After several phone calls and text messages while waiting for over an hour, there was still no response from the lot…There were two other individuals besides myself who had vichles at the lot behind a chained gate with no one attending the lot or answering telephones… Around 10:45 pm, it was obvious we were not going to get picked up to retrieve our vehicle…I called a cab to get home, leaving my vehicle behind, unable to get it…I had to go back the following day to get my vehicle…There was so much stress and anxiety over trying to get home and trying to get my vehicle…The authorities at the airport suggested we call the police.. The following day, we took an Uber back to the Lot…The owner of the Lot, Blake M. Bradly was there and apologized. He compensated us for the taxi ride and refunded the four days we booked for the lot with and additional 32.00 Although this was the least he could do, this did nothing for the anxiety, stress, and all the time we spent waiting and having to go back to retrieve our vehicle the next day… Small penitence for such a colossal screw up… Will never rent or trust the Lot at Palm Springs again..

  • Jennifer Y.Jun 21, 2022

    It was 4:00 in the morning and It was hard to find. I had to call for assistance and better directions and was worried no one would answer. But I did get through to someone and once we got there, everything went very smoothly. They shuttled us to the airport and gave us a number to text when we return. I texted them during our connection on the way home. They were quick to pick us up when i texted again that we were ready. Everything went smoothly and we will probably use them again.

  • Susan A.Jun 20, 2022

    Very close to airport and Blake our driver was excellent.

  • David K.Jun 19, 2022

    Excellent service and concern for taking care of my truck.

  • Sigurd B.Jun 18, 2022

    In door parking was great. Will use again.

  • Assad K.Jun 16, 2022

    Great service. Quick pickup at the airport

  • Craig T.Jun 16, 2022

    Everything was easy and on time. Will rebook in future.

  • Karey M.Jun 16, 2022

    This was our 2nd time using this service! They are timely & very professional! Will definitely be back.

  • Stephen B.Jun 14, 2022

    Everyone at 4777 E Ramon Rd. was courteous and friendly. They made check in calls for our late night flight and picked us up quickly when our delayed flight finally got in. We will definitely park here again.

  • Marta S.Jun 13, 2022

    Loved your service. Taking us to and returning from airport was easy peasy.

  • D F.Jun 13, 2022

    Absolutely awesome!!!!!! The driver, Jose was great!!!! Very friendly and prompt! My vehicle stayed safe and quick trip to airport!

  • Brian T.Jun 10, 2022

    Great service. Parked here before, and will park here again.

  • Patrick T.Jun 10, 2022

    Great service. Will recommend this lot to everyone.

  • Kimberly R.Jun 09, 2022

    Polite, professional, timely, good communication.

  • Aileen T.Jun 08, 2022

    Reservation made Pulled in at approximately 3:45; no one there, no one answers phone number given - never saw that lot doesn't open until 0400 and no shuttle until 0430 - we had a flight that left at 0540 - we had to park at the airport! Promised our $$ back but credit has not come thru yet. You need to e open so people can make early morning flights!!!

  • Jon G.Jun 08, 2022

    Blake and Jose were very quick to respond when we reached out to them. They were courteous. Good Experience.

  • Sharon L.Jun 06, 2022

    Great, prompt service at a reasonable cost.

  • Sharon L.Jun 06, 2022

    Great, prompt service at a reasonable price!

  • Kenneth D.Jun 02, 2022

    Thank you so much for this service. We look forward to using you company in the future. Ken Duce

  • Kassy G.Jun 01, 2022

    I was pleasantly surprised how convenient it was. I definitely recommend using this business!

  • Doug W.May 31, 2022

    Service not used. Not a parking lot. Requesting full refund.

  • Cynthia D.May 31, 2022

    I was great the Attendant was amazing and so kind great area to park for the price

  • David L.May 31, 2022

    Upon arrival there was no attendant, so we were a little confused and hesitant. Had to call. Then, while waiting for pick up, we were given a different vehicle for which to look. Had to call. With that said, we still feel comfortable using this service again. It is a reasonable price.

  • David W.May 31, 2022

    Reasonable price great location good service a little hard to find but well worth the effort. Shuttle service to and from the airport was great as well.

  • Brenda P.May 30, 2022

    Could not find the lot, no one available to call for help. Ended up parking at airport, waiting for our refund

  • Nancy D.May 30, 2022

    We had dead battery when we returned, the kind attendant helped. He produced a battery charger and we were on our way!! Hallelujah! Thank you!

  • Donna Z.May 29, 2022

    Convenient location to terminal. Friendly staff.

  • John M.May 27, 2022

    Excellent experience and service, will definitely use them again!

  • Cindy J.May 26, 2022

    Quick, friendly, and reasonable rates! Will be my parking location from this point on.

  • Patrick S.May 26, 2022

    Everything went very smoothly the pick up and drop off. All you need is some signage. Our friends are going to be parking with you next week

  • Louis K.May 25, 2022

    Great service convenient and friendly

  • Sandra R.May 25, 2022

    Jose was the person who dropped us off and picked us up. It was very convenient parking my car here, and the airport is just a block away. I will park here in the future!

  • Catherine S.May 25, 2022

    Friendly service, responsive and reliable!

  • John F.May 25, 2022

    I have flown close to a million miles since 2013 and parking is always a pain. I will be flying a lot from PSP in the future and will be leaving my vehicle in your hands. Thank you again.

  • Michelle S.May 25, 2022

    Great experience! They even waited a little after Midnight to pick me up! Thanks

  • Richard C.May 25, 2022

    Lot is very close to the airport and the shuttle arrived promptly. Will use them again.

  • Marshall L.May 24, 2022

    Nice service. Pleasant employees. No frills. Recommend

  • Blaise E.May 24, 2022

    Could not find lot. Called and was told I would receive full refund. Have not received refund. Please contact me 951-775-5370 or send refund via my bank card.

  • Jeffrey P.May 23, 2022

    Great service as always. Also tired of getting shit stolen off of my truck in the parking lot of Palm Springs Airport.

  • Ronald E.May 23, 2022

    Parking and service are top notch. Second time using them and will use every time we fly out of PSP.

  • Heather D O.May 23, 2022

    Seamless experience - Blake was great! Thank you!

  • Mark P.May 22, 2022

    Convienent, close to airport, polite drivers. A sign on the street would be helpful, passed by the lot 2x....

  • Joan L.May 21, 2022

    It was a good experience Drivers very cordial and pickup on time

  • Joan L.May 21, 2022

    It was a good experience Drivers very cordial and pickup on time

  • Joan L.May 21, 2022

    It was a good experience Drivers very cordial and pickup on time

  • Silvia G.May 21, 2022

    Great service, easy and dependable!

  • James J.May 21, 2022

    Excellent service!! Will definitely be back next trip to PSP.

  • James T.May 18, 2022

    Great people and great service we have been very pleased with the personal and wonderful service. We recommend this place every time

  • Jeffrey D.May 18, 2022

    Great experience! Need to get a sing up showing location..

  • Jeannette G.May 18, 2022

    1st young man was great! Blake was unable to help with luggage because of shoulder injury….he probably needs time off!

  • Charles J.May 17, 2022

    They’ve been awesome and so accommodating.

  • Lois R.May 17, 2022

    I had a difficult time actually finding the parking area. Unfortunately, I did't realize the closing time for last shuttle, and my flight didn't get in until midnight. Not your fault, this was my fault.

  • Edgar S.May 17, 2022

    Great service and fast. Friendly people and very helpful. Keep up the good work.

  • Michael V.May 16, 2022

    Best parking experience I ever had, and that’s based on parking in Dallas, New York, Washington DC, LA, and more. The personal service offered by Instapark can’t be best!

  • Dennis C.May 14, 2022

    Extremely friendly and helpful. Cost effective would absolutely use again

  • William F.May 12, 2022

    Easy to park and shuttle on time

  • Marianne G.May 12, 2022

    Blake the young man who was there is terrific. I had trouble finding the lot, where to turn in & he was understanding & helpful. I was picked up quickly which is so important when one is tired. I would definitely recommend his lot again.

  • Diane S.May 11, 2022

    Worked out perfect for us. Easy and quick drop off and pickup. Super drivers.

  • Daniel H.May 10, 2022

    Blake was a Rock Star! Professional, courteous, and helpful.

  • ROBERTA K.May 09, 2022

    Made it so easy to drop off my car and as soon as I called for a pick up, they were at the curb. Definitely will use them again.

  • Gary B.May 09, 2022

    Great customer service and very friendly!

  • Laura F.May 08, 2022

    Easy and fast! Thank you so much. Will use your parking nxt time!

  • Patrick T.May 07, 2022

    Excellent customer service. Dropped off and picked up with no waiting time to speak of. Recommend them highly.

  • Juan M.May 07, 2022

    friendly service, quick travel to the airport and eazy online reservations.

  • Kenneth F.May 06, 2022

    Close to the Airport and great service by Blake.

  • Phyllis B.May 06, 2022

    They were great. We will use them again.

  • Phyllis B.May 05, 2022

    Easy to park and got us to airport very quickly. Very nice people both ways. Safe guarded lot. We will use it again and recommend it to our friends.

  • Scott S.May 05, 2022

    There aren’t a lot of parking options at PSP. Always easy, responsive, and convenient!

  • Howard S.May 03, 2022

    Very efficient, and Blake was very helpful.

  • Martha G.May 03, 2022

    Both drivers were very attentive and quick to pick me up from the airport!! Thank you!

  • EDWARD H.May 03, 2022

    had a 6 a.m. flight out of Palm Springs Airport on April 19, 2022. Missed flight, called to reschedule for the following day. April 20. Verified that we would arrive at 4:30 a.m. on April 20. Was told "no problem" and would refund one day of parking. Arrived at the facility at 4:30 a.m. Gate locked and no one on site. Called number of gate, received voice instructions to leave a text. Said we were at the gate and need a ride to airport as we had a 6 a.m. flight. No reply. waited until 5 a.m., still no reply. Had to go to airport and park in more expensive airport lot. Finally got to person at lot. Told I would get a full refund for my reservation. Also told that they did not expect me until 5 a.m. Site said that the shuttle started at 430 a.m. and I verified that we would be there at that time. I am requesting a full refund for the amount I prepaid for the parking service which I was not able to use.

  • robert B.May 02, 2022

    I reserved online for a 5 am arrival, no one at facility, no one answered phone. When I called at 10 am after my flight was told 10am. Sent copy of 5am confirmation and expecting refund.

  • Deborah M.May 02, 2022

    I had no worries my car was safe in my long vacation!

  • Andres V.May 02, 2022

    Excellent location and very secured. The owner operator, Blake, was professional and friendly and whenever I fly out of PSP, I will only park here.

  • Susan P.May 01, 2022

    I had never used your parking facility before and didn’t know how it worked. When I got there, there was no one around and I didn’t know if I was in the right place, and didn’t know what to do, so I had to get back on the phone with somebody. It would’ve been better had there been a sign at least telling me I was in the right place and to wait for someone to come back. Also I wasn’t positive I was in the right place since there were no signs saying what this little parking lot was. A bit confusing. Other than that everything was fine. The drivers were friendly.

  • JaVita W.May 01, 2022

    This is the best airport lot I’ve ever used. The staff is always friendly and very flexible, and I look forward to my next PSP trip.

  • David P.Apr 30, 2022

    Had a great experience. The on site manager was friendly and professional. I had made my reservation appointment to late, after I attempted to cancel that one for an early appointment on line, that was not successful. The on site manager was able to accommodate my needs. They also provided a shuttle to and from the airport. I regret not have any cash on hand for a tip, that was well deserved. Thank you and I will be using service again.

  • Kristina P.Apr 30, 2022

    Great experience-prompt, efficient and friendly.

  • Linda S.Apr 27, 2022

    This was an amazing experience. Right across from the airport. We will use them next month as well. Didn’t have to walk much at all. Door to door service.

  • William C.Apr 27, 2022

    Close to airport, efficient and friendly.

  • Trudie H.Apr 25, 2022

    Perfect service. The young man who picked us up handled the luggage and was courteous and efficient.

  • Jema M.Apr 25, 2022

    Shuttle drivers were nice and professional! Definitely will be using this service again should I need to fly out of Palm Springs

  • Kathie W.Apr 25, 2022

    Great experience. Blake is so responsive. I’ll be parking there again.

  • Kathie W.Apr 25, 2022

    Great experience. Blake is so responsive. I definitely will be parking at his lot again!

  • Gail H.Apr 25, 2022

    My only complaint? The signage needs to be larger. I kept passing the entrance, thinking it was just after the sign. Maybe a larger sign with a big arrow or an arrow at the beginning of the driveway.

  • Cheryl B.Apr 25, 2022

    Perfect! Easier than parking in the airport! Great service! Will do it again!

  • Jolie A.Apr 21, 2022

    Very smooth. I was there early and so where they. Close to the airport and price if great.

  • Ernesto P.Apr 20, 2022

    Jose was extremely courteous and professional

  • Wendi S.Apr 20, 2022

    Jose was great. Thanks for an easy park and shuttle.

  • Christa B.Apr 16, 2022

    A few times there were no parking spots available so I had to tell one of the employees and they weren’t very friendly, they were actually pretty rude. How can I reserve parking months in advance and then you not have any spots available for me to park in.

  • Michael P.Apr 15, 2022

    Blake & Jose were a pleasure to deal with. And the location made it so easy!!

  • Cheryl S.Apr 15, 2022

    Fast service both to and from the airport. Lot is small, difficult to find parking if larger vehicle and really easy to miss because it is set back on narrow driveway not well marked between buildings.

  • Kurt T.Apr 14, 2022

    Very safe parking and friendly, respectful, and prompt drivers! I will definitely be parking here again!

  • Bob S.Apr 14, 2022

    Smooth experienience. Friendly staff. Thank you.

  • Elliot G.Apr 14, 2022

    It was easy and convenient. Staff was very friendly and helpful

  • Shawna V.Apr 14, 2022

    The attendants were prompt, helpful, friendly, and courteous. Exceeded expectations. I would be happy to use this parking arrangement anytime the need arises.

  • Keith K.Apr 12, 2022

    Great service and location. Thanks!

  • Michael B.Apr 11, 2022

    We will continue to use the Lot at PSP. Blake is very professional and personable. The lot is so conveniently located makes for quick and easy drop offs and pick ups. Thank you Blake for all your help.

  • Michelle S.Apr 10, 2022

    Drivers were friendly and prompt. I appreciated that the person who parked my car found my sun shade without me telling him and put it up. Thank you!

  • Stanley C.Apr 08, 2022

    Signage was poor Drivers and service was very good

  • Jeanette S.Apr 07, 2022

    Super friendly, fast service. Thanks

  • Ronald R.Apr 07, 2022

    It was really good. Nice folks.

  • Sharon G.Apr 06, 2022

    Great friendly accommodating service. I did have trouble finding the lot at night. GPS took me to back gates. Not sure what would help-maybe lighted sign on Ramon?

  • Kathleen C.Apr 05, 2022

    Our driver Jose was super nice and helpful! Very convenient to have a shuttle to and from the airport. Only drawbacks were we had a bit of a hard time finding the place as it's not marked very obviously, and then we had quite a wait at the airport before we got picked up. But we'd totally use this company again! :)

  • kevin l.Apr 04, 2022

    Service was great and I will use your business in the future, I would suggest better street signage .

  • kevin l.Apr 04, 2022

    service was great and I would recommend your company for any future travelers. I would recommend larger signage on the street due to difficulty in finding your location. Cheers!

  • Kelly W.Apr 03, 2022

    Easy and inexpensive! Parking is not covered, but the price is right. Blake is a star, I definitely reccomend!

  • Jane M.Apr 01, 2022

    Great communication. So helpful.

  • Deborah M.Apr 01, 2022

    Great experience easy to find, quick delivery, quick pick up. Thank you Blake

  • Bonnie C.Mar 30, 2022

    Shuttle was easy and parking was a breeze.

  • Zhen L.Mar 30, 2022

    Good service and best location.

  • Gene W.Mar 30, 2022

    Everything was awesome! Great service and quick pick up and delivery to the Airport. We will definitely use the service again when we fly out of Palm Springs.

  • Ian D.Mar 29, 2022

    Super convenient. Great service!

  • Joseph S.Mar 29, 2022

    The parking experience was great. Thanks.

  • Tamra W.Mar 25, 2022

    Blake was super friendly and nice. Highly recommend

  • Diane T.Mar 24, 2022

    Reliable service, fast ride to the airport, quick return pickup and Blake was great!

  • Kenyatta C.Mar 23, 2022

    Great customer service, communication, and convenience!!

  • Elizabeth F.Mar 23, 2022

    Easy to find lot quick response to text for shuttle on return with pleasant friendly staff will use again for sure.

  • Wanda S.Mar 23, 2022

    The service attendant Blake was very accommodating and courteous. The parking location was perfect. I would this park and ride again.

  • Dale C.Mar 23, 2022

    Sign to find the lot was small but everything else was great. Easy to park, very quick pick up both in the lot and at the airport. Blake and Jose were polite and efficient.

  • Billy S.Mar 22, 2022

    Blake was very friendly and helpful

  • Martin L.Mar 22, 2022

    Great service, shuttle pickup/drop off was easy and seamless, very fast

  • Jackie R.Mar 21, 2022

    These guys were great! Had me to the airport in minutes, helped with suitcases, wished me good luck for the trip. Very personable! Upon return were at the airport within 5 minutes. Helped with the bags again and asked me how my vacation trip went. Will definitely use them and recommend them to friends and family. Outstanding staff and service!.

  • M Z.Mar 20, 2022

    Blake made my first experience with leaving my precious car at The Lot at PSP go very smoothly. He even added a freebie of parking my car inside because the outside parking spaces were full. I discovered that the building on East Ramon Road with 4777 above the door is actually a furniture storage building. The Lot at PSP is behind that building and has a big "parking" sign attached near the gate. Blake said he is not allowed to put up more signs. He came to the airport quickly, when I arrived on my return flight, and I was on my way home shortly thereafter. Thank you, Blake, for providing a great place to leave my car when I fly from PSP!

  • Mavis Z.Mar 20, 2022

    Blake made my first experience with leaving my precious car at The Lot at PSP go very smoothly. He even added a freebie of parking my car inside because the outside parking spaces were full. I discovered that the building on East Ramon Road with 4777 above the door is actually a furniture storage building. The Lot at PSP is behind that building and has a big "parking" sign attached near the gate. Blake said he is not allowed to put up more signs. He came to the airport quickly, when I arrived on my return flight, and I was on my way home shortly thereafter. Thank you, Blake, for providing a great place to leave my car when I fly from PSP!

  • carolyn K.Mar 19, 2022

    Whole experience easy! Good price. Easy shuttle pick up and drop off from the lot. Drivers both timely and super nice.

  • Annie D.Mar 16, 2022

    Amazing experience, as always - easy, dependable, efficient

  • C C.Mar 16, 2022

    Staff was friendly and waiting on me to shuttle me to the airport. It was very convenient.

  • Shaun F.Mar 16, 2022

    Blake provides Quality service that is personable and sincere.

  • Diane P.Mar 16, 2022

    Easy and timely access. Matt made the experience extra friendly.

  • Michele B.Mar 15, 2022

    Great experience. Jose was awesome.

  • Robin C.Mar 15, 2022

    Awesome setup. I would recommend for sure.

  • JoAn M.Mar 15, 2022

    Excellent personalized service. Didn't even charge us for an extra day of parking when the airlines suddenly cancelled our flight. Owner Brent is great.

  • Barbara M.Mar 15, 2022

    Convenient location. Drop off and pick up was a breeze. Would definitely use them again.

  • Beth B.Mar 14, 2022

    Professional and easy!!! Will definitely use again!!!

  • Ric L.Mar 14, 2022

    Poor sign visibility from the street, your location in the back stinks. Sent a text to your guy Blake told him were I be would be and at what time was never there our possible late. Will never every use you again, always better to park and pay a little more closer and definitely more secured at the airport facility. if i new what type of backyard parking facility this was i would have never used you.Thanks a lot.I really enjoyed the walk to my car now I No Better.

  • Philip W.Mar 14, 2022

    excellent service and location

  • Mark J.Mar 13, 2022

    Blake was so great. We’ll do it again.

  • Amy J.Mar 11, 2022

    Blake is very pleasant. I arrived at the airport with time to spare and he was prompt at pickup. Definitely will park there again.

  • Jeff R.Mar 10, 2022

    blake was absolutely the best. i was a wreck when i arrived as i was running late but he calmed me down, and immediately ran me to the airport. please pas along my mahalos to him.

  • Kuykendall-Anderson K.Mar 09, 2022

    i would have liked to have read the hours of drop-off and pick-up on the website. I received a confirmation quickly from The Parkinglot, but the confirmation email from Instapark had the wrong days on it. When I inquired, the mistake was quickly corrected. It was confusing to get multiple confirmations from 2 different companies.

  • Michelle V.Mar 09, 2022

    Blake was easy to work with and very accommodating. The space was good and close to the airport. Shuttle was quick both there and back.

  • Tim S.Mar 09, 2022

    Outstanding experience every time we park at the lot.

  • Muriel B.Mar 07, 2022

    I booked online and the entire experience was easy breezy. Thank you Blake

  • Susan H.Mar 07, 2022

    Friendly and efficient staff. Reasonable prices. Quick pick up

  • Eddie M.Mar 07, 2022

    Blake did a great job. On time and will definitely use again!

  • William F.Mar 07, 2022

    Everything was on time and as reported in their ad. Great communication. Will definitely use them in the future.

  • Barbara V.Mar 07, 2022

    Awesome experience. Our return flight was canceled four times from AZ We called each time for pick up and the gentleman said no problem I’ll be waiting for you supposed to arrive at 8 o’clock tonight arrive till midnight I’ll give them 10 stars thank you very much will definitely use again

  • James L.Mar 07, 2022

    As always, Blake was prompt and friendly!

  • Edson U.Mar 07, 2022

    It was a great experience. Everything fast, safe and totally on time. The place is right at the airport’s corner. The gentleman that shuttles you, Mr. Bradley if I’m not wrong is so cordial, positive and helpful person. I not only recommend The Lot at PSP but I sure hope it stays around us for very long time.

  • Lonnie P.Mar 05, 2022

    Parking lot worked out well. However, the signage was small and no one was in the office when we arrived. Drove around the block and an attendant was present when we came back. He showed us where to park and promptly delivered us to the airport.

  • John M.Mar 05, 2022

    The location is a little hard to find, but very pleased with customer service. I would highly recommend, just give yourself an extra 15 minutes to find the place.

  • Kimberly C.Mar 03, 2022

    Jose was great, he even carried my suitcases and loaded into my car. I will definitely use your service again!!

  • NORBERT P.Mar 02, 2022

    The shuttle service was excellent!

  • NORBERT P.Mar 02, 2022

    Best price at PSP! The shuttle service was excellent!

  • Edward S.Mar 02, 2022

    Very pleasant young man that works at Palm Desert

  • Michael M.Mar 01, 2022

    Service was good, a little confusing to find the parking location, other than that it was good

  • David M.Feb 28, 2022

    Great experience. Highly recommend

  • Catherine S.Feb 28, 2022

    So excited to have this off-site lot available. Everything went smoothly. It is a little tricky to find, but not a big deal. Blake was very friendly and responsive. I didn’t have to wait very long to get picked up or taken to the airport, but you might want to allow a little extra time.

  • Amanda M.Feb 28, 2022

    I never write reviews, but Blake went above and beyond to help, and I really appreciate it. I needed a shuttle at 4:30am, which was no problem. On my way back (arriving well after 10pm), it turned out that my battery was dead. Blake went out of his way to get me on my way. Great service, I will be back!

  • Donald B.Feb 28, 2022

    I returned early and there was no pick up available. I took me a $20 cab ride.

  • Barbara W.Feb 28, 2022

    It was hard to find the address on google maps.

  • Gilbert C.Feb 27, 2022

    Very easy to drop car off, get a ride to the airport and call for someone to pick you up. I will use them again!

  • Gilbert C.Feb 27, 2022

    Very easy to drop car off, get a ride to the airport and call for someone to pick you up. I will use them again!

  • Francisco R.Feb 25, 2022

    Great, punctual and friendly service. We were advised when they were on their way to pick us up.

  • Kathrine F.Feb 24, 2022

    This is convenient to airport, kind people for transport, and on-time to pick up. I will definitely use again and again.

  • Olga O.Feb 23, 2022

    Worst part was trying to find entrance to your lot. Google maps directs you to street in back

  • Darlene B.Feb 23, 2022

    The lot is only a few minutes from the airport - very convenient.

  • Maria S.Feb 23, 2022

    Our parking there was exceptional. Blake, the owner, was always very prompt answering to our text for pick up, from the parking lot to the airport and from the airport to the lot. The vehicle he uses for shuttle, very clean, very neat. The lot is surrounded by businesses, and even though is in the open vehicles are not visible because the lot is in the back of the business. Great service and great price!

  • Helen M.Feb 22, 2022

    My first time using this park place, this is amazing. Blake is absolutely wonderful, on time to drop and pick up. Excellent service

  • Zina B.Feb 22, 2022

    I have parked here several times and it’s always a 5 star experience! Blake and his team are amazing!!

  • Janet C.Feb 22, 2022

    The Lot is just a mile from the airport. The attendant was friendly, helpful. We were able to park immediately and were driven right away to the airport. On return we were picked up outside baggage claim. It was all very efficient and convenient.

  • Larry P.Feb 22, 2022

    A little difficult to find but great customer service. Blake provided great information as this was my first time utilizing this parking service. Significantly cheaper than pakring at the airport. Blake was quick to provide shuttle service to and from airport. Upon my return, I only waited a few minutes before I was picked up and shuttled back to the parking lot. It was refreshing to be treated as though my patronage mattered and I was important to Blake and his company. Felt very comfortable leaving my vehicle.

  • James L.Feb 22, 2022

    This location is VERY convenient and the service Blake provides is EXCELLENT! I HIGHLY recommend this vendor!

  • Carla B.Feb 22, 2022

    It was easy and very close to airport. Definitely will recommend

  • Sherry R.Feb 21, 2022

    Wonderful experience! Thank you Blake for making everything perfect!

  • Ronald K.Feb 19, 2022

    it was all very good, took me a while to find other than that excellent. Drop off and pick up was easy.

  • Henry K.Feb 17, 2022

    Convenient off airport parking. It was a little difficult to find sing Google maps, when I called someone directed me to the facility. After parking my car, the driver took me directly to the airport in approximately 3 minutes. Upon arrival, sent text as instructed and within 5 minutes driver was at the airport to take me to my car. Don’t expect a fancy parking lot, this is a lot behind a business to park your car. For the price and convenience I recommend The Lot at PSP.

  • Jeanne L.Feb 17, 2022

    Great and personal experience. I will use them again.

  • Steve A.Feb 16, 2022

    Excellent service. Easy to book, timely & courteous shuttle

  • John G.Feb 15, 2022

    Across from airport - quick shuttle. Good value. Support a young local owner.

  • Leah G.Feb 15, 2022

    Blake, you are so sweet and attentive. Right on time to pick us up. A very well oiled machine. We'll be back! Leah and Peter

  • Pete G.Feb 15, 2022

    Very prompt and courteous service. A human actually answers the phone or text!

  • Cynthia H.Feb 14, 2022

    Great service and easy to work with Blake. This will always be our go to parking lot to fly out of Palm Springs

  • Marsha R.Feb 14, 2022

    Shuttle drivers were on time and extremely polite.

  • William V.Feb 11, 2022

    Perfect experience. I will be back. This was the absolute best customer service experience I have had in decades. Z

  • Sarah W.Feb 11, 2022

    Excellent and very easy to use InstaPark! Thanks for all the help and friendly welcome! We will return in the future!

  • Lee F.Feb 11, 2022

    So much better than parking at the airport, they meet you at their offsite lot and deliver you right to terminal. Very convenient. Super nice drivers. Highly recommend!

  • Donna G.Feb 09, 2022

    Service is great, very professional. Very easy to park and very close to the airport. Shuttle drivers are always prompt and courteous. Very good value for the service.

  • Holly G.Feb 09, 2022

    Great guys, very pleasant, reasonably priced, and fast, fast service. Will definitely use their service again.

  • Holly G.Feb 09, 2022

    Great guys, very pleasant, reasonably priced, and fast, fast service. Will definitely use their service again.

  • Jennifer B.Feb 09, 2022

    Blake was very efficient and a pleasure to deal with.

  • Dioni M.Feb 08, 2022

    It's always GREAT! We love Blake and Jose. It's so easy, so fast, and they are so incredibly friendly. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  • Judy S.Feb 08, 2022

    Very convenient. Staff is very friendly and professional.

  • Kevin H.Feb 06, 2022

    I will for sure be back! Amazing service!

  • Robert N C.Feb 05, 2022

    We had prompt and efficient service both at the lot and with the shuttle experience

  • michael s.Feb 05, 2022

    Have used them many times and have never had an issue. Their prices are fair and the service is excellent I would recommend them to everyone

  • John B.Feb 02, 2022

    Blake was awesome. Very personable and very reliable. A definite keeper. I will use your service again.

  • Donn R.Feb 02, 2022

    Top rate, will recommend it to all.

  • Donn R.Feb 02, 2022

    Top rate, will recommend it to all.

  • Sharon M.Feb 02, 2022

    Everyone was friendly. Picked up quickly!

  • Robert W.Feb 02, 2022

    Great service. On time drop Off And quick on time pick up. Very close to airport

  • David D.Jan 31, 2022

    Blake provides a terrific service every time. Hoping he thrives – and gets some off duty time too!

  • Yvonne M.Jan 28, 2022

    I will definitely use this service again.

  • JaVita W.Jan 26, 2022

    I absolutely love this lot and the very friendly family that runs it. They are always prompt and easy to work with. I’ve used them both times I’ve flown from PSP and will use them again soon!

  • Ranelle C.Jan 25, 2022

    The guys at the parking spot were very friendly. The spot was right across the street from the airport which was great! It was just confusing and a little difficult to find the parking spot because the GPS directions were wrong and the sign for the parking spot was small and not noticeable. Overall though, it was convenient.

  • Marcia R.Jan 19, 2022

    Drop off at 4:30 am was great! Easily made my early flight! Pick up was within 5 minutes when I returned. I will definitely use them again!

  • Jay J.Jan 18, 2022

    Close to airport. Service was quick and professional.

  • Richard R.Jan 18, 2022

    Everything went very smoothly, no problems at all. Very convenient location and the drivers were very personable. Would definitely recommend and will be using them again in the future.

  • TIm & Kathleen B.Jan 17, 2022

    A little hard to find but everything else was perfect

  • Darrel A.Jan 12, 2022

    Blake was on time, quick to respond. And the parking was secure

  • Ryan M.Jan 04, 2022

    Drop off was easy. Gave me a lift to the airport and pickup was just as good. Nice guys

  • Shari K.Jan 04, 2022

    Very pleased with the shuttle service, very friendly and prompt pick up and drop off at the airport! Very convenient!

  • Margaret C.Jan 04, 2022

    The signage needs improvement but overall a great experience.

  • Ana K.Jan 04, 2022

    Perfect experience; would recommend it

  • Ginger C.Dec 30, 2021

    Excellent service by all at The Lot at PSP. Courteous and quick service to the airport and in return pickup. Will continue using The Lot at PSP!

  • Matthew G.Dec 29, 2021

    Super close to the airport. Everyone was very friendly. Super easy, I will definitely be back. Thanks!

  • gerald p.Dec 29, 2021

    Service was great and attendant very nice and efficiant

  • Kim C.Dec 19, 2021

    Lot attendant/ shuttle guy was nice and helpful

  • William V.Dec 16, 2021

    I had to cancel a n d fee was handled

  • William V.Dec 16, 2021

    I had to cancel a n d fee was handled

  • William V.Dec 16, 2021

    I had to cancel a n d fee was handled

  • Dioni M.Dec 13, 2021

    We've already used them twice and they are wonderful. We will continue to use them every time we need to leave our car at the airport. They are incredibly friendly and are there very quickly after you arrive. And of course it is super close to the airport. HIGHLY recommend!

  • Bob H.Dec 13, 2021

    The most efficient and pleasant parking experience I’ve had anywhere- in the United States or abroad-

  • Tom A.Dec 12, 2021

    It took 25 minutes to get picked up at the airport even after I was told to text when curbside and “he’d be right there”

  • Maryann M.Dec 11, 2021

    We had a great experience at The Lot at PSP. Even when we had to change our return flight, it was easy, convenient and he was very understanding. We will definitely be using them again.

  • Maryann M.Dec 11, 2021

    We had a great experience with The Lot at PSP. Even when we had to change our return date, it was simple and convenient. We were always treated well and with great courtesy. Thank you.

  • Caryl C.Dec 09, 2021

    Service was great and on time. I will continue to use The Lot at PSP

  • Marcus W.Dec 07, 2021

    Very good and prompt service! I would use again

  • David N.Dec 07, 2021

    The service is good and friendly including near by airport the parking lot safe

  • Jess R.Dec 07, 2021

    You need to follow the parking sign on Ramon all the way to the back lot. From there Blake or one of his team will show you where to park. But you should not just show up. Go online at instapark.co, pay for a reservation and everything will go smooth as silk, both on your shuttle to and from the airport. This is true concierge service at most reasonable rates. I most highly recommend!

  • Susan M.Dec 06, 2021

    Close location and reasonable rates - appreciate the private shuttle to and from the lot.

  • David F.Dec 02, 2021

    Close to the airport and GREAT service.

  • Jeannie H.Dec 01, 2021

    This was a great experience for us. We have already told many of our neighbors in our retirement community. We definitely will use you again.

  • albert h.Dec 01, 2021

    Drop off and pick up was excellent. After missing a connecting flight due to a long delay, it was nice to have this go so well.

  • Robert C.Dec 01, 2021

    It was cancelled on us the day before we were leaving!

  • Don H.Dec 01, 2021

    Very professional, took the stress out of airport parking. We texted ahead for pick up on thanksgiving day and the he arrived within 10 minutes Thanks again. Don H

  • Kristina M.Dec 01, 2021

    The gentleman at the lot was very kind, polite, and prompt. Excellent communication throughout the process. Quick dropping us off at airport, and quick arriving to pick us up. The only negative was that the lot was a little hard to find due to lack of signage. Would definitely park here again when flying out of Palm Springs.

  • Michael S.Nov 30, 2021

    Owner and staff very helpful and professional. We were picked up right away and driven to our vehicle in their lot.

  • James F.Nov 30, 2021

    Great parking lot with fast service to the airport

  • Joshua N.Nov 30, 2021

    Convenient, easy, quick, what you’d want from parking

  • Sara L.Nov 30, 2021

    We had an excellent experience at The Lot. The shuttle was quick and the driver was super nice! We will definitely use The Lot again! Thank you!!

  • Rachelle W.Nov 29, 2021

    Awesome! Everyone I interacted with was great. Will definitely recommend and use again!

  • Sandra E.Nov 29, 2021

    Easy peasy....in and out. Great service. We will use this company again!

  • Sabina M.Nov 28, 2021

    I received a call the evening before alerting me that he over booked. I’m still waiting on my refund

  • Lisa P.Nov 28, 2021

    I had a reservation for parking 11.20-11.27.  I was advised of a flight change late on 11.19 that required an adjustment to our pick up time with you.  I attempted to contact you thru the customer service # provided on my parking confirmation and a text # sent to me for a previous reservation but did not receive a response.  Long story short, we parked in airport parking lot instead.  Need a refund for parking not used.

  • Lisa P.Nov 28, 2021

    I had a reservation for parking 11.20-11.27.  I was advised of a flight change late on 11.19 that required an adjustment to our pick up time with you.  I attempted to contact you thru the customer service # provided on my parking confirmation and a text # sent to me for a previous reservation but did not receive a response.  Long story short, we parked in airport parking lot instead.  Need a refund for parking not used.

  • Glenn W.Nov 28, 2021

    First class service. Highly recommended!

  • Bobby F.Nov 28, 2021

    This place was absolutely great. Even though it was Thanksgiving week and they were packed they still handled everything so well. Would definitely recommend this place.

  • Lloy K.Nov 27, 2021

    My reservation was canceled the day before I needed it and I had to pay $200 to park at the airport! Not very happy about this.

  • michael s.Nov 25, 2021

    Great service on a crowded thanksgiving weekend . The drivers are also extremely friendly. I’ve used them several times and I’ll definitely use them next time

  • Georganna Q.Nov 25, 2021

    Friendly, prompt service. We’ll park The Lot as PSP every time we need to fly out of and into Palm Springs. Great job, guys!

  • Ingrid T.Nov 25, 2021

    Fantastic fast and efficient service

  • Mariann S.Nov 24, 2021

    No time wasted getting us to the airport. Picked up on our return flight, smooth and easy.

  • James T.Nov 23, 2021

    Great stay safe and out of sight. Blake and Preston were amazing and very helpful and kind. Thank you for taking care of our car

  • Ragan R.Nov 23, 2021

    Great experience overall! I felt that my car was safe, and the shuttle was exactly on time - even at 4:30am. Communication was very prompt as well! I’ll definitely be using this service again in the future.

  • Dawn S.Nov 22, 2021

    Very prompt, accommodating and friendly driver!

  • Don F.Nov 22, 2021

    You made it very easy for us thank you

  • Stephanie S.Nov 22, 2021

    This place doesn't even exist!

  • Tami L.Nov 18, 2021

    No space, cars too close together

  • Constance A.Nov 18, 2021

    It was very good. My only suggestion would be to put better signage up so that it is easier to find.

  • KEVIN H.Nov 18, 2021

    The service was top notch as always. I have used their services several times and will continue to do so in the future. They are always on time to drop me off and pick me up. Again the service is great.

  • KEVIN H.Nov 18, 2021

    The service was top notch as always. I have used their services several times and will continue to do so in the future. They are always on time to drop me off and pick me up. Again the service is great.

  • John E.Nov 17, 2021

    Polite organized and on time. Making reservations was easy on line with excellent communication on the return. Blake was great to deal with .

  • Charles B.Nov 16, 2021

    Despite how kind Blake was, the whole experience was not commendable. I was left messages informing me that I couldn't be picked up at the time I had paid for. I was told that I had to be picked up 2 hours later than what I requested and pay for. The time that was stated they could pick me up would have made me miss my flight. The unfortunate part was that I was informed of the change at a very last minute. I was apologized to by Blake for the unfortunate circumstances. I was informed that I would be refunded my full payment.

  • Mark S.Nov 16, 2021

    Great Service Friendly Business

  • Lisa B.Nov 15, 2021

    Blake and Scott were wonderful! Blake was very punctual amd friendly with departure and arrival shuttling. His father, Scott was there to greet us with a friendly smile and a cold bottle of water. I was super impressed and will definitely park my car here again and let my family and friends know about them!

  • Kelli M.Nov 15, 2021

    Excellent service. Great communication. Will definitely continue to use The Lot and recommend Blake to others .

  • Donald L.Nov 13, 2021

    excellent alternative to on airport parking. Shuttle was great and on time when contacted. about 1/2 price of terminal parking

  • James B.Nov 11, 2021

    Less expensive, more secure, more convenient, and more friendly. Excellent experience.

  • Daniel M.Nov 09, 2021


  • Michael W.Nov 09, 2021

    Quick response and pickup at airport.

  • Stacy B.Nov 09, 2021

    I love the location of the lot, and I really liked Blake. He's laidback and funny, and was accessible even at a late hour. I appreciate his hospitality, and will never go anywhere else. Outstanding service for a great price.

  • David J.Nov 08, 2021

    Outstanding personnel and service!

  • Bob R.Nov 08, 2021

    I couldn’t have been any happier. Great service. I’ll be back.

  • Erin S.Nov 08, 2021

    Very personalized service. I was greeted when I parked my car and was offered a bottle of water. When you park your car in a lot, you want to know your car is going to be secure. The personalized service made me feel secure about leaving my car with them. I was given a ride to the airport and picked up upon my return in a very timely fashion. I will use them again on my next trip.

  • Judy P.Nov 08, 2021

    Everything went smoothly and folks there were great to work with. My vehicle was secure and the shuttle to and from the airport was quick and easy.

  • Ed K.Nov 07, 2021

    Everything went perfect. As advertised!

  • Donna V.Nov 07, 2021

    Great customer communication and service!!

  • Michael C.Nov 04, 2021

    Everything perfect at this lot.

  • Careena C.Nov 03, 2021

    This is by far the easiest, sweetest, way to park your car and catch a flight. Your car is safe, you avoid paying a high price per day, you are driven right to your airlines and then picked up very timely after you gather your bags on you return flight. Both Nick and Blake who run this auto park Inn, and are your drivers, are wonderful, trustworthy, caring people.

  • Todd C.Nov 02, 2021

    Outstanding customer service…..

  • Katherine W.Nov 02, 2021

    I’m a return customer and was just as happy this time as I was previously. It was very economical and the service is excellent.I would recommend to anyone traveling out of Palm Springs International

  • Marvin R.Oct 31, 2021

    It's easy and Nick is great. Recommended to anyone.

  • Barbara G.Oct 30, 2021

    First I would like to say how nice it is to have a long term parking option for Palm Springs airport. The lot is a little hard to find -not terrible just hard at 5 a.m. and not sure where you are going. The shuttle service is awesome, both for drop off and pick up. The parking area is secure and decently lit. I would not hesitate to use this lot again. Thanks Nick for providing this service!

  • Daniel b.Oct 30, 2021

    Easy to find. Our driver was friendly and courteous. Will definitely use this again.

  • Vickie S.Oct 29, 2021

    Easy smooth parking experience.

  • James J.Oct 28, 2021

    Nick runs a great facility! I always park in his lot when I fly out of PSP. Best price and outstanding customer service. Look no further, book here!

  • James B.Oct 27, 2021

    Start to finish, the experience was great! Will be returning. Thanks!

  • Donald B.Oct 27, 2021

    Close to airport. Quick trip to airport. Quick trip back, very short wait on Nick to pick us up. Will definitely use again.

  • Michael T.Oct 26, 2021

    Very good experience. Great service from the driver who drived me to the airport and picked me up.

  • KEVEN G.Oct 26, 2021

    Nick was awesome, my flight was cancelled 30 min after I checked in, and he promptly picked me back up and brought me back to my car. I was so pleased with the service, I wouldn't take the refund he offered me. Great experience will definitely use him for all future travels.

  • STEVEN C.Oct 26, 2021

    Wonderful experiance. Nick was great!

  • Julie F.Oct 26, 2021

    Parking was so easy & convenient and such a pleasure to deal with Nick. We will always park at his lot for future travel.

  • Jim K.Oct 25, 2021

    Nick was extremely nice and helpful . Great service,thanks

  • Rachel S.Oct 25, 2021

    Very seamless experience, super close to the airport, affordable compared to PSP parking, and felt that my car was safe and secure in the locked and gated parking area. I actually got delayed coming back home and had to leave my car at the lot an extra night - Nick was extremely accommodating and didn't even flinch at the hiccup. Will definitely be back!

  • Judi Z.Oct 24, 2021

    I'm so pleased to find this excellent parking facility just outside of the Palm Springs Airport . We were treated so well and will recommend this to all our neighbors

  • Patricia M.Oct 24, 2021

    Nick was great he was there to take us to the airport on time and picked us up right on time. Thank you we will be back for sure.

  • Robert D.Oct 24, 2021

    Parking was easy and great location. Nick gets five stars plus for customer service. Very pleasant experience and he was on for pick up. Its a pleasure to see people in business provide excellent customer service. Thank you and will you his service again.

  • Curtis B.Oct 21, 2021

    Great service. Quick ride and pick up at the airport.

  • Karen F.Oct 20, 2021

    No waiting for a ride. Very friendly and helpful. Will use again.

  • Kathrine F.Oct 20, 2021

    Was extremely happy with the location and service. Will definitely park there again!!

  • Amani F.Oct 20, 2021

    This place is awesome. Was ready to take us to the airport and when we returned, gave them a call and they were there within 10 minutes, fastest shuttle I have experienced!!

  • Diana D.Oct 20, 2021

    Nick provided superior service and I will definitely park here again and I have already recommended this facility to a friend.

  • Karen H.Oct 20, 2021

    Service was great. Very efficient. Car was well taken care of. Would definitely use them again.

  • Morgan G.Oct 18, 2021

    Great experience - friendly staff - thank you

  • Julia E.Oct 18, 2021

    Excellent! Just had trouble locating the lot. I will know where it is next time.

  • Kasse A.Oct 18, 2021

    I will never park anywhere else when flying from PSP. Thank you!

  • Katie P.Oct 16, 2021

    Excellent service as always! Nick is kind, courteous and easy to reach at all times. Traveling alone is stressful but here I know myself and my vehicle are in good hands!

  • Sharon S.Oct 16, 2021

    Great, efficient will definitely use them again and tell our friends.

  • Brittany J.Oct 16, 2021

    Easy and quick. Would definitely park here again.

  • Rhonda M.Oct 16, 2021

    We had a great trip! Nick was prompt and we will definitely use The Lot again!

  • Crystal G.Oct 14, 2021

    Thank you for providing safe, reliable and friendly service

  • Bobbie J.Oct 13, 2021

    Nick was there when we dropped off the car to shuttle us to the airport & he was there to pick us up & take us back to our car even after our flight got delayed & diverted❕

  • Glenn S.Oct 12, 2021

    Answered texts immediately when we needed to be picked up at the airport, great service!

  • Kevin H.Oct 12, 2021

    This lot was easy and convenient. The staff was prompt and friendly. I will definitely be referring and using this lot for all my travel needs out of palm springs.

  • angela h.Oct 12, 2021

    Easy to park, quick drop off and quick pickup. Location is so close to the airport. Super easy and Owner was really nice.

  • James J.Oct 11, 2021

    Outstanding parking facility! Will certainly use it next trip out of PSP!!

  • Maximilian M.Oct 10, 2021

    Thank you for keeping my vehicle safe! I will definitely recommend you guys

  • Peter B.Oct 07, 2021

    Great service and very convenient. I have used twice now and will again.

  • Diane T.Oct 07, 2021

    All was good, Nick took us to the airport bright and early @ 4:30 a.m. and came when we returned right away as well. He made it easy for us.

  • Michael R.Oct 05, 2021

    I thought it was good but I didn't really understand why there was an additional charge for the shuttle

  • kevin e.Oct 05, 2021

    One of the most headache free experiences I've had. Very efficient, professional and easy to use service.

  • Sharilyn E.Oct 05, 2021

    Quick service and very personable. Reasonable too

  • Michael B.Oct 05, 2021

    Thank you Nick for a pleasant and professional experience. You are personable and prompt. Next time we fly out of PS we will be using your service again. Thank you MBowers

  • Michael C.Oct 04, 2021

    The only choice for PSP. Great all-around.

  • Wayne A.Oct 04, 2021

    I had a great experience using instapark. Both the driver that helped us when we dropped off our vehicle and took us to the Airport and the driver that picked us up at the Airport were friendly and professional. instapark is a great travel aid that makes traveling that much easier and I would highly recommend them to anyone that wants to make their next trip a much more pleasant experience.

  • Jay C.Oct 04, 2021

    Excellent price, communication and accurate pick up/drop off times. Will definitely use again.

  • Ellen S.Oct 04, 2021

    Very easy, on time, comfortable with security for my car. Would recommend and will use again the next time I fly

  • Jess R.Sep 30, 2021

    Concierge style service at its best

  • Denis S.Sep 29, 2021

    Quick, easy and friendly service. Absolutely will use again the next time we leave town.

  • Christine O.Sep 29, 2021

    Great experience, profesional polite staff. Would 100% use again.

  • Eugene L.Sep 29, 2021

    They were prompt in taking & picking us up from the airport

  • Donna G.Sep 29, 2021

    Great find and great location! Professional, transfer to airport and back was efficient and timely. And reasonable pricing. Thanks Nick!

  • Susan M.Sep 29, 2021

    My days of long-term parking at the airport and/or using Uber to get there or over. It was a seamless, flawless, and fast experience; I’m grateful to have found this option when I travel by air.

  • Wally M.Sep 29, 2021

    Great value, great service. Very creative alternative for PSP mid to long term parking.

  • Andi H.Sep 28, 2021

    On time, helpful, easy. Highly recommended.

  • Daniel M.Sep 28, 2021

    Nick notified me prior to my arrival to ensure I found the lot without a problem. Very fast to and from the airport.

  • Scott S.Sep 28, 2021

    Such an easy parking experience! Glad I found The Lot!

  • Jay J.Sep 27, 2021

    Nick is always concerned about his customers. We appreciate his reaching out to make sure everything is right.

  • Jay J.Sep 27, 2021

    My wife broke her foot and we could not travel. Called The Auto Inn directly to tell the owner we would not be parking. We tried to cancel by contacting Instapark using email and phone. Could not connect with any one. As of now we have paid for parking that we did not use.

  • Brenton M.Sep 27, 2021

    So glad we have this company in Palm Springs. It is so comforting knowing your car is in great hands and the service is wonderful. I would give them a 10 if I could.

  • James K.Sep 26, 2021

    Although the location had changed, everyone at both places were very helpful. Even with a last minute flight change, the lot was still open and a schedule was ready. Upon me return one call got me on the road and in my own vehicle in a flash.

  • Forrest P.Sep 26, 2021

    So easy! Open at 4:30 am for early flights. Reserve, park, lock, shuttle to the airport. On return shuttle pickup was at the airport in 5 minutes. Clean, polite and flexible (our flight was 24 hours late...). We will use The Lot at PSP for all of our travel.

  • Thu H.Sep 24, 2021

    It was our first time using this parking option and will definitely use it again. Nick provided excellent service. I highly recommend this parking option.

  • Darlene S.Sep 23, 2021

    By far the best option. They were on time and very professional. No more Uber for me, this was so convenient

  • Kendell K.Sep 22, 2021

    Great option to parking at PSP! Fast friendly and affordable!

  • Terry W.Sep 22, 2021

    Had a little problem finding the lot, texted Nick and he guided us right to the lot gate. Nick was very friendly and professional the whole experience was great

  • Mary V.Sep 21, 2021

    The service was pleasant. This was my first time flying out of Palm Springs. I initially looked for a more affordable parking lot than the airport. But my experience outweighed my original search. The attendant were patient, courteous, and helpful. Plus they shuttled you over to the airport. It was such a personal customer service experience.

  • Mary V.Sep 21, 2021

    The service was pleasant. This was my first time flying out of Palm Springs. I initially look for a more affordable parking lot than the airport. But my experience outweighed my original search. The attendant were patient, courteous, and helpful. Plus they shuttled you over to the airport. It was such a personal customer service experience.

  • Paula T.Sep 21, 2021

    We had a hard time finding the lot in the dark! But other than that we had no problems. Love that the lot is so close to the airport.

  • Lee F.Sep 21, 2021

    Excellent, professional service

  • Janet C.Sep 21, 2021

    I arrived at the address at 2:00 as scheduled. There was no signage except for a Parking sign which could be for any business. The buildings at the address were locked and vacant. I drove up to the gate and it was closed and no one was around. I drove around the block a couple times thinking I had the wrong address. I stopped at the Tire store next door and inquired and they told me I was at the right address so I drove back up to the gate and called out and tried to open the gate. I could not open the gate and no one responded (by now it was almost 2:30) so I decided to just park at the airport. Once I arrived at the airport I saw a voicemail from the Lot so I called back and explained that I could not get any response at the Lot so I was now at the airport just in time for boarding my flight. I was informed that I would be refunded the parking fee. There needs to be better signage and instructions. The guy at the Tire store told me I wasn't the first person who had trouble finding the Lot. I was very disappointed and started thinking the whole think was a scam. The location is great but there needs to be better signage and someone at the gate!

  • James J.Sep 20, 2021

    Outstanding service and a great parking facility...will definitely return next trip out of PSP!

  • Nancy T.Sep 19, 2021

    Great place to park only a few minutes away from the airport. The service is fast and easy to comunícate. I felt my car was safe and secure.

  • Carl P.Sep 17, 2021

    Easy, professional, prompt….Nick was great!

  • Caryl C.Sep 16, 2021

    I would recommend this parking service to anyone. Nick was on time and very professional.

  • Jess R.Sep 16, 2021

    Nick handled everything perfectly

  • Robert C.Sep 15, 2021

    Great service. Drop off and pick up from airport was excellent. Highly recommend this parking if leaving long or short term.

  • Peter B.Sep 15, 2021

    Excellent service and a real convenience. Nick is a pro!

  • Gina H.Sep 14, 2021

    Always on time and very helpful. Very nice SUV shuttle. Friendly too.

  • Irma N.Sep 14, 2021

    The ride to and from the airport.

  • Karen L T.Sep 14, 2021

    Nick, Thank you for the great first time experience and service. Will park here again when traveling!

  • Bethan c.Sep 13, 2021

    Could not have been better! Reliable, courteous and punctual. I would totally recommend Nick

  • John S.Sep 10, 2021

    Excellent service as usual. Car was immaculately cleaned.

  • Zina B.Sep 09, 2021

    My second time using this service! Nick is awesome!!

  • Leslie P.Sep 09, 2021

    Overall was a great experience. Made traveling that much less stressful

  • Vincent B.Sep 09, 2021

    Quick pickup after getting our bags.

  • Jasmine S.Sep 08, 2021

    Such a great experience! Would definitely recommend and would use this place again. Five stars.

  • Jim G.Sep 07, 2021

    Super convenient location and excellent service! Why park anywhere else. InstaPark is my new go-to for PSP parking.

  • Forrest B.Sep 07, 2021

    Best place I have ever parked.

  • Joseph B.Sep 06, 2021

    Reasonable price, excellent service.

  • Maria R.Sep 04, 2021

    I felt very comfortable leaving my car, the gentleman was super nice and my car was just the way I left it which is all I can ask for. So overall great experience!

  • Jan S.Sep 02, 2021

    Easy! No hassle parking! Ride to the terminal was quick. Thanks!!!

  • Tommi L.Sep 02, 2021

    Fantastic experience all the way around and I highly recommend this service. Prompt, polite and professional. I will use them again in a heart beat. What a great find. Five Stars!!!!!

  • Ami S.Sep 01, 2021

    Car was safe, friendly staff, great experience. It was quick and easy. Shuttle was there quickly at drop off and pick up.

  • Eric C.Aug 31, 2021

    Drop off was quick and stress-free. My car was safe and secure. Pick-up was easy. It was a nice experience!

  • Kimberly C.Aug 31, 2021

    Awesome service! Would recommend to anybody needing parking for flights. Will be using this service every time I fly out of psp

  • JaVita W.Aug 30, 2021

    I will definitely be using this lot for all future flights out of Palm Springs. Nick and the other gentleman (I forget his name) were so pleasant and made the short trip enjoyable. I’d recommend The Lot to anyone flying out of PSP.

  • Maureen M.Aug 27, 2021

    My first experience with Auto Inn did not disappoint. Nick was amazing. Very courteous, professional and timely from the minute I pulled into the lot to bringing me to the airport and picking me up upon my arrival. He went above and beyond service as my tire warning light came on driving to Palm Springs…he said he would take care of my tires (apparently all 4 were low) and he followed through…when I returned he had filled my tires to where they needed to be. My only regret was that I did not have cash on hand to tip him for filling my tires…hopeful I can send him monies in the mail to show my appreciation. I have boasted about Nick and his business to several family members and friends and hope his business will continue to thrive for a very long time. Thank you,Nick, from one extremely satisfied and on-going customer.

  • Erik R.Aug 26, 2021

    Great service, affordable, definitely recommended and will use in the future.

  • Jason J.Aug 26, 2021

    Simple process very friendly shuttle driver Blake super nice guy no complaints

  • Ronny C.Aug 26, 2021

    It was a great experience; easily accessible parking pick up and drop off were seamless! I will use them again!

  • Breeanna J.Aug 25, 2021

    I love this place. Have used The Auto Inn multiple times. They are very professional and easy to do business with. They are really close to the airport as well. Nick is very cool and helpful.

  • Jesus P.Aug 24, 2021

    This was an awesome experience! They were on time, quick, respectful, and very professional. I will definitely use this service and recommend it to others. Thank you for having such a great service.

  • Patricia A.Aug 23, 2021

    It was easy! Blake the rep was TERRIFIC. The price was SO reasonable so DO NOT change it. More people need to learn about InstaPark.

  • Karen M.Aug 22, 2021

    Nick was so kind and courteous. He helped me with my baggage and made sure I was safe before he left. I would highly recommend this parking lot to any other. I will definitely use them again!

  • NORMAN W.Aug 21, 2021

    All around this was a fine, professional, and friendly experience. Parked Car was in great shape upon pickup. drive to and from airport was ideal. Good people working with an innovative concept will make for a promising and successful operation.

  • Mary K.Aug 21, 2021

    I will recommend this parking service to EVERYONE! I dealt with Blake. He was super in every way. Kind. Welcoming. Gentle personality. Spot on with timing to get me to and from the airport. Best service. Could not ask for better.

  • Gina H.Aug 20, 2021

    Shuttle is very reliable and convenient. Very professional service.

  • Todd R.Aug 20, 2021

    The website provides an address for the parking lot. I arrived and found the office and lot vacant. After calling and not reaching anyone, we proceeded to the airport to pay $25 more than planned at PSP. I'd have given 1 star and a horrible review had the representative at the lot not contacted me personally within the hour asking if I needed assistance finding the lot since they had moved. He explained that the website is somehow not updated to reflect their new location. He was very polite and promptly offered a full refund. However, a week later it had not yet posted. I contacted him again after which he again blamed the website for not processing my refund. (starting to sound lame if not fishy) But he sent me the money immediately via Zelle. It led me to believe this is being run by folks who are unreliable.

  • Katherine K.Aug 20, 2021

    Blake was terrific. He shuttled us to and from the airport, and the daily rates are reasonable. I will definitely use this company again.

  • Scott A.Aug 18, 2021

    They provide great service! I will use them again.

  • Brenton M.Aug 18, 2021

    This is a awesome company. They have great service. Coachella Valley is so lucky to have this off site parking .

  • gina s.Aug 16, 2021

    I liked that I did not have to wait at any point of this experience. I am inpatient! Blake was so nice and sleepy at 5am, most important he promised not go joy riding in my minivan. The pick up was just as lovely! I will tell a friend and absolutely use your services again. Thank you, gina

  • Brian G.Aug 15, 2021

    Nick and team are awesome! Very quick to respond to both calls and texts. I will definitely be using them next time I fly and will be recommending them to friends and colleagues.

  • MaryAnn A.Aug 14, 2021

    Great car parking service! Blake, you are awesome. Very efficient, happy, and kind. My car was well taken care of. I was dropped and picked up very quickly. Really super company. I would highly recommend! Thank you for being a quality company!

  • Debra F.Aug 13, 2021

    Excellent service and price! Drop off and pick up were seamless and took less than 5 minutes.

  • Diane A.Aug 12, 2021

    Excellent service! I time drop off and pickup. Friendly staff!

  • Jennifer J.Aug 10, 2021

    Easy drop off and pick up when I returned. Blake was very helpful!

  • Daniel b.Aug 10, 2021

    Will definitely use this service from now on and recommend to all of my friends. So convenient! And the service was excellent.

  • Laura T.Aug 10, 2021

    Great experience, very easy and Blake our shuttle driver was so nice and professional.

  • Gavin M.Aug 09, 2021

    Great experience, quick pickup at the airport, can’t ask for more.

  • Annie D.Aug 09, 2021

    Amazing as always. Wouldn’t park anywhere else.

  • Eddie H.Aug 07, 2021

    Great customer service and speedy service. Highly recommended.

  • Kelly C.Aug 07, 2021

    Highly recommend auto Inn for all your parking needs! Extremely helpful and professional!

  • stan f.Aug 05, 2021

    Our driver was wonderful!! We were very satisfied.Thanks

  • Scott A.Aug 05, 2021

    Excellent Service. My flight was delayed and they had no problem with the changes. They even called me to check in.

  • Kelli M.Aug 03, 2021

    Nick was awesome. We had a super early morning flight out and a very late return. He was very easy to work with. We found this to be much easier than parking at the airport and having to haul our luggage to and from the terminal.

  • Crystal G.Aug 03, 2021

    What a great find Auto Inn was for us! Super easy online booking and payment, great customer service and timely communication when our return flight was delayed. Thank you, Auto Inn of Palm Springs!

  • Jay J.Aug 02, 2021

    Convenient. Shuttle service is quick. Shuttles are very clean. Drivers are polite, professional and helpful

  • micaela b.Aug 02, 2021

    Nick is awesome! He picks up on time and was very professional. Will definitely use this service again.

  • James J.Aug 01, 2021

    Outstanding service at a reasonable price. I will definitely use these guys again next trip!

  • marti M.Jul 31, 2021

    Their shuttle to airport was fast. But it took longer than expected to get picked up at the airport. Took at least a half hour after several texts and 1 call. I will try this service again but if I have to wait so long to get picked up again I probably won’t. Wasn’t clear about how the pick up from airport was suppose to be handled.

  • Jerilynn K.Jul 29, 2021

    Very efficient, quick transit to airport and pickup and most of all great attitude by all. Thanks - will definitely use your service again.

  • Domingo E.Jul 28, 2021

    Who the fuck is Domingo Enriquez and why am I getting this email?

  • Elizabeth E.Jul 28, 2021

    Everything was great. Reservations, parking, shuttle.

  • eric b.Jul 27, 2021

    Very accommodating. Would definitely recommend.

  • Michelle B.Jul 27, 2021

    Great experience! Nick and Blake were very professional. Truck was safe. First time to use the Auto Inn. Nick went out of his way to help me. I left an item in my bag that need to stay in my truck. Nick came back to the airport and picked it up for me. Then he placed it in my truck. Blake was very kind and awake at 1230 am when my 2 hour delayed flight finaly came in. I will definitely use Auto Inn again. Professional safe and inexpensive

  • Deborah P.Jul 27, 2021

    Blake was wonderful. I had taken the wrong way to Palm Spgs and he guided me all the way. He went above and beyond to be available to help me get to the airport on time. Blake is an exceptional employee!

  • Roberto V.Jul 26, 2021

    Easy to do, great service! Appreciate the fact that even though we came back late. We got a ride from the airport to our car. Thanks

  • Annette H.Jul 26, 2021

    The absolute best airport parking experience ever! Excellent service with some very honest, hardworking men. Would use it again in a heartbeat!

  • Michelle D.Jul 25, 2021

    My experience was excellent I would definitely recommend them

  • Lisa P.Jul 25, 2021

    Shuttle never showed up. Called customer service who assured me that shuttle would be there, waited 15 minutes past pick up time ... no shuttle. Left and parked at Palm Springs Airporr. Added stress to an already stressful travel day. Not cool.

  • Eddie H.Jul 23, 2021

    This place was great. They checked my reservation and had me on the way to the airport in no time. They gave me a card with a number to call when I returned. My wait was 5 minutes! I highly recommend!

  • Norma M.Jul 23, 2021

    Professional, friendly, responsive, made us feel like our business was much appreciated.

  • 7 P.Jul 23, 2021

    Since we don't fly often at all, we were happy to find an alternative for more reasonably priced parking for our car. We were very satisfied with the safety of the premises, and also how efficient the whole process was...including the shuttle waiting for us when we arrived at 5:00 a.m and how courteous the drivers were. We will use this parking facility again.

  • John C.Jul 22, 2021

    Neil and Blake are very professional and kind. We parked near and were transported to and from the airport in a timely manner. I’ll definitely use them again.

  • Linda B.Jul 21, 2021

    Was better than expected. The experience was so friendly and easy.

  • Robert C.Jul 21, 2021

    GREAT! Driver was courteous and on time! Will definitely use again!

  • Robert C.Jul 20, 2021

    Great experience! Driver was very courteous and picked us up very quickly on our return! Will definitely use again!

  • Andrew M.Jul 20, 2021

    It was a little difficult to figure out which building to go to when arriving! Same signs, not a horrible experience but also didn’t see any signs saying they couldn’t take our 7 month old baby in the car seat with us.

  • Roxanne G.Jul 18, 2021

    Nick was awesome He explained everything. Took care of my car shuttled us to the airport it was easy peasy. totally recommend him and use him again had peace of mind when I was on my trip.

  • Roxanne G.Jul 18, 2021

    Nick was awesome He explained everything. Took care of my car shuttled us to the airport it was easy peasy. totally recommend him and use him again had peace of mind when I was on my trip.

  • KEVIN H.Jul 16, 2021

    This was my 2nd time using this service. They were extremely personable and did not hesitate to accommodate any changes that may arise. I will definitely be using them again.

  • CJ O.Jul 16, 2021

    Friendly easy process. Very punctual shuttle service. Recommend this service very reasonable. Cant beat the service and quality.

  • CJ O.Jul 16, 2021

    Friendly easy process. Very punctual shuttle service. Recommend this service very reasonable. Cant beat the service and quality.

  • Sandra E.Jul 15, 2021

    Easy-peasy. Great service. Very prompt and courteous. We will use this company again.

  • michael s.Jul 13, 2021

    Friendly staff, easy to use and great service

  • Joy R.Jul 11, 2021

    My flight had changed and it was easy to change my reservation. I use the shuttle service and it was quick in both directions. I’m sure I’ll use this parking lot again if I go out of Palm Springs. Great service The best I’ve had in any parking area.

  • Kelly S.Jul 11, 2021

    We had a great experience! The service was very convenient and efficient. Will definitely use the next time we travel.

  • Mel M.Jul 11, 2021

    I always use The Auto Inn to park my car when I'm traveling. They're reliable, courteous and make it so easy to travel.

  • Rachelle W.Jul 10, 2021

    Great experience. Friendly, fast service. Will definitely use again!

  • James J.Jul 09, 2021

    Great service at a competitive rate! Drop off and pickup were a breeze. Will definitely be using The Auto Inn again on our next trip out of PSP!

  • Zina B.Jul 08, 2021

    I had an A+ experience! Great service!

  • Mark C.Jul 08, 2021

    Friendly staff, easy parking experience. Private shuttle (+$) was well worth it.

  • Kayla B.Jul 08, 2021

    They were so great and accommodating, will be telling everyone I know to use them!

  • John R.Jul 08, 2021

    Everything was great. Price, ease of apps. Drop off, shuttles. Pickup. This was a fantastic experience. Would recommend this service to anyone flying out of Palm Springs.

  • John R.Jul 08, 2021

    Everything was great. Price, ease of apps. Drop off, shuttles. Pickup. This was a fantastic experience. Would recommend this service to anyone flying out of Palm Springs.

  • Vincent B.Jul 08, 2021

    Everything was great. Got to airport with no delay, and pickup was also very quick.

  • Angela W.Jul 08, 2021

    Excellent customer service, not quite a very friendly demeanor. It got the job done and my car was safe. I felt bad because I extended my stay by one night and had no cash to pay for the extra night. Otherwise it was a good experience.

  • JAMES L.Jul 07, 2021

    First class operation. On time, patient, helpful. Upon return , our car was cool and in the shade with engine running and ac on. It was 112 degrees that after Price is fair/reasonable. Could not be more pleased. Dr. James Lough

  • David D.Jul 07, 2021

    The entire experience was great… I already told 3 people about your services and we’ve only been back less than 24 hours..

  • Sue C.Jul 07, 2021

    Great price and wonderful customer service I will definitely come back

  • Jaculin P.Jul 05, 2021

    Loved the prompt service, in spite of our return flight being delayed. Communication response was great and we always knew you were aware of our arrival back to PSP. Will definitely use again, if needed. Thank you!

  • carlisa m.Jul 05, 2021

    It was awesome. Simple and the driver/owner was polite.

  • ROB K.Jul 05, 2021

    Set up my car's overnight stay for a few days with Nick at the Auto Inn. Everything went perfectly. Very professional, prompt, and most of all made me feel safe and secure knowing my vehicle was in a good close-by place while I was out of town. I'd always recommend the Auto Inn to anyone who needs a great place.

  • Sherry B.Jul 01, 2021

    Clean, nice parking center. It was super convenient- Nick shuttled me to the airport a few blocks away as soon as I got there. I didn’t need a shuttle back but gave him a heads up I was coming to pick up and he had my car ready.

  • Michael G.Jun 30, 2021

    It was as expected and the shuttle was timely.

  • Rosalinda D.Jun 26, 2021

    We were happy everyone was nice we'll use again.

  • LARRY M.Jun 25, 2021

    Easy, nice folks, saved a lot, will do it again

  • Jason K.Jun 23, 2021

    Quick, easy, and nice staff. Definitely will use again when flying out of Palm Springs.

  • Jess R.Jun 20, 2021

    Great experience, so pleased with the service

  • Christina S.Jun 17, 2021

    This place is one of the deserts hidden secrets. An easy, safe, and efficient way to park your car and enjoy your trip.

  • Kenneth L.Jun 15, 2021

    Easy peasy from start to finish actually forgot to text arrival time so didn’t text till plane was on ground even then wait time was only 10-15 minutes to be picked up from airport exactly the service I needed after a flight auto inn was great TSA on other hand oh boy

  • Josh N.Jun 10, 2021

    Friendly, fast, convenient as always!

  • Paulo B.Jun 06, 2021

    Best service ever. Convenient and reliable. Nick took great care of us. We were always able to reach him on the phone to exchange flight details, pick up times and to answer any question we had. Forget browsing for other services... this is it!

  • Michael C.Jun 04, 2021

    Tried rebooking this because someone in my family ( that was traveling with us) needed to be tested for COVID the day before our flight, and therefore needed to rebook our Instapark reservation, flight, etc. Rescheduling every other aspect of our trip was relatively easy, except for Instapark. We contacted them with less than 24 hours notice due to the situation but they were not willing to help so now we’re out over $100. We will not be rebooking with them when we do officially take our trip.

  • Cody B.Jun 02, 2021

    I’ll will definitely be doing this again. Thank you

  • Anna H.Jun 02, 2021

    I worked with both Nick and Blake. Both were kind, professional, and on time. Would recommend this versus parking at the airport any day!

  • Danny G.Jun 02, 2021

    The best, professional will use every time I go to Palm Springs

  • Heidi T.Jun 01, 2021

    Quick and friendly service! Less than 5 minutes from the airport.

  • Susan H.May 27, 2021

    Convenient and great service. Arrived promptly to pick us up. Would highly recommend them.

  • ROBERTA K.May 27, 2021

    They made it so easy to leave my car with them, get to the airport in plenty of time for my flight and they picked me up two minutes after I called. I will definitely use them again and recommend them to others.

  • Bakhita N.May 26, 2021

    Wish i found out about Auto inn sooner. No stress at all and the ride to the airport is only 5mins away. The fact you're able to schedule your parking online is just convenient. This is how every business should be run......no stress.

  • Thomas C.May 26, 2021

    The owner (who is also the shuttle driver) was the best. We will for sure park there again if we fly anywhere.

  • DAVID L.May 26, 2021

    Excellent experience. Will use again and recommend

  • Carolyn H.May 24, 2021

    Efficient and friendly service!

  • Kellen E.May 22, 2021

    The young man who brought us to the airport was really great. The man that picked me up was interesting. I called him from a payphone when I arrived because I had lost my phone and he me told me at least 4 times that I should have followed directions and texted him!? I said I dont have a phone!! Added unneeded stress. Then he questioned how i called the number, the 1st young man was nice enough to give me a business card. He then said He had to move a bunch of cars. No problem. he apologized for the wait, (was only 5 mins) and then gave me directions thankfully bc I still had no phone to access a map. I think a great service to add would be helping people with their bags in and out of the car

  • Carol D.May 21, 2021

    Everything went smooth & made my trip easy.

  • Erich Z.May 16, 2021

    Really fast pickup and drop off. Friendly staff. No waiting on the phone. Short wait at airport for pickup. And really worth the money.

  • John T.May 14, 2021

    easy in, easy out, thank you ! !

  • KEVIN H.May 14, 2021

    I received outstanding service. I will definitely use them again and I will recommend to other people in need of parking. I was beyond satisfied with my whole experience.

  • Gina H.May 12, 2021

    Very nice service. Will definitely use again. Timely pick up upon return flight too.

  • Rachael R.May 05, 2021

    Super easy to find and good prices. The driver who took me to and from the airport, Blake, was awesome too!

  • Sanjeev G.May 04, 2021

    Excellent outdoor parking and Nick and his staff were awesome. The shuttle service was great.

  • Jay J.Apr 29, 2021

    Shuttle service is quick and timely. Car was kept safe. Will use agaim.

  • Robert C.Apr 23, 2021

    Very easy experience! Nick was promoted, knowledgeable and very courteous! Will definately use this service again.

  • Marilyn B.Apr 14, 2021

    Pick up and delivery was very efficient. Thank you. Will use you again

  • Yvette T.Apr 03, 2021


  • Michael W.Mar 31, 2021

    Great experience. Driver was courteous and the shuttle to and from the airport went smoothly. We would definitely use the service again!

  • Brandy C.Mar 30, 2021

    Nick was kind, professional and quick. I was nervous since I was traveling with my daughter. It was effortless. I’m so grateful.

  • John L.Mar 30, 2021

    Great service in both directions!

  • Stan M.Mar 29, 2021

    Great to park with easy access and customer service

  • Denise R.Mar 29, 2021

    Nick was rude upon pick up.. I didn’t know which direction he needed me to lug my suitcases to be in the hidden spot he needs to obscure his business but when he pulled up he said “ get in” I looked at him like the hell? Help with my bags dude! Never again!!!!! I don’t know who seen this but very BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE AND YELP SHOULD BE THE NEXT BUYER BEWARE FEEDBACK!!!

  • Jennifer F.Mar 25, 2021

    Only a few minutes from the airport. Nick was quick to communicate and was on time.

  • Mike P.Mar 23, 2021

    “Nick” & Greg were top-shelf. We had our flight canceled @ the last minute, hours before our arrival time @ instal-park & they adjusted their schedules to accommodate us. Nick was on time as usual. Not to mention the significant savings over airport parking. Nick is always friendly, he makes you feel like his friend. Excellent service, I don’t know why anyone would go anywhere else.

  • Adin T.Mar 18, 2021

    Great service! Will use again!

  • Brian G.Mar 17, 2021

    Quick and professional service! I’ll definitely be using them again when I fly out of Palm Springs.

  • Estuardo M.Mar 17, 2021

    I liked the place and the price was fair. It is literally 3 minutes away from the airport. Mike was very helpful and responsive. I would recommend this place.

  • Allan P.Mar 16, 2021

    Affordable, close to airport and is reliable. Definitely recommend for long term parking.

  • Peter S.Mar 11, 2021

    Easy to park, quick pick up, friendly driver, We will definitely be back!

  • Gilbert D.Mar 10, 2021

    Wow...this could not have been any better than it was. Easy to find... very close to the airport...Nick was there to greet us as we parked the car. Got the bags loaded and off we went !! He gave us instructions for what to do when we return from our trip....met us there when we arrived and got our bags and off we went .....back to Auto Inn. I really recommend it to everyone...Great experience and will surely use it again. Thank you Nick

  • Kirk D.Mar 07, 2021

    Nick was incredible. On point, on time and congenial to a butthead driver that wasn’t smart enough to understand if you park on the curb, you won’t be the first one out. We will be back. Fantastic experience

  • Norman H.Mar 05, 2021

    Wonderful service. Nick was great. Just dropped the car off and they took care of the rest.

  • Liz H.Mar 04, 2021

    Nick was awesome, quick to get me to the airport, on time pick up, responds to any questions. I felt my car was in safe hands, car interior vacuumed and clean Would highly recommend and use again

  • Ayelet C.Mar 04, 2021

    Lots of confusion. Terrible staff and service. I would not recommend this to anyone.

  • Robb R.Mar 03, 2021

    Great, personal, first class service!! Nick did a great job! Will definitely use again and will tell my friends.

  • Alba C.Feb 27, 2021

    Nick was very courteous and prompt.

  • Steve T.Feb 27, 2021

    Great friendly service with clean vehicles. Nick was timely and courteous. Could not suggest any changes!

  • Eddie C.Feb 26, 2021

    What a great experience! Quick service and super convenient.

  • Vincent M.Feb 25, 2021

    Great service. Quick and efficient parking and shuttle to airport and back. Would recommend and use again.

  • Carol W.Feb 25, 2021

    Close to the airport. Prompt drop off and pick up.

  • Bruce S.Feb 18, 2021

    Facility was too notch and secure. Location is perfect. Shuttle experience was professional and friendly. Great experience.

  • Frank B.Feb 16, 2021

    Easy and much cheaper than the airport lot!!!!

  • Frank H.Feb 16, 2021

    Thank you Nick from Auto Inn. Top notch service. Great communication, prompt, friendly. The Auto Inn will be our new parking place when we travel through Palm Springs. Thanks again Nick

  • Tammy S.Feb 15, 2021

    Easy and fast service. Will use them again.

  • William R.Feb 11, 2021

    Excellent Service. Nick was prompt and courteous. Will do business with them again.

  • Joseph B.Feb 09, 2021

    The guy nick! Who I assume owns the business is super super nice! And very friendly the place is super easy to find! And super safe! I left my car there for a week and literally nothing was wrong! He also provided shuttle to the airport and gosh he had some nice cars to shuttle us in! Thank you nick for everything! 10/10 best place to park your car!!!

  • Ellen M.Feb 08, 2021

    Small personable business with secured outdoor parking lot in nice small industry neighborhood. Airport shuttle operated by business owner, who is very personable and easy to work with. Would absolutely recommend this service for anyone needing long term parking for Palm Springs airport. High quality standards are obvious.

  • Thomas M.Feb 05, 2021

    Excellent customer service. Nick was great. He was on time for pick up from PSP airport. I would recommend this place to friends and family.

  • Raymond M.Feb 03, 2021

    Very easy and well set up. Nick did a great job on departure and arrival.

  • Greg L.Jan 31, 2021

    Excellent service and Nick was fantastic.

  • Trudie H.Jan 29, 2021

    Service was prompt both arriving and departing. Nick was friendly, helpful and courteous.

  • Bret R.Jan 20, 2021

    Excellent service. We will be using this service again.

  • Gary M.Jan 05, 2021

    Everything was great We will definitely be a return costumer

  • Todd B.Jan 04, 2021

    It was efficient and friendly. Great experience.

  • Christy M.Jan 04, 2021

    Excellent experience will be a returning customer for sure.

  • Judy W.Jan 03, 2021

    Nick is amazing and super helpful. He cares about you and makes sure you get to and from where you are going safely.

  • John C.Dec 30, 2020

    Best long term parking rates and shuttle service near the Palm Springs airport, a clean and secure place to store your car while away.

  • Kathleen R.Dec 29, 2020

    They parked the car for me which was easy, received a ride to airport immediately & on return phoned & they were there in minutes! Will use them from now on when we fly out of Palm Springs!!

  • Brenda E.Dec 12, 2020

    Nick was personable, courteous & professional. Parking was a breeze & the shuttle service was easy and timely. I will always park here when flying PSP

  • Joshua N.Dec 05, 2020

    Good service. Got the wash. Truck was clean and looked great.

  • Laneea A.Dec 03, 2020

    It was an awesome experience! I will use the every time!

  • Eljon M.Dec 01, 2020

    Nick was prompt friendly and professional. Would definitely recommend his services.

  • Frances A.Dec 01, 2020

    Wonderful service. Reliable and reasonable prices.

  • Zach C.Nov 30, 2020

    Nick was great! Will definitely be back!

  • AJ R.Nov 30, 2020

    Parking with Auto Inn was a great experience. Nick was great at communicating and on time for drop off and pick up.

  • Larry R.Nov 30, 2020

    There were no issues of any kind. Highly recommended. Great communication, immediate service...

  • S K.Nov 26, 2020

    Parking at the Auto Inn was easy with almost instant shuttle departure to airport. Pickup at the end of my trip was super convenient with very quick arrival and return to pick up my vehicle. Thank you Nick for a great experience! Highly recommend!

  • Paul S.Nov 12, 2020

    Nick our transfer/parking assistant was great. Professional, Covid savy, personable. Would highly recommend.

  • Joyce H.Nov 10, 2020

    Great service, I will defiantly use it again if I ever need parking!

  • mike p.Nov 09, 2020

    Great experience will use again

  • Carley Z.Nov 08, 2020

    Call the owner directly when you make the reservation and he’ll coordinate a free ride for you as well!!! I will always use him when flying at this airport. Awesome dude

  • Kathleen H.Nov 01, 2020

    This is the PLACE. If you are looking for off airport parking this is it. Nick makes it so easy and reasonable. And he is polite and professional. Thanks again Nick

  • Eljon M.Oct 26, 2020

    Nick was prompt, speedy and very professional. Will definitely use in the future.

  • Dale B.Oct 25, 2020

    Everything went well and we would definitely use this service again!

  • Kip C.Oct 25, 2020

    Real good, a bargain! Nick was great. I'll be going here instead of the PSP airport everytime...

  • Careena C.Oct 22, 2020

    Loved it, easy, professional, kind, friendly, trustworthy and totally there for you! Thank you! I will use you again and recommend you to friends!

  • Kathleen G.Oct 21, 2020

    Customer service was excellent and Nick was the absolute professional. My husband made the arrangements after looking at alternatives and felt very comfortable with the process from start to finish. We will certainly be back during our travels and parking needs!

  • Leticia J.Oct 21, 2020

    Nick was right there to pick me up at the airport thats a +

  • Raquel M.Oct 21, 2020

    So glad I found Instapark to use, flying out of Palm Springs Airport. It was so close to the airport, like 2 minutes away. Parking was convenient , area clean & private. The shuttle to & from the airport was waiting for me when I arrived. Nick was very helpful, friendly but professional. He called the night before to confirm the reservation, then all you have to do is call him on your way back to confirm your arrival time & he was prompt. I highly recommend Instapark & will definitely use it again!

  • Mike P.Oct 20, 2020

    Nick offers an excellent alternative to airport parking saving you lots of cash & even offers indoor parking. You park @ his place & he shuttles you back & forth to PSP. We’ll use his service again!

  • Eldon Lee S.Oct 13, 2020

    Prompt pick up and return even though 5:30 a.m. on a Sunday and 9:15 p.m. on a Saturday.

  • Kathy L.Oct 12, 2020

    Great place! The owner was amazing. Perfect Airport parking experience.

  • Stephen D.Oct 07, 2020

    Excellent service and very convenient. Only issue was instapark inadvertently charged credit card twice for reservation. We should be receiving a credit soon. Thanks

  • Eric R.Oct 06, 2020

    Our reservation was for 4 am . When we arrived they were closed and no one around . We had to park at the airport and pay again there . I would not recommend

  • Madalyn H.Oct 06, 2020

    I am so thrilled I decided to park my car at the Auto Inn rather than paying for on-site airport parking! Nick was super easy to work with and get ahold of. He was there to pick me up and drop me off right on time! My flight plans changed and I needed to keep my car at the facility an extra night and there was no hassle. I'm thrilled I found this place and will continue to use them when I go out of town!

  • David A.Sep 21, 2020

    Great parking and very responsive. Used the airport shuttle, very responsive!!

  • Sandra C.Sep 21, 2020

    Great experience. Will use again.

  • Trudie H.Sep 17, 2020

    Service was good. Nick was very nice.

  • Sandra T.Sep 14, 2020

    Super convenient location and shuttle service was great.

  • Renee R.Sep 10, 2020

    Extremely convenient option for parking. I felt safe leaving my car there, and it was cheaper than parking at the airport. Not only that, but the shuttle service offered made this possibly the most painless trip to the airport of all time. I will definitely be parking at The Auto Inn next time I fly out of PSP and highly recommend it.

  • Nicole I.Sep 10, 2020

    Nick was great. I got to the airport and completely forgot my cell phone in my car. He made me feel like It was no problem at all to go back and grab it and reassured me I’d make my flight just fine. My car was completely safe for my week gone. Thank you Nick!

  • Marc L.Sep 10, 2020

    Nick, of The Auto Inn, provided us with wonderful personalized service. He was waiting for us upon our arrival back in Palm Springs airport and shuttled is to our car, which was immaculately clean after being stored for a week.

  • Dustin M.Sep 09, 2020

    Excellent experience my wife and I will be using the auto inn’s services for a long time to come

  • Jessica W.Aug 18, 2020

    Great customer service. Perfect all around.

  • Briana A.Aug 10, 2020

    Booked very last min, after business hours, to park for a few days while I flew out of town and the owner replied to me right away to assist! Super friendly! Quick! Easy! Safe! Car is on a camera monitored. Cheaper than airport parking.

  • Jill M.Aug 08, 2020

    Easy to book. Felt safe parking there.

  • Kathleen H.Aug 08, 2020

    Nick was a very personable individual. He was clean, on time and never keeps you waiting. Gets you to and from the airport promptly. The vehicle was perfect for all 5 of us and our luggage.

  • Kathleen H.Aug 08, 2020

    Nick was a very personable individual. He was clean, on time and never keeps you waiting. Gets you to and from the airport promptly. The vehicle was perfect for all 5 of us and our luggage.

  • Terry K.Aug 01, 2020

    Awesome customer service. Short ride to airport. Airline had long delay and it was no problem for instapark! We will definitely use instapark again.

  • Emma R.Aug 01, 2020

    Super convenient! Car was there to take us to airport as soon as we arrived at lot. Would definitely use again.

  • Robert H.Jul 28, 2020

    Anytime I have to go on a trip, or just need to leave the area for a while and have nowhere to park my extra vehicles, this is where I am going to go. The kind and always pleasureful Nicholas DeFazio is just awesome. I would recommend the Auto Inn to anyone looking for a share and secure place to leave their pride and joy.

  • Sanah G.Jul 14, 2020

    Great service! So happy to have parking options available near Palm Springs Airport.

  • Sarah N.Jul 05, 2020

    Convenient and easy. Great service too.

  • Drake W.Feb 11, 2020

    Parking was great and easy to get shuttle back and forth to airport

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