Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport - Terminal 2 7150 Humphrey Drive, Minneapolis, Minnesota United States 55450

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7150 Humphrey Drive, Minneapolis, Minnesota United States 55450
Minneapolis-St Paul International/Wold- Chamberlain airport, MSP parking

Parking lot information

Terminal 2 - Humphrey is one of two terminals located very close to the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Airport. This long-term MSP parking lot in Minneapolis is a mere 3.7 mile drive from the airport, to ensure that the parking experience that close to the airport is hassle-free and will not take long whatsoever. This is the official parking system for the Minneapolis Saint-Paul International Airport, which is not only close, but most importantly, covered and safe, with 24 hour police security provided.

Of the several services that Terminal 2 - Humphrey offers to ensure the safety of its patrons, we have multiple call for assistance intercoms, located under blue lights on columns in every section of the ramps, as well as cell phone waiting lots, so if you are picking someone up at either Terminal 1 - Lindbergh or Terminal 2 - Humphrey, you can do so in a complimentary waiting lot, located half way between the two terminals.

For patrons with mobility limitations (including families with small children), we have a courtesy shuttle service as an alternative to the train between terminals. The shuttle picks passengers up on the ground level of the Purple parking ramp, and then drops them off at Terminal 1. Very easy - very quick!

For frequent parkers, we have two programs in place to make the parking experience even easier: MnPASS and ZipPass, which motorists must have simultaneously with an easy sign-up online, and then they can travel in MnPass Express Lanes for free during peak-travel times.

Check out parking availability on our easy-to-navigate and intuitive website, and book today to ensure that your experience at the Minneapolis Saint-Paul International Airport is quick and affordable, so your travel time is as enjoyable as possible!

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Minneapolis Saint-Paul International Airport

Services, features and add-ons
Cell phone waiting lot
Motorcycle parking
Electric vehicle charging stations
24 hour police security
Special needs shuttle between terminals
Car service

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Parking location and directions

7150 Humphrey Drive, Minneapolis, Minnesota United States 55450


Directions From Minneapolis

  1. Step 1 - Take 1-35W South to the 1-494
  2. Step 2 - Go East on the 1-494 to the 34th Avenue exit
  3. Step 3 - Take the 34th Avenue exit and turn left at the traffic light
  4. Step 4 - Follow the signs to the Humphrey Terminal

Directions from St. Paul

  1. Step 1 - Take the 1-35E south to the W. 7th Street/MN-5 Exit
  2. Step 2 - Turn right onto W. 7th Street/MN-5
  3. Step 3 - Go West on the MN-5 past Terminal 1 exit until you reach 34th Avenue exit
  4. Step 4 - Follow the signs to 34th Avenue and Terminal 2
  5. Step 5 - Go North onto 34th Avenue and follow signs to Humphrey Terminal

Directions from Southeast

  1. Step 1 - From 1-35E travel north to the 1-494 west
  2. Step 2 - Exit onto 1-494 and travel west to 34th Avenue and the Terminal 2 exit
  3. Step 3 - At the traffic light turn North onto 34th Avenue
  4. Step 4 - Follow the signs to Humphrey Terminal

Directions from Southwest

  1. Step 1 - Take 1-494 east to the 34th Avenue exit
  2. Step 2 - At the traffic light, turn left onto 34th Avenue
  3. Step 3 - Follow the signs to Humphrey Terminal

Directions from Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport

  1. Step 1 - Go northwest on Green Ln
  2. Step 2 - Stay right and continue toward Glumack Drive
  3. Step 3 - Continue on Glumack Drive
  4. Step 4 - Continue on Airport Ser Road
  5. Step 5 - Continue on Glumack Drive
  6. Step 6 - At the fork, stay right and then merge onto MN-5 W
  7. Step 7 - Take the Post Rd exit
  8. Step 8 - Turn right on Post Rd
  9. Step 9 - Continue on E 70th St
  10. Step 10 - Sharp right onto Humphrey Drive, and destination will be on right

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