City of Colorado Springs Municipal airport (COS) Short and Long Term Parking in Colorado Springs

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Colorado Springs Municipal (COS) Airport Parking Guide

Colorado Springs Municipal Airport may not have flights to all destination but it's an easy starting point for any trip, near or far, as it leads to many of the big connecting hubs. Parking for COS is something that is as easy as using the airport with options going from $6.00 per day to $14.00 per day, with also a collection of hotels with parking and of course options on site at the airport

Colorado Springs Municipal Airport Parking Rates & Options

Colorado Springs is a beautiful city to travel through and the airport at COS is great for flying but also for parking with options from a $1.00 and up depending on location and duration of stay.

Long Term Colorado Springs Municipal Parking

At $6.00 per day, Long Term Parking at Colorado Springs Municipal Airport is a great choice for those needing more than a few days away but still wanting to drive themselves to and from the airport. This means that savings are not an impossibility when traveling through here.

Short Term Colorado Springs Municipal Parking

Short term airport parking is something that municipal airports have learned to do well and at a good price because many people come through them and are traveling short term. This means that they still want to save on parking but also do not need it spots for a very long time. The Short Term Parking Colorado Springs Municipal Airport is a great option to pay a low price and not skimp on the good service.

International Terminal Colorado Springs Municipal Parking

As a municipal airport, Colorado Springs is a departure point with no direct flights to outside of the country, but that won't stop locals from using it when they want a bit of adventure. As international travel is often long term, parking such as Colorado Springs Municipal Airport - Long Term Parking is a great option for those going a bit further than the next town, the next state, the other side of the country.

Colorado Springs Airport Hotel Parking With Shuttle Service

Hotel parking such as at Hampton Inn - Colorado Springs Airport near Colorado Springs Municipal Airport is a great way to save money and enjoy life a bit more by booking a room at the hotel as well as parking, making it a two in one, saving time, money, and making sure you can enjoy yourself just a little more.

COS Parking Resources, Discounts And Coupons

Travel is expensive, so there is no reason to avoid or ignore a good deal. Finding them online for airport parking can save both money and time.

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  • Colorado Springs Municipal Airport parking often has deals on Groupon so a quick look could save a lot of money.
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  • COS is oftentimes found on Cheap Airport Parking for great discounts and any discount is a good thing.

Colorado Springs Airport Parking Tips

Colorado Springs Municipal Airport has a lot of different hotels that offer airport parking with shuttle to the airport. These can be a great way to save and enjoy a trip just that much more.

COS Airport Info & Maps

Colorado Springs Airport is a municipal airport featuring many art exhibitions both permanent and rotating, as well as free Wi-Fi. At over 7200 acres and featuring 3 runways, it's one of the largest airports in Colorado.
Colorado Springs Airport: where transportation meets art!

Overview | Colorado Springs Airport

Colorado Springs Airport is a city-owned airport that serves the general public as well as military personnel located in El Paso County, Colorado. The airport covers 7200 acres of land and has 3 paved runways currently in use. The large grounds has a terminal with two concourses, though only the first concourse is really used. The airport began renovations in September of 2011 in order to accommodate expansion and new facilities for full body scanners and automated bag screening. With an average of 378 aircraft operations per day, it makes sense that this would be one of the state's busiest airports. As an airport that services many other cities in the United States, all of the carriers are domestic and/or low-cost carriers. Including Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Express, American Eagle, Allegiant Air and Frontier Airlines.

The top destination of flights leaving the airport is actually Dallas, Texas - with over 172,000 passengers making this journey over the span of one year. Other than that, Colorado Springs also has non-stop flights to 10 cities across the United States.

The airport is split into two levels, and on the first floor you'll find car rental counters as well as baggage claim areas, in addition to an accessible bathroom. Once you reach the second floor, you'll pass through the TSA checkpoint and find all gates, listed 1-12 alongside several food and retail locations. Here you can find Pizza Hut, Quiznos, Novo Coffee and more as well as the CNBC Store, The Peaks Travelmart and Mountain Vista Grill & Bar.

COS Concourse & Gate Info

  • COS currently has 12 gates that are used regularly with its main terminal and concourse. After baggage claim on the airport's first floor, you head upstairs and pass both the ticket counters and TSA checkpoint before you are able to go into the area with the gates. Numbered 1 through 12, each gate corresponds with particular airlines and your destination will determine which one you need to go to. From American Airlines, to Frontier to United, there are a handful of carriers represented at Colorado Springs.

You can get all the important information you might need about airline carriers and destinations flying in and out of COS by heading to their official website. You can also make sure your flight in on schedule by watching the tracker. You are able to access Colorado airport parking just outside the airport grounds, which is where you can also find car rentals and shuttle bus services to surrounding hotels. Be sure to check out Instapark for the most reliable Colorado airport parking.

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