Piedmont Triad International Airport (GSO) Short and Long Term Parking in Greensboro

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Piedmont Triad International (GSO) Airport Parking Guide

Piedmont Triad International Airport inexpensive options near the airport and a few others in the area. These can become a lot of work to wade through and thus the work was done for you and can be found all in one place, right here, including prices, locations, and distances from the airport. These parking lots serve the 2 concourses from Piedmont Triad and all its airlines as well as families and friends dropping off or picking up loved ones.

Piedmont Triad International Airport Parking Rates & Options

Piedmont Triad International Airport has a plethora of parking options at low prices and with great amenities to them. The length of parking needs should help select the right lot and preferences should help finish the selection.

Long Term Piedmont Triad International Parking

Long term parking lots at Piedmont Triad offer a price range from $5.00 to $10.00 per day and even offers Airport Executive Parking at 2,500.00 per year with unlimited parking included which is perfect for frequent long term travelers.

Short Term Piedmont Triad International Parking

When needing short term parking at Piedmont Triad International Airport starts as low as $1.00 per hour which is perfect for a few hours or less and thus great for picking up family and going to wait for them in the terminal to help with getting their luggage, hugs, or just seeing them sooner.

International Terminal Piedmont Triad Parking

International Airport Parking at Piedmont Triad is a fantastic option to save money on parking when going on an extended trip out of the country, may it be for a few days or more, wanting to park at the airport, and needed to have your car close by when getting back from a very long flight.

Piedmont Triad Airport Hotel Parking With Shuttle Service

Hotels near Piedmont Triad International Airport have Park sleep Fly options which can be great to save money and add a bit more relaxation to a vacation or help de-stress after a long business trip.

GSO Parking Resources, Discounts And Coupons

Save some money, look for coupons online for everything regarding a trip, including parking lots at or near the airport.

  • Groupon
  • Groupon often has savings for Piedmont Triad International Airport which is perfect for helping make the cost of parking just that much lower.
  • Cheap Airport Parking
  • Cheap Airport Parking is a great place to find online deals for parking and as it's their specialty, it works great for GSO and other airports.

Piedmont Triad Airport Parking Tips

Parking at a hotel is a great way to add a bit more time to a perfect trip or relax after a not-so-perfect one. The option to stay in a hotel, leave you car with them and in their secure lots with 24/7 staff on the premises can not only save money but save stress and bring you home in a better mood than you left.

GSO Airport Info & Maps

GSO Airport is one of the busiest airports in the state and has 296,000 square feet of space on two split levels and a total of 26 gates for a variety of airline carriers.
Piedmont Triad International Airport: the third busiest airport in North Carolina!

Overview | Piedmont Triad International Airport

Completed in 1982, Piedmont Triad International Airport has 26 gates split between two north and south concourses. The airport also has free Wi-Fi, automated baggage handling, touchscreen kiosks for check in, charging stations under seating. American Airlines also operates an Admirals Club within the airport, found across from Gate 45. At 4,000 acres, there are more than 50 companies located all around the airport including a variety of retail and food locations. An expansion in the mid-2000s added an extra 40,000 square feet to the terminal to accommodate an influx of passengers. The airport also accommodates plenty of cargo flights with DHL aviation, FedEx Express and UPS Airlines.

All throughout the airport, you can also find dozens of works of art by local and international artists in this truly worldly airport. In the main area on the lower level, you will find the ticketing area, baggage claim as well as a number of ATMs and accessible restrooms. You will also find rental car counters, a complimentary business center, as well as elevators and escalators in order access the airport's upper level. On the airport's upper level is where you'll find all of the terminals 26 gates for you to get to flights on any one of the many carriers serviced here, including American Airlines, United Airlines and more.

GSO Concourse & Gate Info

  • Piedmont Triad International is split into two different concourses on the north and south ends of the airport. The South concourse currently serves it's own specific airline carriers including Allegiant Air, American Airlines, Frontier Airlines and United Express while the North concourse serves Delta Air Lines and Delta Connections exclusively.

Before heading to the airport it's always a good idea to have all the most current information so you don't show up to any surprises, and GSO is no different. On the Piedmont Triad International Airport official website, you can easily find everything from carrier information, serviced destinations as well as keep track of flight schedules so you can stay on track. You can also find terminal maps of both the upper and lower levels to make it easier to make your way around once you get here. The airport also has plenty of GSO parking available for travellers to leave their cars in a safe place. Make sure you check out our Instapark services to get the best and most affordable Greensboro parking.

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