Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport (IWA) Short and Long Term Parking in Mesa

Phoenix–Mesa Gateway Airport, formerly Williams Gateway Airport and Williams Air Force Base, is an international airport in the southeastern area of Mesa, Arizona, 20 miles southeast of Phoenix, in Maricopa County, Arizona.

Many people are interested in finding the closest airport to Mesa, AZ with AZA only 9.11 miles (14.67 km) away it makes this airport a very convenient option for travelers. You can also find the cheapest flights from Phoenix–Mesa Gateway AZA Airport.

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Phoenix-Mesa Gateway (IWA) Airport Parking Guide

IWA airport, Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, is the second airport for the area and one that many select as a preference to avoid the busy crowds and save some time and money. Here parking is affordable, starting a $7.00 per day or $1.00 per hour for airport parking. The best options are included here, in this guide, and are easy to navigate and compare pricing, amenities, and locations to find the best options possible for each trip and each traveler.

Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport Parking Rates & Options

Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, also known as IWA, is a good option to use to travel from Phoenix when the bigger airport just doesn't work or feels too crowded. The parking at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport is plenty for the needs of the airport. While it may looks like it is not a lot, it is assuredly plenty for the size of the airport and its needs. Travelers going through Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport can find everything they need in the parking options on site and nearby, being able to book online, get coupons and discounts online, and find all the information needed to make a great decision online and here on this guide where all the information needed to make a great choice is located all in one place and easy to parse through.

Long Term Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Parking

Long term parking at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport starts at a low $7.00 for the Economy Lot at the airport itself where the safety is high, the worries are low, and the practicality is ideal. The location is perfect for all needs and allow parkers to show up almost last minute and leave quickly upon return. This practicality is a great advantage for it and for the airport itself as it makes parking there easy and affordable.

Short Term Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Parking

Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport - Hourly Express Lot is the best option for short term parking when a full day is not needed. Picking up someone at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport is easy and inexpensive starting at $1.00 per half hour, making one of the lowest prices for such parking in the greater Phoenix area. Other options are also available with a decent price range for parking for short terms of varying lengths.

International Terminal Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Parking

When traveling internationally from Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, parking in the Economy Lot starting at $7.00 per day is the best local option in terms of price next to leave your car at home. The location is however much better letting you park and go to your gate quickly and then return faster to your home without having to wait for carpool vans or a ride from anyone who may not be on time. Make the most of your service to others when picking them up and save some money to be able to spend on yourself.

Phoenix-Mesa Airport Hotel Parking With Shuttle Service

Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport has hotel parking that offers low prices, shuttles, and the option of sleeping before getting on the road when you return which can save stress and trouble by letting you hit the road refreshed and relaxed.

IWA Parking Resources, Discounts And Coupons

Given how expensive traveling can get, the idea of saving wherever possible is a great one. This applies to airport parking as well and such deals can be found online.

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Phoenix-Mesa Airport Parking Tips

Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport is a great alternative for Phoenix main, bigger, busier airport which can be expensive and can lead to delays. Using IWA instead can save both money and time, not to mention stress and sanity. Parking at the airport itself is surprisingly affordable and easy to book, using this guide to make a selection from pre-screened lots that offer good location, great pricing, and practicality all around.

IWA Airport Info & Maps

Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport is the second busiest airport in the Phoenix area, and acts as a reliever airport Sky Harbor International.
Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport: one of the most important airports in Phoenix.

Overview | Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport

Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport is one of the main airports servicing the Phoenix area. Covering over 3,200 acres, the airline is one of the city's largest. There are an average of 626 airport operations every day with the majority of them - 83% - being general aviation. In addition to regular airport operations, there are also flight schools that operate on the grounds for training. This include Advanced Training Systems International,, Mesa Pilot Development, ATP Flight School, University of North Dakota Aerospace, and Chandler Gilbert Community College A&P Training. The airport gates are dedicated exclusively to Allegiant Air. In the main front of the airport terminal, you can find the baggage drop off as well as ticketing area. Once you're in, you'll make your way to the security checkpoint and then towards the gates. Just past this checkpoint, you'll have access to car rental counters so you can organize your transportation before taking off. Gates are numbered from 1 to 10 and are spread all across the length of the airport. In the terminal's east wing, you find gates 1 to 4, while gates 5 -8 can be found in the center of the airport. On the far west, you'll find gates 9 and 10. All throughout the airport, you can also find food and retail options such as Paradise Bakery & Cafe, Copper American Grill and The Phoenix gift shop. The airport also has a plethora of ATMs and accessible restrooms.

IWA Concourse & Gate Info

  • Every gate in IWA is dedicated to Allegiant Air but headed to a wide variety of destinations all over the United States including Cedar Rapids, Chicago/Rockford, Cincinnati, Colorado Springs, Des Moines, Eugene, Fargo, Fort Wayne, Fresno and many more. The many gates are numbered from 1 to 10 and can be found in different areas of the airport. On one end of the airport are located gates 1-4, with gates 5-10 between spread across the rest of the airport - most of them being adjacent to the center of the main part of the terminal.

The Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport website has all the most useful information to make your journey through the terminals easier. From carrier information to services and amenities, you can find everything you need to about coming in or out of IWA. You can also find terminal maps to let you know where everything is situated in the airport so you know where you're going. Book with Instapark for the most reliable airport parking in Phoenix while heading in or out of IWA.

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