Akron-Canton Regional airport (CAK) Short and Long Term Parking in Akron

Long Term Parking Akron Canton Airport

Akron Airport Parking is the best deal you could get. You will find an all-inclusive deal in parking your car, that will give you flexibility in price as well as an economical way to park your car when you get off the plane. You can get your own Akron Airport Parking for less than you would normally pay. Finding a parking space at Akron Airport can make all the difference for you when you arrive at this great downtown location. Click here to discover more parking spaces.

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Akron-Canton Regional (CAK) Airport Parking Guide

Akron-Canton, aka CAK, sees 2 million travelers per year and offers parking options that work each and every one of these by having a good price range, option range, and locations ideal for all travelers. These include airport and hotel lots that have great advantages for each as shown here and on each of their linked websites.

Akron-Canton Regional Airport Parking Rates & Options

At Akron-Canton Regional Airport, the options are wide and with varied price points starting as low as $3.00 per hour, $9.00 per day, $54.00 per week which can work on any budget. Of course, other options are available at higher price points, but one can easily make up their mind and see what works best for them and their needs.

Long Term Akron-Canton Regional Parking

Long term parking for flights out and in of Akron-Canton Regional Airport are varied and include the usual airport lots as well as hotel options at various prices to fit all kinds of budgets and anything anyone can expect from airport parking.

Short Term Akron-Canton Regional Parking

Short Term Parking Lot at CAK are many and they start as low as $2.00 per hour, making it perfect for quick trips to the airport and giving people who need just a few minutes an option other than the curb drop-off. This can save a lot money. If more time is needed, above a few hours, longer term options may be best to save more money.

International Terminal Akron-Canton Regional Parking

Not having international flights does not mean no one leaves for international travel from Akron-Canton Regional Airport. As the airport can be used as a connecting one to bigger hubs. At $54.00 per week, long term parking can easily work for longer trips including international trips that start at CAK and continue on through many other airports. Parking at CAK may make it easier and a touch less stressful.

Akron-Canton Airport Hotel Parking With Shuttle Service

Airport Hotel Parking can be a great idea when traveling for longer periods or when one knows they will be come home jetlagged and in need of a nap at the very least. Booking parking with a hotel with, or without, a room can save money and make things easier.

CAK Parking Resources, Discounts And Coupons

Parking deals are worth looking for. They are even better when they have been researched by someone else. Here are some good places to find discounts on parking easily.

  • Groupon
  • Akron-Canton Regional Airport is often found on Groupon for deals on parking, making it worth giving it a look.
  • Cheap Airport Parking
  • CAK is like many other airports and usually has a deal going for parking through Cheap Airport Parking, check it out.

Akron-Canton Airport Parking Tips

When picking someone up and not looking to just circle the airport, the low cost short term parking options can be great as they allow for parking around the time the person lands and saving on parking while being able to leave your vehicle safe while you safely go wait in the airport.

CAK Airport Info & Maps

Akron Canton Airport is one of the largest airports in Ohio, with two main runways and servicing nearly 2 million passengers yearly.
One of Ohio's busiest airports!

Overview | Akron-Canton Airport

CAK is one of the busiest airports in the state of Ohio, and also on of the largest. It's a rapidly growing airport who has seen its number of passengers triple over the last 10 to 15 years. Marketing itself as 'a better way to go', CAK serves as a relief airport for Northeast Ohio. Much of this growth is commercial, the airport has gone through several expansions to accommodate the influx of use. The first renovation brought the airport's gates up to its current 11.

Numbered from G1 - G11, the gates all services different carriers to make it more convenient for travellers. Among the gates, you can find areas for United Airlines, Southwest Allegiant, Delta and American Airlines. The gate you head to will depend completely on the carrier you're flying with to get to your destination. Despite its size, the airport has two levels that are accessible with elevators or stairs between them. The first level houses all the multiple entrances to the airport, directly facing both baggage claim as well as ticketing. The airport also has an info desk, accessible public restrooms, a sports bar, Subway, gift shops as well as a main atrium with other retail locations like Cinnabon.

Some destinations are more popular than others from this airport, with Atlanta topping the list with both Delta and Southwest carrier routes. Charlotte, NC and Chicago, IL round out the top 3 destinations from CAK. Akron-Canton has plenty of taxi and free shuttle services either to the city's downtown core or to nearby hotels. Both Akron Metro Regional Transit and Stark Area Regional Transit service the airport and head to their respective city centers. There is able plenty of accessible Akron-Canton airport parking for travellers who want to leave their car in a safe place.

CAK Airport Concourse & Gate Info

  • Despite only having a single terminal, there are a handful of carriers and routes that are serviced from this airport and it all depends where you're headed and on which airline to determine where you will board. All the gates are numbered from G1 to G11 and go all the way around the airport grounds.
  • Gates G1 and G2 service United airlines headed to either Chicago or New Jersey, while G3 to G7 are dedicated to Delta and American Airlines headed to destinations like Atlanta and Philadelphia. Another United gate can be found at G8 and G9, G10 and G11 are used for Southwest Allegiant flights.

To find out what carriers fly in & out of Akron-Canton Airport, visit their official website to get the most up to date information about the airport. In order to access and the free shuttle service, go outside the entrance. Don't forget to try out Instapark for the safest airport parking in Akron.

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