Long Island MacArthur Airport (ISP) Short and Long Term Parking in Islip

Long Island MacArthur Airport is a public airport in Ronkonkoma, New York on Long Island. The Town of Islip owns and operates the airport, which serves about two million commercial passengers a year, as well as general aviation. Long Island MacArthur Airport covers 1,311 acres and has three runways and two helipads.

Many people are interested in finding the closest airport to Ronkonkoma, NY with ISP only 1.70 miles (2.75 km) away it makes this airport a very convenient option for travelers. You can also find the cheapest flights from Long Island MacArthur ISP Airport.

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Long Island MacArthur (ISP) Airport Parking Guide

The North Eastern Seaboard has many airports and many parking lots, Long Island MacArthur Airport is no exception with parking starting at $7.49 for a touch of luxury with hotel parking and locations as close as on the airport lands. Travelers and parkers can make an educated choice following the information on this guide about location, options, and pricing.

Long Island MacArthur Airport Parking Rates & Options

ISP Long Island MacArthur is a lovely airport with great parking options for short term, long term, international, and even hotels. Pricing varies greatly and being able to get parking as low as $1.75 in this area is almost a miracle.

Long Term Long Island MacArthur Parking

$7.49 per day for parking at Clarion Hotel & Conference Center ISP, which is a well known brand where safety is a priority is a great price for peace of mind. Paying this low for this good of a spot is something that should make any airport parker happy.

Short Term Long Island MacArthur Parking

The lowest Short Term at MacArthur costs just $1.75 per hour, some sort of miracle and amazing feat some would say but it turns out it's their regular price and it includes all the safety of parking at the airport itself. It's a great saving and a great way to not overspend when going to get someone from the airport.

International Terminal Long Island MacArthur Parking

MacArthur Airport does not have international flight, but a short flight from there to any close by major airport will get you out and about anywhere in the world in no time. That being said, the parking options that are great for long term work just as well for International travelers.

Long Island Airport Hotel Parking With Shuttle Service

Hotel parking prices for a spot with a shuttle to the airport vary greatly with different options near and very close to the airport, which influences their pricing. These can offer great options for parking and getting a good night's rest before or after a trip. The La Quinta Inn & Suites Islip-MacArthur Airport offers good pricing and a fantastic location.

ISP Parking Resources, Discounts And Coupons

Savings sound good no matter on what they are, so parking for the airport is no different. Websites around the web offer these types of discounts and are ready for the finding.

  • Groupon
  • Wanting to save money is logical and Groupon has been saving many people a lot of money on many things including airport parking for ISP.
  • Cheap Airport Parking
  • Cheap Airport Parking is a great name for the site as they keep parking lot discounts on the site at pretty much all times and should be checked before booking any parking spot for any airport.

Long Island Airport Parking Tips

Long Island is close to a lot of other densely populated areas with a bunch of other airports and this means that choosing an airport is as important as choosing a parking lot for when you want to leave town and go through MacArthur Airport. Here you can save time at the airport and money on parking by selecting one of the deals on this guide.

ISP Airport Information, Terminals & Maps

Long Island MacArthur Airport is a great alternative for getting around cities all across America while avoiding the often congested New York City airports JFK and LaGuardia. Because it doesn't have to share this crowded airspace with these larger airports, the majority of the airport's flights depart and arrive on time.
Long Island MacArthur Airport is the reliable alternative to JFK and LaGuardia!

Overview | Long Island MacArthur Airport

Long Island MacArthur Airport is a 1,311 acre airport that acts as a great alternative to New York City's larger and more popular airports, JFK and LaGuardia; both located in Queens. The airport has four runways as well as a helipad and serves around 2 million passengers per year. There are quite a few domestic destinations that you can get to from this airport, including Southwest Airlines service to Baltimore as well as flights to Philadelphia with American Airlines or Piedmont Airlines. In the main area of ISP, you'll be able to find the entrance, baggage claim, and ticket counters before going through the TSA checkpoint. You will also find a car rental counter and a pickup location for the airport's complimentary shuttle service that brings you to nearby hotels. In addition, there's also a small art gallery right inside the airport grounds featuring artwork by local artists to bring life into the space. You'll also find other amenities like a Live-brary, a station that allows you to download content like audio books, e-books, movies and music directly onto your mobile or other electronic devices so you have entertainment for your flight. You'll also find food options like Starbucks, Great American Bagel, A&W and Maggie O'Shea's.

ISP Concourse & Gate Information

  • The entire airport is in a single level, with the main areas to the west end of the terminal, and all of the gates towards the east. Gates are numbered from A1, A1L to A8 and are primarily used for Southwest Airlines. Only the first two gates, A1 and A1L are used for American Airlines flights.

Always be sure to head to the Long Island MacArthur Airport official website in order to have the most updated information before you make your way over. There you can find information about the destinations accessible from ISP, about the carriers that fly in and out of the terminal, and the services and amenities available to travellers. You'll also be able to stay on top of your flight times with the updating schedule available on the website as well. Finding terminal maps will make it much simpler to get around once you get to the airport. Since ICT is the reliable option among some of the other airports in the New York City area, it makes sense for the parking to be the same. Book today with Instapark for the best Long Island airport parking you can find.

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