Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE) Short and Long Term Parking in Cleveland

2 Birds Parking & Shuttle

4226 W. 150th St 3.05 miles

Park 'N Fly

19000 Snow Road 0.94 miles

$12.00 / day

Park Place Airport Parking

18951 Snow Road 1.02 miles

$11.95 / day

Howard Johnson Inn Cleveland Airport

16644 Snow Road 1.78 miles

$6.00 / day

Cleveland Airport Marriott

4277 West 150th Street 3.05 miles

$8.00 / day

Crowne Plaza Cleveland Airport

7230 Engle Rd 3.15 miles

$5.49 / day


CLE Airport Parking Discounts

Cleveland International Airport parking is not always cheap. Some of the best options are also the most expensive, so you should be prepared to pay quite a bit. Cleveland Airport shuttle buses offer several different options for parking your car, and there are even some Cleveland parking garages that have free shuttle service. It's important to know what options you have before making a final decision on where to park your car. Please check out these Cleveland Airport parking options and pay $7.00 per day by visiting this website. Parking at CLE Airport doesn't have to be a hassle, that's why we created an easy-to-use site and booking process for frequent flyers

Visiting the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse in Cleveland and need parking? Click here to read this comprehensive guide on how and where to park.

If you really want to save money, try an airport hotel with parking packages.

  • Safe & Secure Lots & Free Shuttle
  • Offsite with Free Shuttle
  • Open 24 hours
  • Handicap accessible
  • Security cameras

Cleveland Airport Parking Guide

When it comes to airport parking at CLE airport, you have 7 options to choose from, ranging from mainly on-site lots, to off-site locations such as Park ‘N Fly. It’s important to pick the right location for you, particularly when it comes to price and location. Figuring out the perfect location for you to park is always the most important part of the whole process, and will help you pick the best lot for you. There are great parking locations for long-term, short-term, international and airport hotel parking, so it’s imperative that you figure out the best one for you. Check out our list below to find the best spot.

Cleveland Airport Parking | Services and Lots

When it comes to airport parking anywhere close to the Cleveland airport, or on airport grounds, you can expect to pay between $6.00 to $18 per day. It’s always good to find the most affordable option for you, particularly if you plan on staying for a week or more. On-site, you can expect to pay a bit more for the convenience of being right on airport grounds, but off-site options like Park Place Airport Parking will cost around $6 per day.

Cleveland Long-Term Airport Parking | CLE

CLE airport has a few long-term parking lots to choose from, so it’s important to know if you want covered, uncovered, valet or any other service. The lot you choose will ultimately determine what terminal you're closest to as well, so be sure to check out an airport map to find the best possible spot for you. In addition to parking at the airport, there’s also a great Howard Johnson Inn Cleveland Airport off-site parking lot for you to leave your car behind.

  • Park 'N Fly
  • 19000 Snow Rd
  • 0.94 miles
  • 1-800-851-5863
  • $8.00 per day

Short-Term Cleveland Hopkins International Airport Parking

You will be able to find short-term parking all throughout the CLE airport, which is a good option if you’re looking to pick someone up or drop someone off. There are also some pretty great off-site options for leaving your car behind as well that you should consider such as Cleveland Airport Marriot.

  • Park 'N Fly
  • 19000 Snow Rd
  • 0.94 miles
  • 1-800-851-5863
  • $8.00 per day

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport Terminal Parking

Most of the lot you can leave your car in at CLE will also give you access to the international terminal at the airport. The same can be said but the wonderful Crown Plaza off-site option that will keep you just a few short miles from the airport so that you don’t have to worry about making a long commute.

  • Park 'N Fly
  • 19000 Snow Rd
  • 0.94 miles
  • 1-800-851-5863
  • $8.00 per day

CLE Airport Cleveland Hotel Parking

Keeping your car at a hotel is always a great idea for a plethora of reasons. For starters, you will be able to be close to the airport but slightly away from the traffic and rush of the airport itself. Additionally, the hotel parking lot will have great security features like staff, cameras and more to make sure that your vehicle will be safe while it’s there. The most important benefit of parking in airport hotel lots like Howard Johnson Inn Cleveland Airport is that you can stay the night at the hotel and head to CLE early the following morning if you have an early flight.

CLE Parking Resources, Discounts And Coupons

For the best deals, discounts and coupons for airport parking, check out the list below.

  • Groupon
  • Check out the top deals and discounts for airport parking in Cleveland on Groupon above and save money today.
  • RetailMeNot
  • Airport parking in Cleveland doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Thanks to RetailMeNot, you can find the best deals and discounts around.
  • ParkRidFlyYSA
  • If you're looking for the perfect airport parking coupon code so you can be close to Cleveland Int'l Airport, ParkFlyRideUSA is your best bet.

Cleveland Airport Parking Tips

All credit cards are accepted on-site at CLE. For emergencies, be sure to call 4770 from any of the white courtesy phones around the parking lot, or check out the website for more information.

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Cleveland Hopkins International is for the people. Serving 43% of the U.S. population means that there must always be fun things to see and do, convenient transportation services, and full-service amenities available. You can find each and every one of those, as well as an expanding airport to fit the needs of the expanding passenger list. The airport has been designed for accessibility as well as visual pleasure.

Something to watch out for: The CLE Employee Gallery. Located at the Baggage Claim Escalators, see how CLE celebrates its employees and showcases the hidden talents of the personnel serving passengers daily. An art review panel reviews the submissions and alternates the exhibits every 4-6 months to give everyone a chance. It's a great initiative that encourages self-improvement and team work. A happy team means better service.

You'll also enjoy other exhibits throughout the terminal such as the Superman Exhibit, The Stephanie Tubbs Jones Art Gallery, the Youth Gallery, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame posters, the Public Gallery, Guitar Mania, and walking on the CLE Terrazzo Floors.

Airlines that fly out of CLE:

Air Canada

American Airlines







Gates/ Airlines:

Concourse A - Gates 1-14/American Airlines, Frontier, Spirit

Concourse B - Gates 1-11/ Delta, Southwest

Concourse C - Gates 2-19/ Air Canada, JetBlue, United

CLE Airport Map & Terminal Information

  • Getting around CLE is simple. Follow the airport maps to located all main services, and navigate to other amenities in your appropriate concourse.
  • The Main Terminal is where you'll find arrivals, baggage claim, and ground transportation services. There's also a food court available with pick up window options. For those passengers using airport parking, you'll find access to airport parking through the main terminal. The terminal then splits into 3 different concourses A, B and C.
  • Concourse A - You'll find gates A1-A14 in this concourse, as well as restrooms, restaurants, shops, massage chairs, ATMs, and more.
  • Concourse B - You'll find gates B1-B11 in this concourse. Main amenities like restrooms, shoe shine services, restaurants and shops are scattered throughout this concourse.
  • Concourse C - You'll find gates C1-C29 in this concourse. Being the largest of the 3 concourses, you'll find a wider variety of the same main amenities around the airport. Buy a book, dine at one of the restaurants, grab a drink and sit at one of the workstations while you wait for your flight.
  • Parking options are tailored to meet the needs of each guest. Choose from the CLE Smart Parking Garage, the Red Lot, Blue Lot, Orange Lot, Brown Lot, or Curbside Valet. Each option is based on your needs and offers affordable rates.

Find fun things to do when you're in the Cleveland area.

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