Louisville International Airport 600 Terminal Drive, Louisville, Kentucky United States 40209

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Day rate: $9.00 / day
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600 Terminal Drive, Louisville, Kentucky United States 40209
Louisville International Airport, SDF parking

Parking lot information

The Louisville International Airport long term parking lot offers long term SDF parking for everyone flying from SDF International Airport. When parking at the airport, it creates the greatest convenience that you can imagine while park n' flying.

Since the parking lot is right inside of the airport, you can practically drive right up to your terminal. This is also helpful when it comes to coming home tired. The last thing that you will want to do is stand at a shuttle stop and wait to be taken to your car. If you are parked right at the airport, it is very easy to just hop in your car and head home.

The Louisville International Airport has a very safe and secure parking lot. It can make some people nervous to leave their cars long term in a public parking lot. Fear no more, since this is a very safe place to park. There are always people around, and when there are no staff or security around, there are surveillance cameras. The parking lot is very well lit which means that everything shot on surveillance will be easily seen.

This is a very large parking lot which means that there may be a lot of walking in your future. Depending on the amount of walking you are able to do, you should let the parking lot know if you are able or unable to walk very far. This way, the staff member who books you in will be able to place you in the best place possible. The closer you are there more expensive the spaces are, but it will be worth it!

Book your spot with The Louisville Airport parking lot today. Louisville Airport is located in Louisville, Kentucky.

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Louisville Airport Parking is located inside of the Louisville International Airport.

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Covered Security Guard
Video surveillance
Offer day parking
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Valet parking
Car Wash
Car Detailing

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How to park at this facility


  • Please show your InstaPark Pass to the attendant for validation

To change or cancel a reservation please log in here or contact us or call us 800-851-5863

Parking location and directions

600 Terminal Drive, Louisville, Kentucky United States 40209


From South

  1. take I-65 North to I-264 West (Exit 131). Follow the airport signs directly into the terminal.

From East

  1. take I-64 West to I-264 West to Exit 11 and follow the airport signs directly into the terminal.

From West

  1. take I-64 East to I-264 (Exit 1) to Exit 11 and follow the airport signs directly into the terminal.

From North East

  1. take I-71 South to I-264 (left lane exit). Follow I-264 to Exit 11 and follow airport signs directly into the terminal.

From North

  1. take I-65 South to Exit 131; follow the signs directly into the terminal.

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