PTE Park By the Ports - Fort Lauderdale Cruise Parking (Port Everglades) 100 Fronton Blvd., Dania Beach, Florida United States 33004

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Day rate: $9.99 / day
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100 Fronton Blvd., Dania Beach, Florida United States 33004
Casino at Dania Beach North-East Side

Parking lot information

Park by the Ports is committed to giving each and every one of our guests the best and most affordable Fort Lauderdale cruise parking service. When you embark on your cruise out of Ft. Lauderdale, leave your car in our capable hands.

Eliminate the hassle of finding parking at Fort Lauderdale airport and let Park by the Ports do all the work while you relax and enjoy a ride to your terminal. Our shuttles are complimentary (up to four people, $8 per person after).

Port Everglades Cruise Parking Hours of operation: 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM; Check-in begins at 9:30 AM. Final check in at 2:30 PM.

Absolutely NO R/V, motor homes, boats, or trailers.
No transportation for Balearia or daily ferries.

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301 Reviews badge Certified

Key Details

  • Location 100 Fronton Blvd., Dania Beach, Florida United States 33004
  • Area Casino at Dania Beach North-East Side
  • Customer Support 1-800-851-5863
  • Shuttle Pickup Hotline 9547275566
  • Nearby attractions Port Everglades cruise port parking - 1.56 miles
  • Parking Type Parking lot
  • Spots Total 30
  • Max height none
  • Local time Jun 15, 2024 07:06 AM

Guarantee Your Spot Free + Easy Cancellations

How to park at this facility



  • The lot is located in the Dania Beach Casino on the North West corner of the parking lot.

  • Check-in here and remove your luggage to be placed on the shuttle.

  • Port Everglades Cruise Parking Hours of operation: 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM. Check-in begins at 9:30 AM. Final check in at 2:30 PM.

  • Drivers & valet personnel work for gratuity/tips. Thank you!



  • Shuttles make rounds approximately every 20 minutes from 7:00 AM - 9:00 AM and approximately every 40 minutes from 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM.

  • Disembark early in order to avoid delays and traffic. Wear the stickers you receive upon arrival & look for vans that read "Park By The Ports."

  • Drivers & valet personnel work for gratuity/tips. Thank you!

Services, Amenities, Features and Add-Ons

  • Security guard
  • Video surveillance
  • Offer day parking
  • Offer night parking
  • Accommodates oversized vehicles
  • Shuttle Transportation 1st Passenger
  • Shuttle Transportation 2nd Passenger
  • Shuttle Transportation 3rd Passenger
  • Shuttle Transportation 4th Passenger
  • Shuttle Transportation 5th Passenger
  • Shuttle Transportation 6th Passenger
  • Shuttle Transportation 7th Passenger
  • Shuttle Transportation 8th Passenger

To change or cancel a reservation please log in here or contact us or call us 800-851-5863

Parking location and directions

100 Fronton Blvd., Dania Beach, Florida United States 33004



  1. Take Exit 23 west onto Griffin Rd.
  2. Continue west on Griffin Rd. approx. 1 mile
  3. Turn right, heading north, onto SW 30th Ave.
  4. Turn right, heading east, onto SW 42nd St.
  5. Turn left, heading north, onto Ravenswood Rd.
  6. Make immediate right into lot. We are on the NE corner of Ravenswood Rd. & SW 42nd St.

FROM I-95:

  1. Take Exit 23 west onto Griffin Rd.
  2. Make a right, heading north, onto Angler's Ave./Ravenswood Rd.
  3. Destination will be on right in 0.5 miles.


  1. Continue west on Griffin Rd.
  2. Turn right, heading north, onto SW 30th Ave.
  3. Turn right, heading east, onto SW 42nd St.
  4. Turn left, heading north, onto Ravenswood Rd.
  5. Make immediate right into lot. We are on the NE corner of Ravenswood Rd. & SW 42nd St.


  1. Turn right, heading south, onto SW 30th Ave.
  2. Turn left, heading east, onto SW 42nd St.
  3. Turn left, heading north, onto Ravenswood Rds.
  4. Make immediate right, heading east, into lot.


  1. Take Griffin Rd. east to Angler's Ave./Ravenswood Rd.
  2. Make a Left, heading north, onto Angler's Ave./Ravenswood Rd.
  3. Destination will be on right in 0.5 miles.

PTE Park By the Ports - Fort Lauderdale Cruise Parking (Port Everglades) prices and rates

Weekdays and weekends
Day rate
  • Up to 1 day for $9.99
Security guard - no charge -
Video surveillance - no charge -
Offer day parking - no charge -
Offer night parking - no charge -
Accommodates oversized vehicles - no charge -
Shuttle Transportation 1st Passenger - no charge -
Shuttle Transportation 2nd Passenger - no charge -
Shuttle Transportation 3rd Passenger - no charge -
Shuttle Transportation 4th Passenger - no charge -
Shuttle Transportation 5th Passenger $8.00
Shuttle Transportation 6th Passenger $8.00
Shuttle Transportation 7th Passenger $8.00
Shuttle Transportation 8th Passenger $8.00
Other charges
Sales Tax +7.00%
Port Entrance Fee $3.00

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews (301)

  • Ann G.Dec 26, 2022

    Entered the lot early a.m. on the 10th. No one there. Had to call and wait alone in a dark lot. Half an hour wait after calling for pick-up. Lots of help hanging out at the lot doing nothing.

  • Sandra B.Dec 07, 2022

    When we arrived at Park by the Ports, they did not honor this paid reservation. I provided the email print out but they said they did not work with InstaPark and we paid over $100 to park there in addition to what we paid you when making this reservation in June.

  • Donna C.Dec 05, 2022

    Arrived at Park by the Port and they said they no longer deal with you. So they wouldn’t accept my reservation. I had to pay double what I paid you. They said they were contacting you about this matter. I expect a full refund.

  • Pauline N.Dec 05, 2022

    When I got to the parking lot at 100 Fronton Blvd, Park by the Ports said they did not have my reservation and I had to pay an additional amount over $200!

  • Donna C.Dec 02, 2022

    Park by the port would not accept my reservation. They said they no longer deal with you and would be calling you about my reservation. I ended up having to pay the full amount at the gate which was double what I paid you. I expect a full refund.

  • Donna C.Dec 02, 2022

    Park by the Port would not honor my reservation. They said they no longer deal with you and would be calling you about this. I had to pay the full price at the gate which was double what I paid you. I expect you to refund the full amount I paid you.

  • Donald B.Nov 04, 2022

    When I arrived was told insta park never paid them even though I presented my confirmation. I was forced to pay again the walk in rate, which was much higher. I have contacted insta park for resolution! And are waiting in a response. Will never use instant park to book parking again!

  • Helio B.Oct 11, 2022

    Convenient and affordable. Shuttle to cruise port was quick and the after cruise shuttle was waiting for us when we disembarked.

  • LEO B.Aug 10, 2022

    things could not have been easier , only concern would be , parking spaces close to pick up area should be reserved for people with walking issues , I am 71 years old and had no problem, when I parked the lot was so full I had a long walk back to drop off area, for me everything was great.

  • Carmen D.Aug 08, 2022

    We almost mist the cruz because we went to the air port first. When we got to the ship the doors were closed. When we got back we were sent to the wrong pick up spot. It was moved from the black fence to the rear of the building. We waited over 45 min. before we were sent to the right pick up spot. Also it took us over 1 hour before we finally got on the ship. We already have another cruz booked in Oct. so we will be parking there again. I hope this one goes better than the last.

  • ISRAEL R.Aug 08, 2022

    Waited 35 mins for pickup. I think that was too long. Your competitors passed by me several time picking up their customers. I think your need more vehicles. Overall staff was great.

  • Michael P.Aug 02, 2022

    Nice peoples and good service.

  • Stephen D.Jul 18, 2022

    Good job. Easy to find and easy exit from parking. Friendly personnel

  • Russell D.Jul 17, 2022

    Wonderful experience. Highly recommend.

  • Joseph A.Jul 11, 2022

    You might consider have a lot mor Handicap Parking. Perhaps half of FL has a Handicap placard, but as an Old Fart, I had to walk 7 rows back to park. I was lucky that it was not raining. A golfcart pick-up might solve the problem. Your baggage loading and unloading service was great.

  • Dan G.Jul 11, 2022

    Very smooth operation. Friendly professional work force. Will do again

  • MARY LOU A.Jul 11, 2022

    You made it so EASY Thank You ! !

  • Stephen T.Jul 11, 2022

    The drivers were friendly and funny. Enjoyed our drive to and from the port.

  • Julie N.Jul 10, 2022

    Perfect place to park during our cruise!

  • Georgette D.Jul 05, 2022

    This was an easy park and cruise location for Port Everglades - Fort Lauderdale.

  • Richard A.Jul 04, 2022

    Everyone was great. Shuttle on time. Have recommended you to friends

  • Bob V.Jul 04, 2022

    Great price! Great service! Quickest pickup possible after our cruise. All went very smoothly. Couldn't ask for better service.

  • Peter M.Jul 04, 2022

    It was very good. The staff was excellent and very helpful I think if you had a different staging area for the return it would be way more efficient.

  • Mark V.Jun 28, 2022

    This was our first time to use Park At The Port. It was very easy and the employees were super helpful. When we got off the ship, we had our orange stickers on and the shuttle driver spotted us and tracked us down while we were walking towards the spot directed by the port authorities. The shuttle ride was short and pleasant as we visited with other passengers. Thank you! Great job!

  • bruce D.Jun 27, 2022

    super people and perfect. will always use

  • Antonio C.Jun 20, 2022

    Easy to find, fast service, overall excellent

  • William G.Jun 20, 2022

    Very efficient. Worth the money. I will use them again.

  • Kelly Z.Jun 13, 2022

    Wonderfully convenient! Fast, easy and great customer service! Will always book through them!

  • Christal M.Jun 07, 2022

    Upon arrival the agents took my suitcases from my trunk and placed them in the shuttle van area. An abundance of parking spaces to choose from. The shuttle van was already putting our bags in the van when I finished parking. It was a smooth and quick ride to the airport/cruise port. Upon returning from my 9 day cruise I was happy to see that there were already 2 shuttle vans awaiting returning passengers. I will surely used this parking by the port again for my future travel needs. Awesome service!!!

  • Stephen F.Jun 06, 2022

    Very friendly staff. Polite and helpful Smooth experience Thank you

  • Bussey C.Jun 06, 2022

    Everything was great until I was told I had to park on the overflow lot which was adjacent to the main lot. Upon returning to pick up my car it was in water all the way up to both axels ! I had to walk in knee deep water to get to the car and fell on the way due to submerged debris I couldn’t see. I twisted my leg which was painful for about a week. The lot I was supposed to park in and couldn’t seemed fine. Don’t park here if you have to park on the overflow lot and it might rain. You’ll be sorry.

  • William M.Jun 05, 2022

    Great service and great price. Will certainly use the again.

  • Wayne T.May 31, 2022

    Very easy experience. Timely drop off at Ship and quick pick up

  • Alfred N.May 15, 2022

    Parking fee is very reasonable. The ride is punctual and frequent. The drivers were very courteous. I will use their service again next time I fly.

  • George R.May 10, 2022

    Driver complained about every piece of luggage that he had to lift into the van, I guess he wanted them to be empty. Upon return to the port many of the other companies had multiple vans there to pick up passengers, but we had 1 and over 40 people waiting to be picked up. Seems like there is poor planning.

  • Marshall B.Apr 28, 2022

    Very easy to park and ride. Pickup was right on time. Experience was fantastic

  • Tracy P.Apr 23, 2022

    Fast. Convenient. Easy to find. Will do again.

  • Teresa R.Apr 20, 2022

    Everything worked out well. Less expensive than the port and perfectly safe!

  • Steve S.Apr 20, 2022

    I was a bit apprehensive about the parking for our cruise, but I didn't need to be. The folks at the "Park at the Ports" were both helpful and efficient. Both when we left and when we returned from our trip. We loved NOT paying the $17 a day to park at the port itself.

  • Nicole H.Apr 14, 2022

    Super helpful staff. Made everything quick and easy.

  • Susan F.Mar 12, 2022

    Our trip onto the cruise was great. It did take a while to get picked up when we returned.

  • Linda S.Feb 03, 2022

    Plenty of parking, shuttle to port. When picked after the cruise we were taken directly to our car!

  • Linda C.Jan 31, 2022

    Easy parking. Quick to get to the port and pick up from the ship. Very nice, helpful staff.

  • caron nichols n.Dec 01, 2021

    Had to wait for 90 minutes to be taken back to my car

  • Suzanne L.Nov 30, 2021

    This was a great place to park our car to go on the cruise easy to get to and we are brought to the cruise ship without waiting a long time. Pick up from cruise port is just as quick. Really great will use it again

  • caron nichols n.Nov 29, 2021

    The return Shuttle service was terrible. WE waited for 60 minutes for a shuttle to come when it did it had mechanical trouble and we had to wait another 30 minutes for another one. one couple with us had to call an Uber or they might miss there plane

  • Joseph J.Nov 22, 2021

    The attendant and drivers were friendly and efficient. I will use your service again.

  • Llonald M.Nov 22, 2021

    How do I get cheapest price for two weeks parking in December?

  • Kenneth T.Nov 21, 2021

    Prompt shuttles; courteous staff; close proximity to port

  • Darryl D.Nov 20, 2021

    I made this reservation for Nov 21-28, 2021, NOT for Oct. 15-20! I was actually on a cruise ship during those dates. I have used you before with great results, but this is ridiculous. Obviously I should have read the email confirmation better because the whole email receipt was screwed up. Now I have to re-book with someone else and pay an additional fee. I'll be looking for a more reliable parking place in the future.

  • cindy V.Nov 07, 2021

    Service was quick and friendly. When we returned, the van was already there and ready for us. It was so easy.

  • Charles & Shiral R.Oct 19, 2021

    Close reasonable courteous Timely a frequent user with no issues or problems

  • Rafael V.Sep 15, 2021

    Great rates; courteous and fast service!!!

  • Austin P.Aug 31, 2021

    Quick and easy! Response time with shuttle after I called was very prompt…5 star experience

  • Harold P.Jul 26, 2021

    The van service was very quick and efficient. We will certainly use your services next time we cruise.

  • Joan S.Jul 05, 2021

    Shuttles run often... only waited about a minute.

  • Dave A.Mar 17, 2020

    Great experience, although they did not have my reservation in the system and stated that that often happens. It was not a problem at all, it did not delay us at all. Shuttles service was waiting for us on return, it was great.

  • Richard O.Mar 17, 2020

    Quick, efficient, polite and cheerful. Who could ask for anything more?

  • Judi W.Mar 16, 2020

    The best service ever. The shuttle was waiting when we got to the meeting location. Wish it was a shorter walk from the exit.

  • Lawrence C.Mar 15, 2020

    The parking was easy in and easy out and the shuttle both ways to the port was comfortable and efficient. No complaints at all.

  • Alison B.Mar 13, 2020

    Excellent service. Very prompt. Great communication by customer service when I thought my ship was going to be delayed. Good location. I will certainly use again

  • Kenneth & Jane W.Mar 11, 2020

    Very cold when we first parked, the Ladies made sure I was warm in their booth. Prompt pick—up on our return 5 weeks later. Our engine required a boost which was kindly provided and our driver helped put our luggage in the car. Wonderful service. We will recommend you highly.

  • Sam H.Mar 08, 2020

    Good experience pick up time was a little slow but acceptable

  • Keith A.Mar 04, 2020

    We had a great experience with the car being safe and the shuttle was excellent will use your parking lot again with our up coming cruise

  • Carole M.Mar 03, 2020

    Extremely well organized. We parked very close to pick up/ drop off. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

  • Paul J.Feb 25, 2020

    Easy check-in and you keep your key. Comfortable ride to cruise terminal. Friendly, pleasant staff. Easy on the return as well. They showed us the exact pickup location when they dropped us off. We were pleased and would use this parking/shuttle service again if we take another cruise from FLL.

  • Brad S.Feb 25, 2020

    Great value and great service. Everyone was extremely nice and helpful.

  • Matthew A.Feb 18, 2020

    Waited in the 3/4 filled bus for 45 minutes to be taken to ship and then 40 minutes to be picked up at port. Attendant tried to charge us again for extra person (total 5 persons) even though we paid it to instapark. She said that we had to pay there (and only there) for the extra person. Even when I showed her the confirmation, she still said that I needed to pay the extra $8.00. After I brought up the itemized bill on my phone (and sent it to her email address) did she believe me, but no apologize or acknowledgement that she was wrong. Stressful way to start the vacation.

  • Esther F.Feb 16, 2020

    Absolutely great place! Second year we have used them and couldn’t be happier! Very prompt, polite, professional!

  • Sue M.Feb 06, 2020

    Great crew! Fast and efficient team. Did not have to wait or call to be picked up. FYI look out the window of your ship to see where to go to get picked up.

  • Sue M.Feb 05, 2020

    Quick service and they were there when we got off the ship before we even called them!

  • tom p.Feb 04, 2020

    Easy to find and staff were right there when we arrived and when we got off the ship.

  • Cindy R.Feb 03, 2020

    Very easy and customer friendly!

  • Allison H.Feb 02, 2020

    As always park by the ports were amazing. We got to the ship in good time and were picked up and returned to our car with no issues. The car was just as we left it.

  • Allison H.Feb 02, 2020

    As always park by the ports were amazing. We got to the ship in good time and were picked up and returned to our car with no issues. The car was just as we left it.

  • Mark F.Jan 29, 2020

    Very efficient process from drop off through the pickup process. Staff was friendly and helpful. Great job by all.

  • Owen O.Jan 26, 2020

    Professional service was offered to us when we checked in and parked our car, the return shuttle trip from the cruise ship terminal was quick and easy, and the entire staff was very helpful and efficient. the parking area is a large enclosed lot behind the Dania Beach casino, well-lighted and quite secure. The trip to and from the cruise ship terminal was about 10 minutes or less, and pricing is very competitive. We couldn't have been more pleased with our experience and recommend this service highly to anyone

  • Ann L.Jan 20, 2020

    Absolutely perfect!!! Very easy! Very reasonably priced, too!

  • Nikki M.Jan 20, 2020

    Dropped my car off came back it was nice and safe I would definitely use them again. The price was reasonable

  • Enrique N.Jan 15, 2020

    booking was easy and fast great customer service

  • Debra W.Jan 15, 2020

    Very nice. This operation is extremely efficient!! We pulled in. Parked. Got on the shuttle and dropped off at the door. Upon our return of the cruise we just walked to the tent. Picked up our shuttle and back to the car. So easy and affordable

  • Jay M.Jan 14, 2020

    It was a pleasure the staff were very professional and perform there dutys will. Thanks

  • Anthony B.Jan 10, 2020

    Always reliable and consistent.

  • Ilona L.Jan 10, 2020

    My car was total,I had to buy a new one

  • Caren R.Jan 10, 2020

    The parking lot attendants were extremely helpful. The shuttle was comfortable and the driver arrived almost immediately after we docked. Also the price was very competitive & reasonable.I would definitely use them again and I recommend insta-park as one of the better choices to house your car while your cruising!!!

  • arnold d.Jan 07, 2020

    Great parking, great price. People are really, really good. Have parked there numerous times.

  • Eden H.Jan 06, 2020

    Transfer to and from the port was fine,, we needed some help finding the area to get a shuttle back so i would suggest maybe a sign as the other shuttles have directing passengers. but very pleased with the time frame we had to wait to get and to and from the boat. when we returned our car was flooded from a storm, the attendants were so helpful, bringing us to the car rental place several times since we had issues getting a car. i recommend them and will use them again.

  • Eden H.Jan 06, 2020

    Transfer to and from the port was fine,, we needed some help finding the area to get a shuttle back so i would suggest maybe a sign as the other shuttles have directing passengers. but very pleased with the time frame we had to wait to get and to and from the boat. when we returned our car was flooded from a storm, the attendants were so helpful, bringing us to the car rental place several times since we had issues getting a car. i recommend them and will use them again.

  • Richard J.Jan 04, 2020

    Sometime between Dec. 22,2019 & Jan. 2,2020, while my car was parked there, it was flooded with water. Inside completely flooded with about 5 gallons of water in the exhaust. car is in for repairs & to see what else is wrong.

  • Verna F.Jan 04, 2020

    Unfortunately it was no good because they don’t keep the keys of my car and there was a tornado in the city. So when I came back to pick my car up it was soaked in water and not working and know I’m having a hard time without my car and my insurance. I did not recommend to leave the car there because it is a open parking lot and they don’t keep the key with them. If they have the keys with them maybe now I’m not having this problem.

  • Margie L.Jan 01, 2020

    The parking is in an ideal location close to the cruise port for a decent price, but... if there's bad weather DON'T PARK HERE! My car was flooded all the way up to the dashboard and was totaled by my insurance company! I'm furious! The lot told us that they were not responsible for anything! I believe they must have known this place is in a flood zone or low lying area and have some kind of insurance. Now I have no car!

  • Ilona L.Dec 30, 2019

    We came back from a wonderful cruise to find our car flooded, your company is not responsible? How the heck you think l feel?? Ilona Lencse

  • Ajaykumar S.Dec 30, 2019

    Pickup from cruise terminal took more than an hour

  • Robert R.Dec 24, 2019

    Good daily rates, courteous helpful staff, fast arrival and pick-up.

  • Regina K.Dec 24, 2019

    They were prompt and I never had to wait more than 5 minutes for their shuttle to arrive.

  • Stephen M.Dec 22, 2019

    Great service at the lot. Took our luggage out of the vehicle and put it by the bus while we parked. Loaded it onboard we left a few minutes after arriving. When we returned we had to wait a little bit and then called the lot and they made sure a bus would be there soon. It pulled up within minutes of calling. Great friendly driver who had to negotiate the crazy traffic and construction at the port and managed to get through safely and back to the lot. Was very helpful with us and the other passengers along the way. The lot and shuttles are great. Port Everglades traffic and construction are a mess. 5 stars to Park by the Ports. Lot is well managed and kept clean.

  • Martin A.Dec 21, 2019

    The pick-up was to long waiting

  • Richard Y.Dec 17, 2019

    have parked there several times and the service has always been great

  • Mike Y.Dec 16, 2019

    Easiest and most likely economic parking I have ever had for any vacation!!!

  • Margaret G.Dec 12, 2019

    Was a little worried because were not from that area, drove up from Wildwood, but GPS brought us right there, drove in and immediately they were taking our bags out of the car and into the shuttle Van and we were on our way to the ship, as we approached the ship the driver pointed out the tent where we will come to when we get back in 10 days, and they were there and put our luggage into his trailer and then on our way back to our truck. It was great and cheaper! Would do it again if we ever go out of Port Everglades again.

  • karin h.Dec 11, 2019

    The service was excellent and the travel time to and from was short. I will definitely use them again for my next cruise. The price was also good in comparison to other companies. The driver explained the pickup procedures and included the pickup location. Everything went better than I anticipated.

  • Don H.Dec 09, 2019

    Great driver and staff at check in.

  • Evelyn B.Dec 08, 2019

    We reserved and paid online for our parking. Upon our arrival, we found a very clean and safe looking parking lot. The employees were very efficient and polite. The shuttle to and from the cruise terminal was extremely prompt. Would definitely use Park by the Ports again.

  • Brenda D.Dec 04, 2019

    Everything was easy and effortless on our part - we will use you again on our next cruise.

  • Cherie M.Dec 03, 2019

    Took forever to be picked up at port upon return. An hour and a half is not acceptable!!!!!

  • Darryl D.Nov 27, 2019

    We liked the ease of parking at your location and being transported to and from the port. We plan to use your facility again in the near future. Thanks

  • Cherie M.Nov 23, 2019

    Getting to the port went smooth and our car was fine but it took 1 hour to get picked up. We called 4 times and every time we were told someone will be there in 10 minutes. That made us really angry when we kept being told that. One of the porters at the port told us that was pretty common work your company. When we booked we were told shuttles come every 20 minutes. When the driver came he blamed it on traffic yet park and go had 5 different shuttles show up while we were waiting. This is not a nice way to end a great vacation. Will not use this service again because of this.

  • Gary L.Nov 22, 2019

    Awesome experience no wait time for a ride to the port and van was waiting at the port when we returned! Fantastic service easy in and out, clean lot everything perfect. thank you1

  • Wayne C.Sep 12, 2019

    Very convenient, affordable and easy to work with.

  • VANESSA O.Aug 29, 2019

    Amazing service, people very friendly. fast, convenient and very good price. I will definitively use again

  • STACEY B.Jul 15, 2019

    Wonderful service!! Bery prompt and professional

  • glen m.May 03, 2019

    Excellent, couldn't have gone much better. ! comment/suggestion - number or alphabetize rows where you park your vehicle upon arrival makes easier location of vehicle upon return of trip,(long 10 days).

  • David V.Apr 14, 2019

    Excellent service. The Driver even called us personally to find us and pick us up

  • Deborah L.Apr 13, 2019

    Our experience was fine, all that I expected. The parking lot was a good paved lot with good lighting and fenced. The ride to and from Port Everglades was quick and the drivers were courteous. The price was very reasonable. I would use Instapark again when leaving on a cruise from Ft. Lauderdale.

  • Margaret E.Apr 11, 2019

    Excellent ! Will definitely use it again

  • John B.Apr 10, 2019

    Large parking lot, shaded area for waiting to be picked up by the shuttle bus, return shuttle bus was not a long wait. Polite staff. I like that you can self-park and keep your keys, it was very affordable. 2 things that would improve the situation? There were no rest rooms while waiting, and we had just finished a long drive to get there, even a port-a porty would have been appreciated. Also, when the driver picked us up, he did not leave the AC running while loading all the passenger's luggage and we were all sweating, steaming hot and I live in Florida so am used to the heat!

  • Jacob M.Apr 09, 2019

    Parking lot was great. Didn’t have to get blocked in like at other lots I’ve used before. Used Uber to get back to the parking to avoid waiting for the tram (personal preference) but will for sure be back!

  • Allen A.Apr 08, 2019

    Great company to work with. Great service.

  • Deborah L.Mar 25, 2019

    Staff was great. Parking was easy. Wait times for shuttles were relatively short. Great experience!!

  • Linda K.Mar 21, 2019

    Great service and didn’t have to wait long. Would highly recommend.

  • Kevin E.Mar 20, 2019

    Perfect place to park when sailing from Fort Lauderdale. As the owner of a Travel Agency, I will be recommending my clients.

  • Rajbir S.Mar 17, 2019

    Everything was excellent. I'd give more stars if possible.

  • Timothy S.Mar 16, 2019

    The employees were good, but your website said it was fenced, it is not fenced in any way. We waited a long time to be picked up, there were three Park and Go van's come and go before yours arrived.

  • John W.Mar 16, 2019

    Arrived, unloaded our bags, parked the car, then headed to the van. The driver loaded the bags and we were on our way to the port in about 15 minutes. Arrived at port in about 15 minutes, the driver showed us where we would be getting off the ship and where to go to get the shuttle and dropped us of at the baggage porter. Very smooth. When we left the ship the van was where we were told, He loaded our bags we waited 10 minutes for others and were on our way back to car, also gave good advice to avoid traffic on our way back to Detroit. We will use again for next years cruise. All very smooth.

  • James R.Mar 16, 2019

    Very easy in and out! Late picking me up due to unforeseen accident, not your fault! I do appreciate the drivers advice on directions to avoid traffic jam.

  • Andrew M.Mar 13, 2019

    Pick up time was very slow waited about 45 minutes after calling and being told 15-20 minutes

  • Julien B.Mar 12, 2019

    Victor did an excellent service...Thank you

  • James H.Mar 07, 2019

    Not that far from cruise ship port. We did have to wait a bit for ride back to our car. Overall, good experience and drivers were polite

  • Hernan H.Feb 27, 2019

    The driver left my suitcase in different ship At this time I don’t have my suitcase back

  • Frederick D.Feb 25, 2019

    Very helpful and patient staff

  • Norman C.Feb 25, 2019

    Everything was perfect. So easy even for elderly (and sometimes forgetful) people like us. Thanks so much.

  • CHARLES P.Feb 14, 2019

    The experience was great. It might have been more helpful if we had a map to show us where to go upon leaving the cruise terminal. Fortunately we had a porter who knew where to go. Just a small piece of paper with a diagram would help.

  • Richard F.Feb 11, 2019

    Service was excellent! Assisted with transfer of luggage and provided a quick safe ride to the port. We forgot our pillows when we unloaded and they held them for us until we return. Would recommend them to everyone going on a cruise from Ft Lauderdale!

  • Virginia C.Feb 06, 2019

    Very helpful drivers. Good service.

  • Dan E.Feb 03, 2019

    With the exception of the long wait at the dock to return to our car, all was good

  • Paul L.Jan 30, 2019

    We were very impressed with how easy it was to checkin/checkout, the friendly, helpful workers and the timely, comfortable shuttle rides.

  • John M.Jan 28, 2019

    Extremely helpful driver at the port pick-up.

  • Nancy S.Jan 27, 2019

    We thought Instapark at Dania Beach Casino was great. Shuttle service was excellent. We will definitely recommend this place to others..thanks

  • james v.Jan 27, 2019

    Helpful and prompt service for arrival, drop off for cruise, and pick up upon return.

  • Annie B.Jan 25, 2019

    The staff were very attentive and helpful. Stickers for returning customers worked great for us and the driver!

  • Neil H.Jan 20, 2019

    Everything was parking experience we have had I would recommend it to all my friends.

  • Karen M.Jan 20, 2019

    The personnel here are the best; our first time parking here but it will not be the last. Our luggage was efficiently unloaded upon arrival and by the time I had parked the car the van was there and we were delivered to the ship very quickly. The van happened to be in the lot when we left the ship and we were on the road in no time. We never had to touch our bags, fantastic!

  • Ann S.Jan 20, 2019

    Very professional service. All personnel were great. Would definitely recommend this company.

  • CW L.Jan 19, 2019

    Your people were timely and great to serve us in our transfer to the port and back

  • Bruce E.Jan 14, 2019

    good service, open 24/7, reasonable daily charge.

  • Jon C.Jan 13, 2019

    This was so easy and convenient! We will definitely use instapark again when in the area. So glad we found out about you!

  • Tom M.Jan 12, 2019

    Friendly staff....shuttle service was prompt.....would recommend to others and would use the park again!

  • Earle G.Jan 09, 2019

    We could not have been happier. The parking was convenient, a short bus ride to the port. The staff was courteous, kind, and very helpful! We will definitely park there again when taking a cruise. Any prospective customer would not disappointed.

  • Jonathon F.Jan 01, 2019

    Nice lot, excellent customer service! Shuttle was quick and easy! Will definitely use the service again!

  • Gentry H.Dec 28, 2018

    Driver wasn’t real nice. Was told I was going to be left.

  • tim v.Dec 26, 2018

    great every thing went perfect

  • Allan P.Dec 22, 2018

    Prompt sevice, convienient baggage handling.

  • Shari A.Dec 18, 2018

    we had to wait long for the shuttles

  • Thomas D.Dec 17, 2018

    Good location with good drivers. The parking lot could higher are we up to our ankles after a down pour.

  • Robert M.Dec 17, 2018

    There were drainage problem in the lot and it happetto rain before we got there . We had to walk through 8" deep water and our luggage got wet when guys moved it from our car to the van .

  • Michelle B.Dec 16, 2018

    The park was clean, well-organized and affordable. Loved it and will be returning. The shuttle service and drivers were so efficient.

  • Cliff F.Dec 12, 2018

    Victor was terrific. Very helpful,polite and personable.

  • Doug S.Dec 10, 2018

    Everything went better than I had expected. I have used these types of parking lots before with mixed results. I was pleasantly surprised by their efficiency.

  • Donald H.Dec 10, 2018

    Personnel very courteous, operated schedule on time and very convenient to Port Everglades

  • Stephen A.Dec 09, 2018

    Great service. We did not have to wait long to get to the ship and get back from the ship.

  • erin d.Nov 20, 2018

    We had a great experience with instapark. Will be using the again for future cruises!

  • MICHAEL S.Nov 05, 2018

    Drop off and parking was convenient but pick up can definitely be improved on. Long wait for the shuttle back and not enough seats when it did come.

  • Judith M.Nov 04, 2018

    Everyone was absolutely courteous & friendly to us. Couldn’t have asked for anything more! Thanks for all your help

  • Philip T.Oct 29, 2018

    Great experience; we were on our honeymoon and had a planned cruise but failed to plan parking. Park by the ports got us in and to the ship in less than 30 minutes. Also, getting back and on the road wad a breeze. Thank you!!

  • Philip T.Oct 29, 2018

    Great experience; we were on our honeymoon and had a planned cruise but failed to plan parking. Park by the ports got us in and to the ship in less than 30 minutes. Also, getting back and on the road wad a breeze. Thank you!!

  • richard y.Sep 21, 2018

    excellent service,would use tour service again

  • JoAnn H.Aug 19, 2018

    No problem finding the parking at the casino. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. Prompt taking us to port. Waited a little longer than expected for pickup (we were early off ship). Again friendly driver. Will use your facilities again.

  • Ronnie S.Aug 03, 2018

    Parking was very easy and had plenty of parking spaces Parking had shuttle service Very Good experience

  • Melanie S.Jul 10, 2018

    The parking was fine. When we arrived at the Port coming back there were approximately 50 ppl waiting to get on a small bus that could carry 15 ppl. The other passengers had to wait another 45 mins until we were dropped off and the shuttle went back. We waited an hour for the first bus to come, other shuttle companies had made two trips to this company's one. Overall the car was fine, the area seemed safe, but transportation was a nightmare if you are trying to get to your car in a decent amount of time.

  • Joseph P.May 07, 2018

    Drivers were friendly and prompt. No complaints- you have a great staff

  • carlos c.Apr 30, 2018

    Price is good,but my car arrived clean,and was full off grass maybe somebody cut the grass to closed and everything coming to my car but is ok

  • Roscoe H.Mar 31, 2018

    Best cruise parking experience every, from the parking attendants to the bus driver. Recommend to everyone and will definitely use again. Best we have used in Fort Lauderdale.

  • Frederick Q.Mar 18, 2018

    Thank you Fort Lauderdale Cruise Parking for the great parking experience. When we arrived on the day of our cruise, we were helped with all of our luggage and belongings. We didnt have to lift a finger on our way there and on our way back to the car! Thank you

  • Mitch U.Mar 17, 2018

    My wife and I just got back from our cruise out of Port Everglades. We had a wonderful time. Fort Lauderdale Cruise Parking definitely contributed to the exceptional time had. Complimentary shuttle service was my favorite part! We would like to thank Port Everglades Cruise Parking.

  • Lee C.Mar 16, 2018

    Thank you so much for the great parking experience. I find that the Instapark parking lots are always the best value. They also always have great staff members. Very friendly and kind. I will always choose Instapark for my parking needs. :-) If you are going on a cruise out of Port Everglades, be sure to book your parking experience withFort Lauderdale Cruise Parking.

  • Mary Ann N.Mar 16, 2018

    There seemed to be a lot of unnecessary luggage shifting and roundabout driving. Also the instructions for pickup after the cruise were emailed to me but I did not have access to my email until I arrived home. So we were very lucky that our porter knew where to go to get the shuttle back to the parking lot.

  • Pam N.Mar 14, 2018

    My family went on a cruise out of Port Everglades and have heard that the best and simplest port parking lot is Fort Lauderdale Cruise Parking in the Casino parking lot. It was nice and quiet. It was not as hectic as other parking lots in the area.

  • Bill T.Mar 14, 2018

    Port Everglades has thousands of people going in and out everyday. You have to be very lucky to get a parking spot at Fort Lauderdale Cruise Parking. This parking lot is in the Casino parking lot and only has a few spaces. It is in high demand since it is very inexpensive and doesn't take much time at all to get to the Port. Make sure to book your cruise and parking space early to be sure that you don't have to park elsewhere. This is definitely the best Port parking lot around.

  • Donald B.Mar 12, 2018

    Great experience. Would use again and would recommend to others.

  • Olivia A.Mar 12, 2018

    fort lauderdale cruise parking is the best! Such a great place to leave your car when going on a cruise. It's inexpensive, and there are always security guards around looking after it. I noticed that there are also security cameras! I will be returning for sure. Thank you for great cruise parking.

  • Tony Y.Mar 11, 2018

    Finding affordable parking for Port Everglades can sometimes be difficult. If you are lucky enough to get a spot in the Fort Lauderdale Cruise Parking Lot, you've hit the lottery! It is very inexpensive and it is also quite close to the Port.

  • Danny O.Mar 10, 2018

    I had a great parking experience with Fort Lauderdale Cruise Parking Lot today! Thank you for the quick shuttle bus service. I would recommend this parking lot to anyone.

  • Marcus J.Mar 08, 2018

    This is a small parking lot so it isn't as jam packed as the others in the area. It's actually quite nice not to hear honking every five seconds!

  • Darrell S.Mar 08, 2018

    Timely coming and going. Thank-You

  • Phillip J.Mar 07, 2018

    I will definitely be returning to Fort Lauderdale Cruise Parking. My go to spot!

  • Gary L.Mar 05, 2018

    I love how quiet and calm this Port parking lot is. Go anywhere else and find people yelling and fighting! I'll stick to Fort Lauderdale Cruise Parking :-)

  • Donald B.Mar 04, 2018

    Easy to find and check in. Staff was very helpful.

  • Donald B.Mar 04, 2018

    Easy to find and check in. Staff was very helpful.

  • Lucas A.Mar 04, 2018

    The most stressful park of going on a cruise is actually finding a good parking lot and getting over to the ship. With Fort Lauderdale Cruise Parking, you are not only close to the port but you also have access to a free shuttle bus! It is the perfect place to park.

  • Drew D.Mar 02, 2018

    Make sure to book early if you are planning on parking with Fort Lauderdale Cruise Parking. They have a great parking lot, but there aren't spaces for everyone. Book in advance and recieve the best port parking possible. :o)

  • Jane E.Mar 01, 2018

    My husband and I parked at Fort Lauderdale Cruise Parking (the cruise parking lot located in the Dania Beach Casino parking lot). There aren't too many spots so we made sure to book as soon as we booked our cruise. The service was great and so were the staff members. We will definitely be coming back.

  • David O.Mar 01, 2018

    Fort Lauderdale Cruise Parking is a great parking lot if you can get a spot. It's located at the casino which means that there is always eyes on your car to make sure that it is safe. The parking rate is also quite cheap! only 6.99 per day. Great value! Will be returning.

  • Amy I.Feb 28, 2018

    Whenever I go on a cruise out of Port Everglades, I make sure to use Fort Lauderdale Cruise Parking! The best parking service you've ever had - I swear! Book with these guys, you won't regret it.

  • James K.Feb 26, 2018

    If you're a first time user, it may be slightly confusing getting around the casino parking lot to the actual port parking lot and shuttle service. Make sure to head over to the north west end cover to the casino parking lot. It is right in the corner. If you are able to find it, you shouldnt have many complaints.

  • Victoria J.Feb 26, 2018

    Thank u so much 4 everything! I had a great time not only on my cruise but also getting to the parking lot. The shuttle bus driver is so funny! Thank you for making me laugh so early in the morning. It was truly needed.

  • Brenda X.Feb 25, 2018

    yesterday I parked at the port parking lot and it was great. There was everything I needed in order to have a good pkarking experience. There is nothing fancy about this parking lot, but there are a lot of people who care about not only customer service but also the care of your car... which is nice to know, especially when you are leaving it with strangers...

  • Mia S.Feb 24, 2018

    SERIOUSLY best port parking lot near Port EvergladesÉ so many cool staff membersÉ I felt really welcomed and glad parking here. Wont be going anywhere else from now onÉ :) 5/5 for sure!!

  • Katy T.Feb 23, 2018

    I can sometimes become nervous leaving my car in a public parking lot for a week at a timeÉ but here, you really donÕt have antyhing to fear. The staff are very lovely and caring, and the security guards seem to have a real hold on things. It is the best way to park for Port Everglades.

  • Nyo A.Feb 23, 2018

    Don't go anywhere elseÉ. Fort lauderdale cruise parking is quiet and very inexpensive!! There isnt a port everglades parking lot that is under $10 a day except for this one. This one is like 6.99 a day or smething like that. So cheap! And I am very trusting when it comes to them as well. thank you for existing!!

  • Zach B.Feb 22, 2018

    nothing but the best service hereÉ thank you so mcuh for everything you guys doÉ it's funny because I never thought I would be giving a good review to a parking lotÉ just because parking lots make me anxious and borderline angry. They are always so busy and conjested. Fort Lauderdale Cruise Parking is definitely a breath of fresh air. Whenever i go to port everglades and need long term parking, im going to make sure to return to you guys.

  • Carol L.Feb 21, 2018

    I love the staff at Fort Lauderdale Cruise Parking. They are all very kind and helpful. No amount of luggage is too much for them to handle. I tend to bring a lot on my cruises, and they are very good with me. Thank you so much Port Everglades cruise parking!

  • Jack G.Feb 20, 2018

    Everything was good. Normal Port parking lot other than the fact that it's quite small. I would suggest booking ahead of time like I did. I did without knowing it was a small place. It all worked out in the end I guess. Thank you for everything.

  • Juliano F.Feb 18, 2018

    AH! I can't believe how quiet this parking lot isÉ so many people leave on cruises everyday, and this parking lot only holds a handfull of people. I'm happy that it wasnÕt jam packed when I arrivedÉ so mcuh better that way. I'm happy to have gotten a parking space here. I was very comfortable leaving my car.

  • Annie U.Feb 18, 2018

    Knows the meaning of good parking and good customer service. I'm very happy that I've found you guys and that you arent overly packed for the sake of making more money. You just want everyone to be comfortable, which im sure everyone is. Thank you:-)

  • Brandy I.Feb 16, 2018


  • Emma G.Feb 15, 2018

    WOW ive never been to a parking lot like this. it is soooo inexpensive to park and it is also very safe. I am always a little worrieed leaving my car at a public parking lot for longer periods of time, but i am never worried leaving my car here. it is seriously a great lot. i would recommend it to anyone.

  • Tiffany Q.Feb 13, 2018

    parking lots seriously make me anxious. they are alqways so busy and confusing... the first time i visited your parking lot, i became lost a few times trying to find you, but then i did and it was history since then. I go on cruises every year, sometimes more than once, and i alays make sure to come to you. :o) :o)

  • Mackenzie W.Feb 12, 2018

    whenever i cruise from port everglades, i always make sure to book a parking space with fort lauderdale cruise parking. thank you all for the amazing port parking experience and shuttle ride. it is so quick that you hardly realize that the lot isnt closer to the port. thank you all for another great park.

  • Huda K.Feb 11, 2018

    if you think you know a great place to park, you havent parked at fort lauderdale cruise parking. the staff are incredible, the shuttle bus only takes a few minutes to get ot the port, and the lot itself is small and very easy to get around... it is very small which means that is is quiet and secluded from all of the nonsense that goes on at other port parking lots.

  • Nelly I.Feb 11, 2018

    i came to this parking lot last minute becuase i had yet to book a spot, and to my surprise, there was a few spots still available. the staff member helping me told met that it didnt happen very often and that i was lucky! next time i will make sure to book earlier. thank u for your great service :)

  • Maddy S.Feb 10, 2018

    My friends and I decided to park with your company. It was a great decision since all of us were looking for a new port parking lot and had never heard of you. Definitely a lot better than other parking companies i've seen! Great service and great value!

  • Timothy J.Feb 08, 2018

    I have had nothing but great experiences parking with Fort Lauderdale Cruise Parking! Thank you so much to all of the staff, security and shuttle bus driver for making my time parking with you great. I never thought I would like a parking lot as much as I like this one.

  • Cindy N.Feb 08, 2018


  • Carrol L.Feb 07, 2018

    All of my friends have been raving to me about how great your port everglades parking lot is... they all go on cruises but I never had until a few weeks ago with my husband. Thank you to my friends for showing me to you... very quiet and personal lot. You get to know people here, and it's nice to think when I come back, the same people will be here and they will know my name. (I noticed a lot of people being called by their names) I love thst community feeling.. the staff here cares.

  • Danielle U.Feb 06, 2018

    port everglades is my favorite place to go on cruises from, but something was missing from having the perfect experience, and now i know what it was... a good long term port parking lot! You guys are my new regular port parking lot for whenever i go away on a cruise.

  • Patricia M.Feb 05, 2018

    Very good service, both pickup and delivery. Would definitely use the service again.

  • Allen L.Feb 05, 2018

    Normal parking lot. a lot cheaper than others, but everything just seemed okay. Norhting too out of the ordinary.

  • Quintin L.Feb 05, 2018

    traveling is always quite stressful... but if you awnt to lower your blood pressure this vacation, make sure to book with fort lauderdale cruise parking... so much better than the other lots around. its quiet. thank you for being quiet.

  • Bert W.Feb 05, 2018

    I parked at theFort Lauderdale Cruise Parking lot for the day. It was perfect. My husband and I wanted to walk around the port. We got a free shuttle ride there and back for free! Cheapest parking in the area too. Thank you for being a perfect parking spot for our date :o)...

  • Bruce H.Feb 03, 2018

    Such a great long term port parking lot. This is a small lot which means that there arent may staff members, but I would trust them with my car a lot more than those at a bigger lot. Here, there are less cars to look after. Also, since this parking lot is located in the back corner of the casino parking lot, it really makes for a good time before or after coming back from the cruise.

  • Mike K.Feb 02, 2018

    i went to this parking lot in hopes i would find a parking lot since i was going on a last minute cruise that day. unfortunately when i came across this parking lot and went in, there were no spots available. wow. all that time for nothin. i ended up finding another lot down the street, but i wanted to park at yours. maybe next time. im kinda disapointed.

  • Russel J.Jan 31, 2018

    You will regret not coming here. Last time I went on a cruise I chose this parking lot, but I went again a couple weeks ago and I totally regretted not coming here again. you guys are honestly the best... less action at this parking lot than others. Its refreshing and quiet.. :D

  • Daphnie W.Jan 29, 2018

    A port parking lot in a casino parking lot. so much fun!! thnak u to all of the staff who did their best to make sure that everyone was happy with their service. great job. we will most definitely be returning.

  • Eric E.Jan 29, 2018

    are you taking a cruise from port everglades? if you arent looking to take a cab from home, drive to this parking lot and pay a small amount of money for great services and staff members who actually care.

  • Lindsay P.Jan 28, 2018

    My son wanted to write a review because he enjoyed the shuttle bus ride so much: "I had never been on a bus like that before and it was so much fun. The seats were comfier than the ones in my moms car, and i didnt even have to carry my bag. a nice helpful man helped us, thank you for my first shuttle bus ride."

  • Carey P.Jan 27, 2018

    We love coming to Fort Lauderdale, and love going to Port Everglades even more. Whenever we are here we like to park and head over to the port... We use your parking lot to get over and walk around. Even if we arent going on an actual cruise, we love watcghing the boats.

  • Doug H.Jan 26, 2018

    I will never go to another port everglades parking lot again if i can help it!!! ;-) I loved the staff here and would love to come back and see everyone again. I also love how inexpensive daily costs are and how quick it is to arrive at the port.

  • Julie C.Jan 24, 2018

    What a great way to begin and end a marvoulous cruise! The shuttle bus takes you to and from the port to get you to and from your car safetly and quickly. I have never been so impressed. thank you so much everyone at Fort Lauderdale Cruise Parking. Great work!

  • Art H.Jan 24, 2018

    exquisit service! Thank you all!

  • Pamela M.Jan 22, 2018

    I have four kids and it can sometimes be hard to keep track of them all. Parking here is great because the lot is small, and i can always see where all of them are. in big parking lots you get worried about one of them running infront of a car

  • AJ N.Jan 22, 2018

    Port Everglades is my favorite place to cruise from. Such a beautiful Port. I always come to your parking lot to get there. So inexpensive for such incredible service. You can really tell that your staff cares. Thank you for all of your hardwork throughout the years.

  • Liza M.Jan 20, 2018

    If you are currently looking for a long term parking lot for Port Everglades, book now!! Spaces become filled up quickly. It is a quiet parking lot wher eyou will feel comfortable leaving your vehicle. There are a lot of interesting people here as well. always a fun time

  • Sam T.Jan 19, 2018

    Great spot to come and park. All of the staff are great and the prices are almost unbelieveable. Totally worth every penny (and more)!

  • Leanne S.Jan 18, 2018

    Whenever I come to fort lauderdale cruise parking I am always very impressed with the service. I have met a few of my cruise friends at this parking lot, and now we carpool and split the cost, though it is not expensive, it makes for a very fun time with friends.

  • Jessie S.Jan 16, 2018

    Thank you so much for the great parking experience at Fort Lauderdale Cruise Parking. My husband and I received valet service and my god it was worth it. Staff members were all very lovely. We will be returning on our next cruise.

  • Moe M.Jan 15, 2018

    Whenever I go on a cruise, I make sure to book a parking space with you guys! It is always a great experience coming in and talking to you all. Great staff, including security and the shuttle bus driver. I will continue spreading the word about fort Lauderdale cruise parking!

  • Gordon D.Jan 15, 2018

    I don't go anywhere but to Fort Lauderdale Cruise Parking if I can help it! I always make sure to book early to make sure that I have a parking spot waiting for me on the day of my departure. I love how quiet and low key this parking lot is.

  • Virginia C.Jan 14, 2018

    This is my fourth time parking at your lot. You all give continuously great service and are always happy to make others happy. You guys always put a smile on my face. The sshuttle bus driver is always a hoot.

  • thomas h.Jan 14, 2018

    No pickup at the ship. What went wrong?

  • Beth H.Jan 13, 2018

    I love valet, but they really do it right at fort lauderdale cruise parking. It is a very quiet parking lot, but the valet will make your experience that much better. Everyone is very lovely and will help you in any way possible. Thank you again for everything. :-)

  • Christine P.Jan 12, 2018


  • Kevin P.Jan 10, 2018

    Everything went smoothly when I actually got to the parking lotÉ but beforehand I had a heck of a time figuring out were I was actually going. I got lost on my way to the actual casino, and then when I finally arrived at the casino I had a hard time locating the fort lauderdale cruise parking lot enterance. When i did everything went well and i am grateful i chose this lot for port parkimg.

  • Faith S.Jan 10, 2018

    I was a bit confused of where to go when I got to the casino lot, but I ended up finidng the lot within a few minutes of driving around. Service was good, and so was the shuttle service. It didnÕt take long at all to get to the ship!

  • JORGE P.Jan 09, 2018

    Wiring times when departing and arriving could improve.

  • Rocco M.Jan 09, 2018

    Just because our shuttle bus took us to the Port so quickly, my wife and I actually had the time to find a little nearby cafŽ called Winfields to have a bite before getting on the ship. Usually there is food right when you get on the ship, but we were starving before the port gates even opened to let us on the ship!

  • Nikki A.Jan 07, 2018

    We've used a lot of different lots in the past but now the only one we use is fort lauderdale cruise parking. This is the best parking lot to use if you are taking a cruise from Port Everglades.

  • Yasmine O.Jan 05, 2018

    It only took a few minutes to get from the parking lot to the port. This is a great parking lot to have booked with if you are late or in a rush. They get you where you need to be in very good time.

  • Faye C.Jan 05, 2018

    I went on a cruise with my friends about a month ago. We chose to use Fort Lauderale Cruise Parking, and we were all very impressed with the service. There are many great staff members who helped us with a few things that we were confused about.

  • Trevor E.Jan 04, 2018

    This parking lot is always great. I've never ran into any issues with you guys. I will definitely continue recommending your parking lot to all of my friends and family.

  • Georgina D.Jan 03, 2018

    Since this parking lot is located in the corner of the casino parking lot, it is quite a small lot that is designated for the port parking lot. I would consider booking your parking spot early in order to actually get a spot. There have been times when I've wanted a parking space but havent been anle to get one since I inquired only days before. If you book atleast a week or so in advance, you should be okay. Fort Lauderdale Cruise Parking is a great parking lot. The staff are very consistant with their service.

  • Tammy D.Jan 01, 2018

    I have to go on a cruise tomorrow and don't have a spot. Fort Lauderdale Cruise Parking said that they were full for tomorrow. What kind of parking lot gets full?... awful. Now how am i going to get to the port? any suggestions?

  • Michelle P.Dec 31, 2017

    I parked with you for the first time the other day, and it surpassed my expectations. I got valet service, but i'm sure that even if you do not get value it wouldnt take too long. There arent many parkug spaces here which makes it easy to find one. And the lot is so small that it only takes a few minutes to walk from one end to the other. Even if you are at the furthest parking spce, you will still be able to get to the shuttle bus stop in good time. Thank you so mcuh for the good service, and keeping my car safe.

  • Mason I.Dec 30, 2017

    I was referred to this parking lot from a friend, and I am very happy that she told me about it. It was everything that she said it was. Quiet, and very quick to get you to and from the port. It was hard for me to find, but that was the only issue I had with it.

  • Noah C.Dec 29, 2017

    I really loved parking with Fort Lauderdale Cruise Parking lot. I felt very comfortable leaving my vehicle here for a week and knew that it would be safe since there are always many security guards around.

  • Hans S.Dec 27, 2017

    I always choose your parking lot. I trust that you are going to keep my car safe and that it's going to be the same as it was when I left it. I have had very bad experiences with public parking lots, but I've never ran into a problem here once, and I've parked with you quite a few times. I would recommend this parking lot to anyone.

  • Justice T.Dec 27, 2017

    When going on a cruise at Port Everglades, I always make sure to choose fort Lauderdale cruise parking. It is quiet and very close to the port. It definitely takes the stress off of parking in a busy, frantic parking lot. Thank you to everyone at Fort Lauderdale Cruise Parking for giving my family and I a safe and stress-free place to park our car.

  • Erol O.Dec 26, 2017

    ur parking lot is seriously the best. i was beginning to get used to having terrible experiences in public parking lots, but when im parking with u its a lot more relaxed. there are lots of great staff members who help the experience be nice.

  • Allison M.Dec 26, 2017

    When I first parked with Fort Lauderdale Cruise Parking, I was confused as to where to go in the Casino parking lot, but once I found it the first time, I wanted to come back every time I went on a cruise out of Port Everglades. Thank you so much for the great service.

  • Selena S.Dec 26, 2017

    Going on any trip puts a lot of stress on me. I don't want to feel stressed about whether or not my car will be safe in the parking lot I choose... I always park with For Lauderdale Cruise Parking so I know that my car is always in good hands.

  • Valerie I.Dec 24, 2017

    Easy in and out experience. No complaints. If I go on another cruise I will be returning!! Thank you to everyone who made my experience so simple.

  • Caitlind A.Dec 23, 2017

    At first, I thought it was kind of strange that the parking lot was in a casino parking lot, haha. It made more sense when I showed up my first time parking here. It was nice to see friendly faces before and after the cruise. especially after since I was so sad it was over. Thanks for everything! I will definitely be returning.

  • Charles B.Dec 23, 2017

    My wife and I were really happy with the service we recieved from you. The price was right and ontop of that, we recieved complimentary shuttle bus service!! Thank you :o)

  • Rose T.Dec 22, 2017

    Great parking lot!! 5 stars!!! I love how the staff at this lot put their hands together and work hard to make sure that everyone who comes through is happy with the service provided. Great job!! I will definitely be returning.

  • CJ D.Dec 21, 2017

    Finding a good parking lot is probably the most difficult part of booking a cruise (for me at least) ... I came across Fort Lauderdale Cruise Parking last year and haven't trusted anyone else with my car since. Great service, great prices, and great valet! I love the bus driver as well. He's hilarious!

  • Jermaine H.Dec 21, 2017

    thank u :)!

  • Emmanuel P.Dec 21, 2017

    Whenever parking at Fort Lauderdale Cruise Parking, I am always very satisfied with the service. I am always helped with my bags when I get on the shuttle bus and off. There are many great staff members who really care about their customers. Thank you guys fro everything.

  • Liam E.Dec 20, 2017

    I love Fort Lauderdale Cruise Parking! The valet service is the best. I was in and out within minutes, and got to the port with lots of time to spare! ItÕs always very stressful when you are on your way to their a port or airport, and you arent sure whehter you are going to make it or not... Fort Lauderdale Cruise Parking gets you there on time. Thank you!

  • Ben G.Dec 19, 2017

    Great service!! Thank you so much guys! I appreciate all of the hard work you put in to make sure that your guests have a great experience with your company. I will be coming back on my next cruise adventure!

  • Mila M.Dec 19, 2017

    If you are taking a cruise from Port Everglades, make sure to check out Fort Lauderdale cruise parking to see if there are any parking spaces opening and available. This parking lot makes it easier to get to and from your lot without much hassle. There aren't many parking spots which means two things... You have to book early but if you are lucky enough to receive a parking space, you won't have many troubles fighting cars for a good spot. They are all very close and accessible to the shuttle stop. This is my parking lot choice when cruising from Port Everglades.

  • Luca O.Dec 17, 2017

    If you are taking a cruise from Port Everglades, the best parking lot you can choose would be Fort Lauderdale Cruise Parking. They are quick and officient. They know how to do parking the right way. Thank you for the great experience.

  • Rachel A.Dec 15, 2017

    Whenever I go on a cruise I make sure to book my parking spot with Instapark and Fort Lauderdale Cruise Parking. This is a calm, quiet parking lot that is safe and who has a lot of nice staff. Thank you again for a great parking experience.

  • Richard B.Dec 11, 2017

    wonderful experience.from start to finish. Very organized and shuttle service quick and drivers very courteous.

  • James S.Dec 01, 2017

    Drop off of bags was a little confusing but quickly resolved by terminal baggage handlers. Return pick point identified by driver was incorrect and again caused confusion until able to call in and get instructions. Return driver to parking lot was relatively prompt, professional, helpful, and courteous.

  • Rangel L.Jun 25, 2017

    Perfect,Very easy going and knowledgable driver.”

  • Rangel L.Jun 25, 2017

    Perfect,Very easy going and knowledgable driver.”

  • Rangel l.Jun 25, 2017

    Good and fast service, Very easy going and knowledgable driver.

  • Richard W.Jan 02, 2017

    $10 is so cheap to pay for the kind of peace of mind that I got, I almost can't even believe it. It was so affordable I knew right away I had to try it out. I brought my car here and knew it would be safe here. The staff was great and the lot was clean and fixed up. I knew when I got back to pick up my car I wouldn't have any issues.

  • Patrick O.Dec 22, 2016

    To say parking in Fort Lauderdale is a hassle would be an understatement, so coming across affordable, convenient parking that brings me right up to the airport is like a dream. It's so much easier than leaving my car on the side of my street where anything could happen to it

  • Lucas K.Dec 19, 2016

    where else could you park your car, get an oil change, repairs, a place with such great staff and a price like this? I didn't see any other places like it so I knew I had to bring my car here to get close to FLL. Great decision :)

  • Jamila V.Dec 10, 2016

    I was panicking because I didn't know where I would be able to leave my car during my trip to Australia - I knew my own driveway wasn't an option. After some searching I found this parking lot and it was so easy to book online so I did. Great experience and my car was just how I left it when I came back

  • Sean K.Dec 09, 2016

    Honestly this was a great experience even though I thought the lighting inside the lot was a little too bright for me but I guess that helps the security guards see the cars better? So I guess that's good. Anyway my car was safe and sound when I got back so I would use it again.

  • Melissa E.Nov 22, 2016

    The second I realized you could get services like car washing and even repairs while you were gone I knew I found the best parking lot situation in the city. I left my car here while in Europe and came back to a cleaner car with an oil change too! :)

  • Jessica N.Nov 20, 2016

    I don't know what I would have done if I didn't find this parking lot. I knew I didn't want to leave my car parking in my home driveway so I searched and searched for another option instead until I found this! I booked my spot online and the whole thing was super easy

  • Stefan L.Nov 09, 2016

    Once my road trip turned into me booking flights I realized I had to do something with my car (no free or cheap parking in my neighborhood) so I started looking around and found PTE Park. Glad I did!! For sure using again in the future when I need airport parking

  • Marvin W.Nov 02, 2016

    I will never park my car anywhere else from now on, this is the best thing I could have found. A friend told me about this lot so I decided to check it out and it's a good thing that I did. I was on time for my flight because I was so close!

  • Arnold W.Oct 26, 2016

    The shuttle bus ride was a little bumpy but other than that it was a great experience! Everyone was helpful and made the process fast and easy. I knew my car was going to be safe so I was glad I found this service when I did. I gave it a 3 because of the bumpy ride though

  • Ricardo W.Oct 17, 2016

    Staff was really friendly here and I felt more than happy to leave my car. Booking online was easy and fast. Bringing my car in, I knew I found a great deal and I would definitely park here again when I need to be close to the airport. Would recommend! :)

  • Patricia E.Oct 03, 2016

    Leaving your car anywhere in a big city like Ft. Lauderdale is scary and finding a place for it can be very annoying. When I saw this parking service for $10 I thought it was a mistake honestly. Booked it online right away and will probably always use this going forward. Lot was too big though.

  • Clara N.Sep 23, 2016

    I've literally spent hours looking for parking in Ft. Lauderdale, it's kind of ridiculous so I knew I found a gem when I saw this. Cheap price, shuttle bus to the airport and all of that. I just wish it wasn't so loud?? That was the only drawback, but perfect otherwise.

  • Sarah W.Sep 08, 2016

    Needed a last minute place to park my car that wasn't too far from the airport so I searched until I found this. I saw the low price and the free shuttle bus and knew I had to book it right away. Great service! Told my neighbors about it too :)

  • Steven M.Sep 01, 2016

    Reserving my parking online is easy and it took me no time to do it. Always worried about setting things up over the computer but booking my parking spot was fast...and cheap! Best price probably anywhere in Florida and so close to the airport.

  • Jordan B.Aug 21, 2016

    I knew I had to park close to FLL if I wanted a good spot but wasn't sure where I should go. PTE Park was close by with security and of course those trust shuttle buses to get me there, I was sold and would come back for sure!

  • Tanya X.Aug 17, 2016

    I think anybody who needs parking close to Fort Lauderdale Airport would be silly not to use this parking service, it's just so convenient! Not to mention affordable so there's really no excuse in choosing other options over it. And with a free shuttle bus to the airport how could you go wrong?

  • Matthew P.Aug 03, 2016

    This is probably the most affordable parking I have found in the city. I didn't want to shell out $50 or more to leave my car somewhere, so finding this was the best thing that could have happened! :D I'm coming back the next time I need parking close to FLL. So good!

  • Mark K.Aug 01, 2016

    Getting to Fort Lauderdale Airport was super easy from this parking lot and it made so much sense for me to park here. The lot wasn't as bright as I'm used to but it was still a great spot to leave my car while I went to the airport to catch my flight! I'm usually always late!

  • Luke E.Jul 31, 2016

    It was so easy to find this location! I had an early flight from FLL and knew I couldn't afford to spend too much time looking for parking so this was perfect. Next time I have a flight I'm coming back here again :)

  • Shawn H.Jul 26, 2016

    The service. The location. The shuttle service. What isn't there to love? It was a great experience by far and I would leave my car here again. It was so comforting to know my car would be exactly where I left it when I came back from my trip to South America

  • Taylor O.Jul 16, 2016

    Booking my reservation was easy and bringing my car was simple. A free shuttle bus too? Perfect! I said hi to the security guard so I knew there was somebody there at all times. Truly a great service and put my mind at ease knowing my car was there.

  • Celine I.Jul 10, 2016

    Amazing! Parking in Florida is hard enough without having to worry about where you're actually leaving your car. Parking by the ports is the best parking experience I've had so far and I've told tons of people about it. Would park here again!

  • Carole E.Jul 04, 2016

    The staff here was amazing and it made me so comfortable to know that they would take such good care of my car. I'm so protective of my car that I was worried to leave it anywhere except my home but PTE Park made me realize that it was possible to find a place I was okay with.

  • Jason H.Jun 26, 2016

    Parking can be such a nightmare but this service made it way more simple and easy. It was clean and didn't look or smell dingy like some parking garage do sometimes so I wasn't at all worried about how safe my car would be. I left it knowing I would come back to it just how I left it

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