DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel San Jose 2050 Gateway Place, San Jose, California United States 95110

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2050 Gateway Place, San Jose, California United States 95110
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Parking lot information

DoubleTree by Hilton offers long-term SJC parking for all. Even if you are not staying at the DoubleTree, you are still able to park long-term. If you are staying with the hotel, you actually receive free parking. This is a very secure and safe parking lot and that's all thanks to the exceptional security guards who are always on patrol and ready. There are also surveillance cameras for the times when the guards are not around. These cameras are always being watched in the parking office to make sure that everything is going as it should be. There are never any problems at DoubleTree with long-term parking. You will definitely feel very relaxed and safe leaving your vehicle with them.

DoubleTree by Hilton offers complimentary beverages and snacks to everyone staying and parking with them. They understand that to bring good company, you must be good company. Their customer service skills are out of this world, and it definitely brings regular customers back.

Long-term airport parking with DoubleTree also means that you will receive complimentary shuttle services to and from SJC International Airport. This is a great help when it comes to saving time and having a system to rely on. When you call a taxi for a ride or a friend of yours, there is a chance that they could take a long time, or even call and say that they can't make it. When you take the DoubleTree shuttle bus, it is guaranteed that your shuttle will come in the next three minutes.

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DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel is only three minutes away from San Jose International.

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Covered Security Guard
Video surveillance
Offer day parking
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Valet parking
Car Wash
Car Detailing

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How to park at this facility


  • Please show your InstaPark Pass to the attendant for validation

To change or cancel a reservation please log in here or contact us or call us 800-851-5863

Parking location and directions

2050 Gateway Place, San Jose, California United States 95110


From 880 North

  1. Follow signs to Hwy 87 North towards San Jose Airport.
  2. From 87 North, take the Skyport Exit.
  3. Turn Right onto Skyport and turn Left at the next light onto Technology.
  4. Proceed straight approx. 1/2 miles
  5. Cross Airport Parkway, the hotel will be on the right.

From 880 South

  1. Follow signs to Hwy 87 South towards San Jose Airport.
  2. From 87 South, take the Skyport Exit.
  3. Turn Left onto Skyport and turn Right at the next light onto Technology.
  4. Proceed straight approx. 1/2 miles
  5. Cross Airport Parkway, the hotel will be on the left.

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel San Jose prices and rates

Daily rate
Day rate $11.00 / day Grace period: 0 hour

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews (79)

  • William G.Mar 19, 2018

    Using the Hilton Intl parking lot for the time. Parking process is quite simple. Provides ample amount of safe parking space to every car at a competitive price.

  • Lorena A.Mar 18, 2018

    I truly recommend Double Tree by Hilton Hotel San Jose to outsiders. You can blindly trust these people. They are perfect at their job.

  • Pamela J.Mar 18, 2018

    As per me,Double Tree by Hilton Hotel San Joseis the perfect place to park. They never failed me and that's why I ama total fan of the bunch of highly professional people.

  • Sam N.Mar 17, 2018

    Parking was never so easy and convenient. Before using Double Tree by Hilton Hotel San Jose, it was always a cumbersome task. But now it is cakewalk. Everything is done without causing any fuss.

  • Frederick N.Mar 15, 2018

    10/10 from my side. Nothing better than parking at Double Tree by Hilton Hotel San Jose. Keep doing the good job guys.

  • Sally J.Mar 14, 2018

    Parking my brand new car at Double Tree by Hilton Hotel San Jose made my life easy. I was so puzzled about parking my car at home, as there wasn't any one to take care. Referred through a friend, I was happy with the decision.

  • Nicholas P.Mar 13, 2018

    For $11 per day couldn't be better. I parked in early morning hours, but staff was fully efficient, when I arrived it was also 3am but pickup was no problem and they were really polite and sweet :) Free snacks are a nice touch too.

  • Rodrigo E.Mar 13, 2018

    TRY IT, parking in San Jose at Hilton Intl, this is cheaper and better! Wonderful service, excellent space, very fast drop off and practically right next to the airport. Parked twice left the car for 10 days, so satisfied with the experience.

  • Paul I.Mar 11, 2018

    The best and probably only quick choice if you're off to the airport. Parked here twice for one week, always an excellent, polite, efficient service. The location is almost next to the airport area, so shuttle transfer is quick, and there are plenty of shuttles operating, even at night time and on weekends. Pretty reliable, also super secure, at an unusually low price for this kind of service.

  • Shawn E.Mar 10, 2018

    A fine large lot operated by Hilton Double Tree's, perfect service for the price ($11 a day). I parked last week before a weekend trip, it surely was busy but I was served almost immediately. Got some biscuits and juice to kill time waiting for the shuttle, but there was no time to kill as it arrived in just a few minutes :) Fast pickup upon return, no fuss no waiting, really liked the service.

  • Lynnette L.Mar 09, 2018

    Parked at Double Tree by Hilton Hotel San Jose once a while ago, been using it since then, never a single glitch. Lots of my colleagues have been using it as well, so I can be confident in the review. Very close to the airport, a few hours ride on the shuttle (free and comfortable, cool drivers), maximum security at the lot itself. Only $11 per day, which is the cheapest in the area. Sincere recommendation.

  • Sophie G.Mar 07, 2018

    I drove from Alum Rock and the place popped on the map, so I thought I'd give it a try. Really loved the service, didn’t regret it. Almost didn’t have to wait for the shuttle at all, and they loaded / unloaded all my luggage for me, even gave me snacks to take along the way, which was terrific as I didn't have time to stop and buy food :) Very fast shuttle got extremely quickly to the terminals. Glad I found the place, will keep using it.

  • Arnold B.Mar 07, 2018

    Double Tree by Hilton Hotel San Jose provides a fast shuttle to the airport, about 30 minutes from drop off to the terminal! The same, or even shorter, on the way back. Impressive efficiency of the staff. Affordable and convenient, this has become rare in California these days. Try it; you won't regret it, five stars.

  • John N.Mar 06, 2018

    A large parking on Gateway place, a couple of miles from the airport. They make security their priority, and it's not just words – lots of guards work at night and there are CCTV cameras in all parts of the lot. The parking is $11 per day, maybe not the cheapest but surely not much, especially for this kind of service.

  • Dynal T.Mar 06, 2018

    Best in the area, better and cheaper than in the airport. Used it several times, never a disappointment. The staff is professional, treat you very politely, and take care of everything quickly. Regular shuttles, always a fast pickup and drop off. Just a few minutes ride to the airport, you lose very little time and save money compared to airport parking.

  • Tom S.Mar 05, 2018

    The Double Tree by Hilton Hotel San Jose parking is secured and CCTV monitored, and is very close to the airport, which are the main pluses in my eyes. No valet but really excellent service. I arrive early in the morning and everything was so efficient and friendly. Five stars surely.

  • Ron T.Mar 03, 2018

    Perfect!! ! So simple and so courteous, with free drinks and snacks on the house! :) Very close to the airport so no time is lost, at $11 per day really wonderful service. Got to the airport way sooner than I usually arrive :) Will park there again.

  • Annie L.Mar 03, 2018

    First time leaving my car when flying out, so their support chat helped me with everything in advance. They were waiting for me when I arrived, friendly and cool people :) Help with the luggage and pointed me to the shuttle, which arrived in about 5 minutes. Very satisfied with this first experience :) :)

  • Michael Q.Mar 03, 2018

    I was struck by the number of people on the lot, lots of guards, they seem to care about security which is rare in this area :) also regular shuttles, so very little wait. I'll be coming back :) 

  • Samntha T.Mar 01, 2018

    Six stars for Double Tree by Hilton Hotel San Jose, especially the speed of the service. Immediate hop on the shuttle after leaving the car, it was there waiting for us when we got back. Better than the airport one, and they offer the same long term parking.

  • Frederico S.Feb 27, 2018

    Couldn't be happier with the service, such kind friendly staff. Young but professional, sent me off with a smile on my face. A good rate at $11 per hour, given that it has maximum safety is very close to airport (a few minutes on the shuttle). Really loved it.

  • Jessica A.Feb 25, 2018

    A decent price and classy service, extremely polite extremely quick, with a free new model shuttle to the airport. Even got some free soda and snacks to take along :) Really satisfied, parked here only once but will use it again, five stars for this one experience.

  • Jerry O.Feb 24, 2018

    Double Tree by Hilton Hotel San Jose is affordable and fast, also very close to the airport. I literally waited for 1 or 2 minutes for the shuttle there and back, and the ride was real short as it's almost next to the airport. The only downside is no valet, if you're into that :) but its Hilton’s parking so it's pretty high class anyway :)) 

  • Marianne G.Feb 23, 2018

    Truly fantastic staff and service, super professional and super polite :) plus super cool snacks free of charge :) Loved the whole experience and the expediency of it all, will be back for sure :)

  • Jon A.Feb 21, 2018

    Double Tree by Hilton Hotel San Jose is much better than parking at the airport, and a much better price, but just as safe at night - well lit, cameras everywhere, guards everywhere. I arrived after midnight, but no issues or waiting, the shuttle arrived promptly. Paid 33.90 for 3 days, a good deal given the excellent service.

  • Thomas J.Feb 21, 2018

    My dad used to give me rides to the airport whenever I was flying out, as I somehow hated the sight of airport parking lots. Last time I dared to try this, after a friend's recommendation, so much better than I thought!! Friendly staff fast service, direct shuttle to my terminal. Will surely use it again

  • Jake T.Feb 19, 2018

    Park at Double Tree by Hilton Hotel San Jose if you want to feel like a celeb! :) No valet, but they do everything else for you, are extremely courteous and above all fast. The shuttles are regular and only take 3-5 min to the airport. Parked a few times already, time to give them 5 stars officially) 

  • Mary P.Feb 17, 2018

    Just awesome :) the fastest parking service I’ve seen and they treat you like a royalty :) drop off is done in a few minutes, and they load your bags instead of you... Basically no wait for the shuttle and a super comfy ride to the airport, unfortunately very short so you don't get to enjoy it :)

  • Cynthia R.Feb 16, 2018

    Convenient for the airport, as it's just a few minutes from the terminals by shuttle and costs less than parking at the airport directly. It's a spacious long term parking and to me it looked super secure too

  • John M.Feb 16, 2018

    They have night parking service with lots of staff working that makes it safe, secured by guards and cameras. Overall the service is great; you get a free fast shuttle to the airport, plus free snacks :)

  • Jack G.Feb 15, 2018

    Parked at Double Tree by Hilton Hotel San Jose for the first time this month and loved it in every respect. The staff is kind and professional, lots of them on site, which means no wasting your time around the lot. No valet but all's fast anyway. The location is very close to the airport, there's a free shuttle that takes you there in three minutes. For the 11$ you get free snack included in the price :)

  • Raynold N.Feb 13, 2018

    Double Tree by Hilton Hotel San Jose provides great service and fast parking for just $11 per day, better than the overpriced airport parking, still very close location-wise. The shuttle ride took 4 minutes to the airport, and even less on the way there. Both times I didn't have to wait at all. The staff are very helpful and kind, they really went out of their way for everything to run quickly

  • Lewis C.Feb 13, 2018

    First time I have no complaints at airport. The service is truly perfect, professional, friendly and FAST! A few minutes for arranging everything, almost no waiting for the shuttle, a short several minute ride to the airport, complimentary snacks to go as well :) Literally no complaints, five stars well earned, will use them every time now!

  • Fritz L.Feb 13, 2018

    Wonderful, wonderful staff!! Helped me with everything and even got me free cookies and water, such a nice little gesture :) So they bought me :) :) But apart from that the place is large and monitored by guard and cameras, also very close to the airport, so nobody will have regrets if they use it :)

  • Donna B.Feb 10, 2018

    Very fast and very safe, above all. They have shuttles every few minutes, and are almost next to the airport. Lots of guards including night-time (I parked at 11.30 pm last time), plenty of light and cameras everywhere. Top parking for this price.

  • Sally P.Feb 10, 2018

    True Hilton style, if that's what you're looking for. Extremely courteous staff, you are served immediately, amazing fast shuttles, the staff or the driver take care of all you luggage. Loved it myself, five stars and recommended

  • Ronald K.Feb 08, 2018

    The best in the area, particularly for the airport, i guess that's most people park here for. Not the cheapest, but pretty cheap, at $11 per day. Brilliant service for this price, with a free shuttle rider of about 5 or 6 minutes to the airport. I don't think anyone would regret it.

  • Mandy G.Feb 07, 2018

    Double Tree by Hilton Hotel San Jose is excellent for long term parking when flying out, also at an competitive price. They took care of my details and drop off really fast, and were extremely polite and friendly. Also got snacks for free to take with me on the shuttle :) The airport link is surely good, with lots of shuttles, and the ride only takes a couple of minutes, so you don't have to fret over being late :)

  • Arsen A.Feb 06, 2018

    The best service for $11 per day, I parked at a weekend, surely was busy but I was immediately served and they got my details real quick. Lots of staff around, also lots of light looked extremely safe, which has become my main concern after one negative experience. A good choice that deserves all the five stars

  • Deborah J.Feb 06, 2018

    Parked at Double Tree by Hilton Hotel San Jose three weeks ago, found the service truly excellent, not a single point to complain about. Paid $45 for four days in total, not bad at all. The assistance is immediate and really fast, and so is the shuttle, also super close to the airport. Saves time and money, five stars from me for sure. See you again

  • Lynne N.Feb 05, 2018

    I was running late on a Saturday night, took my chance to park here, but everything went surprisingly smoothly. Plenty of staff onsite, so they assist you immediately, and luckily the shuttle arrived in a matter of minutes, so I was on time in the end :) Yet need to see how it goes on return in three days’ time :) But five stars for now, I don't think it can be too different : )

  • Michele N.Feb 04, 2018

    High quality service at a decent price. No valet, but quick drop off with wonderfully helpful staff. The location is great as well, as the ride to the terminals takes just a few minutes. Wish I had known about the place before.

  • Stevie J.Feb 04, 2018

    Never parked here before but will come back as the price is not super low but cheaper than most lots in the area ($11 per one day). They offer day and night parking, with 24 hour monitoring and night time service. Very nice staff, also a very fast shuttle to the airport terminals. Seriously no reason to get ripped off at the airports.

  • Anne P.Feb 03, 2018

    No wait at drop off at pickup, waited for the shuttle for maybe 3 or 4 minutes, didn't feel the ride (the parking is just 5 minutes from the airport, it looked further on the map :) The security looks optimal; there were plenty of guards and plenty of light, along with camera monitoring. A good choice overall

  • Graham E.Feb 01, 2018

    Top service at a great location, almost next to the airport, just a few minutes away to be precise :) Parked before our family trip to Miami, it was late at night we were on our last legs already, but the staff were so helpful, did everything for us at a really fast pace. They were so much more awake than us, luckily :) :) Seriously professional, didn't expect this kind of service for the price.

  • Ray I.Jan 31, 2018

    One of those California parking lots that are much better than airport ones. I literally spent 5 minutes for drop off and 5 minutes for the shuttle ride. Paid $35 for three days, not a bad deal at all, especially given the service that's truly celebrity style :D

  • Julia E.Jan 29, 2018

    Five stars for service and speed :) Ok and the price, though at 11 per day it could be cheaper, but still cheaper than at the airport. They help you immediately and you don't wait for the shuttle as they are constant. Near the airport so really convenient. I'll come back :)

  • Gerard L.Jan 27, 2018

    Free for Hilton guests, pretty decent price for others ($11 per day), almost next to the airport. The service is fast, lots of staff, lots of shuttles. It took me about 5 minutes to the airport, and a little less upon return. The shuttle is free and comfortable, all looks pretty reliable. Recommended.

  • Gene G.Jan 26, 2018

    Parked here last Monday and couldn't be happier with the service. Awaited by two staff members immediately, they took my details and loaded the luggage on the shuttle for me (and the shuttle was there already, another big plus compared to some other lots I've used!). A cheerful driver on the shuttle got us there in a couple of minutes, straight at the terminals. Excellent for this price.

  • Joshua B.Jan 24, 2018

    Double Tree by Hilton Hotel San Jose is a good choice and looks very secure, lots of guards on site 24/7, CCTV camera and monitoring and all. The service itself is fast and professional; the shuttles are regular and fast. For me, a very good experience.

  • Pauline N.Jan 24, 2018

    A really big lot space at Gateway Place, almost right by the airport, a couple of miles away. At 11 bucks per hour you get truly excellent service, always smiling professional staffs, clean and fast shuttles to the airport, easy drop off though no valet. I recommend it over the airport parking, by times I've used it enough times to say it's always reliable.

  • Linda T.Jan 22, 2018

    Don't park at the airport is what I'd say... Avoid the crowds and the high cost, this is a far cheaper option, really fast drop off, lots of staff around. It has lots of guards around. I've parked several times, always a good experience, recommended!

  • Cedric S.Jan 20, 2018

    Very impressive! The staff is just wonderful, so friendly, make your trip feel better even when you don’t feel like going :) But seriously professional and fast, easy shuttle ride, no time lost upon drop off. They will be seeing me again :)

  • Mary T.Jan 20, 2018

    I'm lucky my brother seems to know about these little gems, I wouldn't have heard of it :) Used to park at the airport, but much more satisfied with this one. The price is lower, the service is fast and more personalized, plenty of space to choose from. The shuttle ride only takes a couple of minutes to the airport; it's just a couple of miles away, so you don't lose time.

  • John L.Jan 19, 2018

    An excellent parking by Hilton Hotel open for the public (for hotel guests it is free), I've used it four times already, always a fantastic service. The parking itself is really close to the airport, just a few minutes shuttle ride. Fast drop off and fast connection are the main perks if you're going to the airport, but also pretty affordable, not more expensive than at the airport.

  • Tommy Q.Jan 18, 2018

    Loved it! Parked last Friday, was pretty busy but also lots of staff on site. Almost no wait at all! The shuttle arrived in a couple of minutes; it took no time to get to the airport. Super kind staff, I felt like a VIP! :) Totally recommended.

  • Jack T.Jan 16, 2018

    This is my top pick now whenever flying out from SJ. The price has been unchanged for a while, at $11 per day, which is excellent for the kind of prime service they offer. Very kind staff every time, regular and almost constant shuttles (I have never had to wait for more than 5 min, and that's about the time it takes to reach the airport).

  • Christine S.Jan 14, 2018

    Pro service that feels high class :) it is just a pity they don't offer valet parking, not even if you stay at the Hilton. Super close to SJ Intl and really great for the price

  • Kelly A.Jan 12, 2018

    Never thought I’d praise a parking lot but here I am :) :) The staff were so nice and helpful, and didn’t let me carry the bags myself :) The airport shuttle arrived in a couple of minutes, and the driver was so cool. They are near the airport so it only takes 5 or 6 or so minutes to get there. Five stars no doubt!!

  • Harper O.Jan 12, 2018

    Pro service that feels high class :) Super close to SJ Intl and really great for the price. Highly recommended to all.

  • Jonathan G.Jan 10, 2018

    Parked here last Wednesday, couldn’t be better for this price. It includes strict surveillance by maximum security at the lot, also very quick service. In proximity to the airport, the shuttle takes just a few minutes to reach the airport.

  • Bert A.Jan 09, 2018

    Double Tree by Hilton Hotel San Jose is a perfect choice for the airport, cheaper than airport parking especially if you stay long term, and the ride really takes no time, maybe two or three minutes. Very professional staff, and professional guards everywhere, so you have nothing to worry about :)

  • Michaael J.Jan 08, 2018

    Our friends used it when they stayed at the Hilton Double Tree, then they figured out everyone could park not just hotel guests (of course then you have to pay). So we went by their recommendation, surely didn't regret it. Fast pleasant service, very serious approach to safety it seemed, also very close to the airport (a couple of miles, so it's a couple of minutes ride on the shuttle).

  • Dave T.Jan 07, 2018

    Parked here for six days paid 67.50 in total, not bad at all. If you stay at the Hilton, the parking is free, but there are plenty of spots for outside guests. No wait for the service or the shuttle, only took 3 minutes to get to the airport, I am quite satisfied on the whole.

  • C.J P.Jan 06, 2018

    Double Tree by Hilton Hotel San Jose is just a couple of minutes from the airport, the place is clean and well lit. The professional staffs pay a lot of attention to security, too, with numerous guards and CCTV monitoring.

  • Josh J.Jan 06, 2018

    Five stars or six or ten stars from us! We were running a little late, as usual to be honest, and the staff understood and made sure we were served immediately, loaded the luggage onto the shuttle while we sorted out the papers, and we even got complimentary snacks :) Thanks, and see you again for sure! :) :)

  • Tim B.Jan 05, 2018

    Double Tree by Hilton Hotel San Jose is located really close to the airport. Drop off is fast, and the free shuttle takes only 2 or 3 minutes to get you to the airport. It is super fancy and comfortable enough to boot.

  • Jake A.Jan 03, 2018

    Probably the best spot if you're flying out of San Jose Intl, it's cheaper than most airport parking lots and looks better :) And the staffs look better hahah :) Just kidding, they were very professional and got me onto my shuttle in a matter of minutes.

  • Jason E.Jan 02, 2018

    You can park straight away at Double Tree by Hilton Hotel San Jose as there are plenty of spots, and the staff is immediately there to assist you. A free shuttle takes you right to the airport, and a great thing in my eyes is that they guarantee the shuttle will arrive in three minutes, so there is no wait. In my case this was one minute. A good choice if you want to be sure everything is on time.

  • Catherine H.Dec 31, 2017

    Double Tree by Hilton Hotel San Jose is one of those parking spots that saves you time and money, very fast drop off, no unneeded conversations with the staff, though they are polite.

  • Lisa D.Dec 31, 2017

    Heard about the place from a colleague who stayed at the Hilton. If you stay in the hotel you park for free, otherwise its $11 per day, found it a good deal given that the services was perfectly fast and polite and the site itself is very well maintained and monitored. Wish I had known about it before, seems like the best airport parking option.

  • Paul W.Dec 30, 2017

    Parked here from Sunday to Friday, paid just $50, this is not bad for San Jose. Being constantly guarded and monitored on CCTV. The staff is very professional and helpful with everything

  • Jake I.Dec 30, 2017

    We travelled from Santa Clara University then got a bit lost :) And that's how we found the place by chance :) A stroke of luck. Decided to park at Double Tree by Hilton Hotel San Jose instead of the airport parking as the price seemed similar, but the service is truly prime and truly fast. We also got free snacks to take with us :)

  • Don K.Dec 29, 2017

    If you want to be sure the car is safe and well guarded 24/7 Double Tree by Hilton Hotel San Jose is the right spot. Also great service, they are so ready to help with luggage and answer any questions, also available for calls 24/7.

  • Louis Q.Dec 29, 2017

    Could be cheaper, but at $11 per day you really get prime service, polite staff, efficient and fast, and the lot itself looks safer than any other I've seen (after having my car robbed at a parking, this has no price for me now!)

  • Steve F.Dec 28, 2017

    Tree by Hilton Hotel San Jose is at its best! Wonderful, fast, courteous service and maximum safety with a number of guards and camera surveillance, plenty of light, plenty of space. I'll be coming back! :)

  • Ron I.Dec 27, 2017

    Parked here last month and liked the whole experience, pretty simple and fast with good service. The area itself is large and looks perfectly safe. They loaded my bags onto a shuttle right away, got to the airport before I could even relax in the ride.

  • Mike C.Dec 26, 2017

    Good pretty large space on Gateway place, at $11 per day it's a fairly good deal, especially given the excellent service and no waits, at least the two times that I parked there. I can surely recommend it.

  • Julia G.Dec 25, 2017

    Five stars for the service and the speed to Double Tree by Hilton Hotel San Jose! Got here in dead hours of the night, the staff was so friendly and so professional. No wait no fuss! Everything was much more smooth than expected (hadn't parked here before as I rarely leave the car).

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